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You are invited to post the name(s) of the Korean War buddies you are trying to locate.  List, if possible, the division, regiment, company you were with in Korea and the dates you were there.  Be sure to also include your name, address, telephone number, and E-mail address if you have one.  You may also post your own name, address, phone, e-mail if you are hoping one of your buddies is out there somewhere looking for YOU!  E-mail to .   Be sure to mention the division, unit, ship, etc. you served with in Korea, as well as the dates you were there.


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Thank you for your patience, Zach Waters

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Ailiff,  Donald W. CSM    2/11/99

I was with " I " CO.   31st.  INF. REGT.  7th INF. DIV.  from July, 1950 - June 7, 1951 . Would like to hear from anyone who served with me in Korea . I made the Inchon Landing. I was at the Chosen Reservour, and left " I " CO., June 7 coming home. Retired Army after 30 years in 1978 . I'm looking for Pvt. Hanson, PFC. Charles Mutter, CORP. Pipen, &  SGT. Creel,  who served with me in Korea.   My name is CSM. Donald W. Ailiff (Ret.). E- Mail address: . Hope to hear from you .


Alstrom, John "Hangin'" Capt.     1/7/99

CO, "C" Btry, 15th FA Bn, 2nd Infantry Division. 1950.  He took the Btry to Korea, was assigned as a Recon' officer with the 9th RCT. He was wounded and evacuated stateside in Aug 1950 from the Naktong River line.  I'd sure like to talk with him. Griz' Milton D. Grismore, .

Apitz, Harold J.   10/13/00

27 Mar 1951 - 10 Mar 1953 Telephone Installer repairman.   AUS SIG C. He passed away June 19,1991.  I am his daughter and am looking for anyone who may have served with him. My name and address follow: Jean Meidl 1617 N Garden St. New Ulm, MN 56073.

Arwine, Jim    1/16/99

I'm looking for any R Division personnel who served aboard the USS Palau CVE 122 from May 1951 to March 1954. Also any R Division personnel who served aboard the USS Wright CVL 49 from March 1954 to March 1955.  My E-mail address is .


Atwood, Henry  10/12/99

I am looking for anyone who served in the 7th inf div 32nd reg king co during the winter of 1951-1952 when a night patrol led by lt Skaggs was ambushed and he was wounded along with a number of others and two were killed.  My medic went over the hill with a rope and tied the rope one at a time to the dead and wounded till all were pulled up over the hill he was shot in the back and killed.  If you have any information about this action please get in touch with me.  My e-mail is   

Avery, Fred Harmon (Doolie)

Russ Avery. I am trying to find buddies of my Dad. His name was Fred Harmon Avery("Doolie"). He served in Korea as a Captain in the Army with the 155th from Mississippi. Is there a message post I can try?

    Thanks for any help you may offer.
Russ Avery



Bailey, Roy    5/17/99

Served with me, in Pusan, K-9. l873 AACS Squadron. Somewhere along the way we lost touch with eachother. If your out there... "Connie" is looking for you. S/Sgt


Barnett, George M.    2/6/99

Trying to locate anyone who served with my grandfather, George Barnett, in Korea wth the 85th Infantry Division as a group of native Americans who called themselves the thunderbirds.  My grandfather served with this group and it would be a pleasure to me if I could learn more about this group and as well as my grandfather.  He died when I was young.  I didn't get to know my grandfather and would like to find as much information about him or the unit he served in.  If you have any information please e-mail me at .  Thank you. - Jeff Brownfield.


Bartoush, Joe A.  11/2/99

I am searching for anyone that served in the Korean War with my father, Cpl. Joe A. Bartoush, Company C, 1st Bn, 180th Inf, 45th Div. from 1950-1952.  I would love to hear from anyone that served with him would you please contact me at:  


Barlow, Cpl. Walter J. Jr.

I am seeking any individual and/or information regarding any units in Saumur, France in 1953-55.  I was stationed there during that time period and need verification of service there.  Please contact me at barlowwj@hotmail.com or (540)366-3180.   Cpl. Walter J. Barlow, Jr.  RA13436815


Beckham, Charles R.   07/25/00

Charles R. Beckham, I served in Korea with 2nd. Signal Co., 2nd. Inf. Div. from March 1951 to Feb.1952.  Decorations include Korean Service Medal, Dist. Unit Comm., Merit.
Unit Comm. 4 bz sv stars, Bronze Star Medal.  If there is anything else you need to know
for me to register, just let me know


Berg, Clarence  8/18/00

Clarence Berg  9154 379th St. N.E.  Driscoll, North Dakota 58532, phone 701-387-4325, e-mail gjberg@btigate.com     In Korea 1951-52 with the 40th Signal Co.    40th Infr. Div.  Would like to hear from Donald A. Carroll and any others who might have been with this group

Benton, William Walter  9/29/00

William Walter Benton
USS LST 859, First ship to land at Inchon.
4634 FM 118
Greenville, Texas  75401
e-mail:  wbenton@koyote.com
I am looking for a friend his name is Ralph Gismant, he was on the same ship with me.

