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From: Curtis James Morrow
Category: Korean War Related Topics
Date: 22 Apr 1999
Time: 09:07:03



After the bombing,,

(We found dead civilians mostly, the CCF (Chinese Communist Forces) would be in conceal bunker,, waiting) .

For the first two years after my return to the states, about every night I would relive some horrible frontline experience in a nightmare. One night, I saw people dressed in white coming out of a cave. They were covered with blood. Some carried what must have been little babies. Then there was the little girl sitting by the side of a road eating grasshoppers that she roasted in a tin can over a fire that had once been her home. There were dead, burned, and decapitated bodies all around her. They were everywhere. I glimpsed in the direction of some of my squad members. They appeared to be indifferent like they saw but didn't see. Occasionally a sniper would aim a shot in our direction, or there would be a long burst from a concealed machine gun somewhere near, at which time we would dive for cover among the dead bodies and commence firing in the direction we suspected the enemy gunner to be concealed.

Looking back in the direction that the little girl had been, I saw that she was still sitting there eating the grasshoppers, seemingly undisturbed. There were other small children about, crying as they crawled over dead bodies, searching for their mothers or family members..Then would come the command "Ok Let's go, soldier, let's go!” and I would run to catch up with my squad that was following behind the tanks...

If I could ask the president one question, it wouldn’t be will we send American soldiers into Serbia.. But then again, I am a former combat-infantryman, that fought in, and survived the Korean war. We, veterans know that you always sent in ground troops after the bombing.. And by the Mr. President, we’ve maintained (peace keeping) troops there for 49 years so far...

I am now the author of a just released Korean war memoir, the title,"WHAT’S A COMMIE EVER DONE TO BLACK PEOPLE?"


Perhaps, someday a veteran of the Serbia war will ask the same question, WHAT’S A SERBIA EVER DONE TO THEM?

(One of those forgotten warriors, of a forgotten wars) Now,a Pacifist

Re: Heroes:  Korean Soldiers

From: steel behind the rock jr.
Category: Korean War Museum Related Topics
Date: 29 Aug 1999
Time: 14:25:24


My father was in Korea during 1970-71, his unit would cross the Imjin river and guard the blue lancer valley. His unit was the 5-38th-arty 105 howitzers, if this information has helped anyone, please contact me for more info. -s.b.t.r. jr.

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