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107th ORD

From: Daniel Ketchell, bruceleemm@aol.com
Category: Korean War Related Topics
Date: 30 Jun 1999
Time: 00:06:37


could anyone who knew Jack Larippa of the 107th ORD please contact me at .  i am desperately seeking info. i am his grandson. he died when i was four of cancer, and i never heard his great war stories. i only know that he could have been in tanks.

please contact me, daniel ketchell

Re: Biological Warfare

From: John Kim
Category: Korean War Museum Related Topics
Date: 17 Oct 1999
Time: 15:52:22


There is a neew book on this topic, published in 1998. It's called "The United States & Biological Warfare" by Stephen Endicot & Edward Herman. (I am. The not sure of the exact names of the authors)The book gives a comprehensive info on the но шпа. development and use of the weapon. A must read for understanding the topic!

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