Bingham, Richard W.  7/27/00

Richard W. Bingham Served in Korean War from Jan. 52 thru Sep 52 with HHB, 625th FA Bn, 40th Inf Div. Am in contact with a few of the old members would like to find more. Possible REUNION. E-Mail me: Richard31933@aol.com


Bilderback, W.E. JR.


Carey, Tom  05/21/00

I served with Donald E. Baker in 1953 in Korea in the 159th Field Artillery Battalian Company A.  Would like to hear from him.  I can be contacted at xcranch@in-tch.com ---- Tom Carey


Blankenship, Auron E. - Clean Fork, WV    1/10/99

This search is for my father, Richard Wagner. This man was in the 24th Div., 1st Battalion, 21st Regt., A Co. from anywhere between July 1950 and 1953.


Boucher, Norman - 2/1/00

8th Army, 121st Evac. Hospital, Yongdongpo, May
1954-Oct 1955.Looking for George Card, Eugene Neff, Ralph Althouse,
Tommy Redmond, Dick Albee.  I can be reached at my daughter's Email
address:  madmomma@megalink.net


BOOMERANG!    3/23/99

June 14th & 15th 1953, 7th Inf Rgt, 3rd Inf Div, Co's F,E, I & 10th Engineers.   Please contact Bob Barfield at 1641 Spray Way, Newport,TN 37821-6843, phone # (423) 623-8746, E Mail   or Fax # (423) 623-0576.


Bowman, Bruce     3/12/99

I am looking for anyone who served the 81  18th signal corps Okinawa particularly in 1952-53. I am especially looking for a buddy named Howard Thomas. He was from Arkansas, Kansas but later lived around the Bettendorf Iowa area. I can be contacted through my daughter at   or mynhome phone: (319) 583-3196.


Bradley, William Charles  3/8/00

I'm looking for a friend of my uncle, Cpl William Charles Bradley who was listed KIA on December 1, 1950.  He was said to have died in small arms action in Kunu-ri.  A friend in his unit by the name of  Sfc Willard D. Sorteberg, RA 17 261 168, formerly of Med. Co, 9th Inf. This was information passed onto Sfc Sorteberg from others.  My uncle and Sfc Dorteberg were both of the Med. Co. 9th Inf.   

Brazzale, Roy  5/1/00

Roy Brazzale,Hq. Co 3rd Bn-223 Inf Regt Served in Korea in 1952.Would like to hear from old army friends E-mail brazzale@pacbell.net or 1196 Filbert Ave.,Chico,Ca 95926.

Brown, Captain James Benjamin    1/10/99

My name is James L. Brown and I am searching for information about my uncle Captain James Benjamin Brown who served in VFN 513, K-6 Korea from April 1953 till his disappearance on May 30th 1953. My uncle also had a R.T.O. by the name of Sgt James V. Herrell or Harrell.  My uncle was a F3D2 Skyknight pilot who failed to return from a mission. I am also looking for a Elmer F. Llewellyn.  Mr. Llewellyn supposedly has information tying to my uncle in China. If you could help me find any information about the where abouts of any of these men I would be greatly indebted to you. You may email me at   Thank you for your time. James L. Brown.

Burke, Robert   4/7/00

Sgt F/C,  machine gun platoon sgt, Company "D", 9th infantry regiment, 2nd infantry division, 1951-1952..........I am Ottis E. Conley Supply Sgt. Co "D" 1951-1952 vltrse1@yahoo.com


Canty , Robert     5/17/99

Served with me, in Pusan, K-9. l873 AACS Squadron. Somewhere along the way we lost touch with eachother. If your out there... "Connie" is looking for you. S/Sgt .


Chavez, Jose Anthony    2/19/99

I am trying to locate:  Jose Anthony Chavez, 40th Inf. Division, 140th AAA AW BN SP. A Battery.  I was in Japan  4/51to 1/52 and Korea 1/52 to 9/52.  My name is: Stanley Liberatore, Box 307, Highland Mills, NY 10930  Phone 914-928-6061  E-mail: 

Chandler, Jim    05/24/00

I'm looking for these two men.....
Walter K. Barghaan
Garland Folden
Both were in the 51st Fighter wing at K-13 (Suwon) Korea
Both were there at the same time
Feb. 1952 to Feb.1953
I'm  James Chandler and was at the same place.
All three of us worked the flight line as radar and gunsight
techs. on the F-86 fighters.
All three of us came back to the states and were stationed at
Pinecastle Air Force Base at Orlando Fl.
Upon discharge I lost track of them.
James Chandler
3602 Tree Line Way
St. Cloud   FL. 34769
Chestnut, Donald  07/03/00
I am trying to find any GI who may of went through basic training or served with my uncle pvt. Donald Chestnut. He was in the 180 inf. rgt. 45 inf. div. L company. He was KIA June 10, 1952. He was from Middletown PA.  I never got to meet him I was born June 1952. I want to get to know him any info greatly appreciated.

