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Barbara Walter's Interview With Jane Fonda

From: K. Ray Stavis
Category: Korean War Museum Related Topics
Date: 30 Apr 1999
Time: 09:37:04


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REPLY TO: krstave@s-way.com writes:

As you may know, Barbara Walters of ABC News will be hosting a special this coming Friday nite: The Most Outstanding Women of The 20th Century.

One of her guests will be Jane Fonda. I hope you share my opinion that this is an outrageous insult to every Veteran and to the American people as well.

I think we are all aware of Fonda's behavior during the Vietnam War. Classifying her as one of the outstanding American women is on the verge of treason in itself.

It is my opinion that as many Vets E Mail ABC News, attn: Barbara Walters, of their disgust of having this traitor on this Special.

Only if we work together, will our messages of such behavior of the Media be brought out in the open.

In peace, brothers

K. Ray Stavis US Army, Infantry Vietnam '66-'67

Troop Ship Fleet

From: gjones@wcn.net
Category: Korean War Related Topics
Date: 12 Oct 1999
Time: 13:11:22


I am searching for information on the following topics: 1) KMAG role in the days immediately following the invasion from the north; 2) History of the 558th MP company during the conflict; and 3) Names of troop ships that transported most of us from the west coast to Korea and some of us back to the ZI. Any help will be appreciated.

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