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Re: General William F. Dean

From: T. Northrop  tomjulery@aol.com
Category: Korean War Museum Related Topics
Date: 05 Jul 2000
Time: 13:54:12


General William F. Dean is buried at the Presido of San Francisco along with his wife. A friend of ours was a neighbor to Dean in Berleley, California. General Dean was involved with Military Government in Korea in 1947 and 1948. My Father, Captain Thomas E. Northrop, a mining engineer, served under Dean and headed the coal mining section. It was under Dean that an ore sample of tungsten was sent to the United States for analysis. In 1947 the largest known reserves of tungnsten were located in China. Mao would soon deny us access to the tungsten, a stragic mineral, used in jet engines. The story of the Korean tungsen was published in the Colorado School of Mines Alumni Magazine many years ago.

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