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Re: ungok hill feburary 3 1953

From: Kip M. Campbell...radis@earthlink.net
Category: Korean War Related Topics
Date: 14 Jun 2000
Time: 18:36:52


Not sure if this is valid, but looking into: My father SSgt Bob Campbell, an Air Force medic was attached to the 5th Marines through conflicts in the Chosin, Hoto-Ri, and Koto-Ri campaigns. He was also attached to 1st Bat/ 1st Marines, and Dog Company/7th Marines. Know its a shot-in-the-dark, but what the hell...he was/is still a tough SOB. In the AF he was part of the 801st Medical Air Evac Squadron, but spent most of his time at/near the front while he was in country for 22 months. Any help sure would be appreciated.

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