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  On June 3,2000, groundbreaking ceremonies WERE held in Tuscola, Illinois for the Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library. This educational research center will pay tribute to all who serve in the war, especially the wounded and killed in action and those who lost their lives in non-combatant situations. This museum and library has been long overdue and will finally create an awareness of THE FORGOTTEN VICTORY.
  The Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library is a multi-million dollar project to be located in Tuscola. Illinois just 20 miles south of Champaign, the location of the University of Illinois. It will be 70,000 square feet featuring a two story building containing a remembrance wall, exhibits, a large research, a single story war machine gallery and a eleven acre battlefield replica of the frontline.


  Your commitment to this project is vital. The educational research center plans have been developed, but we still have a long way to go. We are seeking financial support from (you in the amount of $lO.OO) or( from your organization in the amount of $lO.OO per member). We are also seeking documents, records, and other important information regarding the Korean War. Your participation will be recognized and will influence future generations for many years to come.
  Please feel free to contact us with questions or for more information.


Jeremiah G. Crise
First Vice-President
Chairperson, Building Committee

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June 25, 1950, Can it really be fifty years ago?  It was a Sunday, bright and sunny in the small village of McConnell, Illinois as the village's baseball team prepared to play on the old Dead water ball diamond.  I made the statement that some of us probably would not be in McConnell the next year playing ball and that statement came true for a lot of us.  The perfect years of age for young soldiers, 18,19,20 years of age.  WHY BECAUSE:  It was also a Sunday morning in Korea when the the North Korean Armed Forces accompanied by T-34 tanks crossed the border into South Korea, as history has told the South Koreans were as ill-prepared as the United States was. It was July 5, 1950 when the first USA combat forces met the NK forces at Osan. The USA Field Artillery Battery only had  6 rounds of armor piercing shells, though helplessly out numbered they fought it out till the situation became hopeless, wounded, out of ammo and a large amount of them KIA, some  were captured by the  North Koreans, the rest found their way out to the south.  I have since met two that were captured by the North Koreans at Osan and they were put thru hell  by the North Koreans.   After that first battle hundreds of thousands of American men and women fought and many died, were wounded or MIA in Korea.   I had a high honor this month to meet on one the sailors on the Destroyer Mansfield, that was one of the first US  Naval units to face combat in Korea. What a story he had to tell.   Was it a "FORGOTTEN WAR" or a "FORGOTTEN VICTORY"    Time will tell.   A group of Korean War vets met in Atwood, Illinois to discuss the building and founding of the "Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library at Tuscola, Illinois.  They have purchased 22 acres for the building site and are urgently seeking funds to build this great museum.  Their mailing address is KWVNML, POB  16, Tuscola, Il 61953.  Website is www.theforgottenvictory.org.     The Freeport Illinois can be very proud that  three of  KWNVML officers were Howard Faley and Clyde Fruth of Freeport and myself.   Mr Fruth is also the founder of the North West Chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association based in Freeport.    When you see their Chapter's Float in a parade, please  rise and give them the applause they so richly deserve.  The Veterans of Vietnam and Korea never did get a proper welcome home and do to this fact many never joined the various veterans groups, so when the Congress approved veteran benefits for the Vietnam and Korean Vets they did not come close to getting the benefits the WW Vets received, due to lack of support of the vets organizations.        Finally as we approach the 4th of July , let us not forget  those who served to preserve the flying of "Old Glory"  Too bad Congress does not love the flag as do most vets.    America beware, the budget of the US Armed Forces as a percent of the Gross National Product  is lower than it was before Pearl Harbor and we all should know what happened then.   Could that be because there is few veterans in Congress and The White House??????    Thank you , Morlin L Zimmerman, 303 9th Ave. ,Monroe, Wi 53566-1109  Phone No:608-325-6226

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The Korean War Veterans Natonal Museum and Library has new quarters!

The KWVNM&L was in need of more space and more privacy, and that need has been generously met by the City of Tuscola. The city has agreed to provide office space in the Tuscola Community Building, at 122 W. North Central St. The office is rent- free and utilities are paid by the city. The move to the new location was approved by the KWVNM&L Board of Trustees at its meeting on July 10, 1999 and some of the Trustees helped accomplish the move that afternoon. The Community Building offers more than office space for the KWVNM&L; there is a large meeting room on the second floor where Board meetings can be held. The first floor houses our office and a community room that will accomodate more than one hundred people.


Sharon Corum and volunteer Dorothy McCumber will be officed at the new site. They will handle all activities of the KWVNM&L, including correspondence, communication, administration of the web-site and publication of the newsletter, as well as other KWVNM&L business. 

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