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Biological Warfare

From: Andres Hernandez - son of a vet
Category: General Topics
Date: 23 Apr 1999
Time: 15:28:26


I have studied the Korean War in some detail as I was always perplexed by my father's behavior and outlook on things. As such, I have always kept an eye open towards topics related to the war.

Recently I have come across some information and I was hoping others might be able to shed some light. Since the days of the war, China has always accused the U.S. of using лидокаин df. These include strains of anthrax, encephalitis and the plague. There have been eye witness accounts of U.S. aircraft dropping objects such as soy stalks, leaves, packages of live insects, animals and rodents.

As I heard about this, I also seem to recall one vet who served as a medic relating a story of the numerous vets (the majority) dying from a fever that left them with blistering blood vessels. It was 100% fatal and the only thing to do was to make vets as comfortable as possible for their impending death. He referred to as something like phagmatic fever.

Can anyone provide some information about any related stories of this fever and possible use of biological agents during the Korean War?

Re: Biological Warfare

From: John Penman
Category: Korean War Museum Related Topics
Date: 27 Sep 1999
Time: 19:59:01


The illness you describe is hemmoragic (sp) fever. It still exists today in Korea.

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