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ISO Someone w/information on my father during the Korean War

From: Jolaina Stoner (Stultz)
Category: Korean War Related Topics
Date: 13 Jun 2000
Time: 01:21:23


This information is directed to anyone who may have served with or went through boot camp with Buster Glenn Stultz during the Korean War time. The information can be before, during or after the war. He had told me that he was in Special Forces during the war but did not tell me much after that. He was in the Army too and that is pretty much all that I know. If anyone has any information on my father or knew him please email me at harleybabe@gotmail.com or LdyStinger@yahoo.com My father passed away in 1991 and I was only beginning to know him. I found him in 1989 and the last time he ever saw me before that time was when I was two years old. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone knew him so that I can get to know what my father was about and the kind of man that he was way back when. Looking through your boot camp year books would be a great help if they were issued after graduating boot camp. Thanks so much for you help and understanding. All the men and women of any and all wars should be commended no matter how big or small war is. God Bless you all!!

Last changed: June 19, 2000