Cheesman, Charlie     2/12/99

Is there anyone in US that would like to correspond with a former 41 IND Royal Marine Commando - G3-1 USMC etc. I am living in Australia - my email address is   Look forward to any messages Regards,  Charlie Cheesman


Clark, Donald G.  06/08/00

I am looking for anyone who might have known my father, Donald G. Clark,
Staff Sargent, Air Force who was stationed with a radar unit in Southern
Japan.  All I remember is he worked on helping pilots id friend from foe.
They also had turrets that were mounted with four 50 caliper machine guns at
each corner of the base.  Pardon my limited knowledege.  He passed on when I
was very young. email: clarkpt_1999@yahoo.com

Clarence Henry Clipper  10/17/00

Clarence served in Korea.  He died when I was 3 so I know very little about him except that he won a medal of some kind and had a plate in his head from being shell-shocked.  I would love to find someone who knew him

Clopp, Jack  11/4/99

I am looking for anyone or any information on my uncle Jack Clopp.  He was drafted into the USMC 3rd Marines, is all I know.  He was in the Nevada testing and some experimental group of Marines.  Also he was involved in Demolition (?).  I am sorry I do not have much information to go on.  If you could help me find out any information I would greatly appreciate it.  Please e-mail me at or my phone is 818-249-5615. Thank you Roberta Peppler

Coefer, George C.    1/6/99                    

I'm trying to help my father-in-law, George C. Coefer, locate info on his best Korean War buddy, Edsel Isaac, who was from Oregon.  They were in the 2nd ID, 9th Infantry, 3rd Battalion, Heavy Mortar Company during 1950-51 and fought from Pusan to the Yalu to Kuni Ri, etc.  George was from the mountains of Tennessee but retired from the Army as a CSM and now lives in Madison, Al (he is in the phone book). Info can be e-mailed to me at .

Cook , Alfred M.     5/8/99

I am looking for anyone that was with the 1st Air Delivery Platoon, Hdq. Company, 1st Combat Service Group, T.A.D. HMR 161 Helicopter Sqd. From November 1951 to December 1952. Alfred M. Cook (Corporal U.S.M.C.)   I would appreciate any information that you may have.


Corey, Donald    1/16/99

I am looking for anyone who knew Donald Corey, my grandfather. I would love to hear anything anyone knows about him. He recently passed away, after fighting many years of cancer. Thank you.   I am not sure about division or anything though, if you think you knew him. e-mail me please at


Cowan, Robert E.

I am writing on behalf of my Dad, Robert E. Cowan, who was stationed aboard the USS Owen during the Korean War.  He is trying to find any of the fellas who were also aboard the Owen.  Please E-mail to his daughter (me) Jody Ann Cowan at and many thanks for all your help!

Crawford, Duane W.  4/27/00

-- who served in Co. B, 1 BN, 32 IR, 7th ID in Korea from May 1951-March 1952. 


Cunningham, Clark B.    2/22/99

We are trying to locate Clark B. Cunningham.  He was born in Washington State.  Served in the US Army.  Last known location was Oakland Alameda Base during 1954.  This is all the information we have at this time.  Do you know of a web site that has a complete list of all service personnel of Korean Conflict.   Thanks. 

Curtis, Ed   12/18/99

Attempting to Locate Charles M. Bufford.  USMC 155mm Gun Battalion, 29 Palms California in 1954.
Ed Curtis, Payson, Arizona
e-mail  edmar@cybertrails.com

Curin, John  2/17/00

John Curin (Sgt)3746 Cleveland Ave Brookfield IL 60513708 485 7153708 387 9407 FAX TAID@webtv.net E-MAIL19th Engineer Group (Combat) Hdqr. Co 1953-1954Would like to hear from anyone who served with me. I was in S4 supply.



Dalby, Major Marion C. (Dirty)    1/13/99

USMC Korea July 1951-July 1952 Maj Dalby was the commanding officer of a group of approximately 40 marines involved in the combat evaluation of a prototype computer based, radar controlled, close air support control system that was sent to Korea during the summer of 1951 and sometime during the winter of 1951-1952 the system was declared operationally essential by the commanding general of the 1st Marine Division.Original members of the group were gradually replaced and by the summer of 1952 had all returned to the States. I would like to get in touch with Maj Dalby, who I understand made General sometime during the Vietnam war, or any of the other members of the original group. Some of the names I recall are Maj E. Harper, Capt S Dressen, MSgt Holtz, MSgt Schneible, TSgt Pringle, TSgt "Mouse" Parent, TSgt Lee Darrow ( Last heard from late 1952 when he was in Platoon Leaders School in Quantico ), TSgt Jerry Hauffe, are the names that come to mind immediately. My name is Jim Johnson, known as JL, I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, my address is 343 Main St. S. Dennis Ma 02660, my phone number is 508 398 1936 and my e-mail address is . The only member of the group that I have maintained contact with is Bill Kenyon who lives in Millinocket, Maine.


Dalton, Bob     4/27/99

My Uncle Bob Dalton served as a medic in Korea and is looking for (can't remember his name) the Battalion Commander; 2nd Battalion, 31st infantry, 7th infantry division in October 1952, on "hill 598", Kumwah Valley of North Korea.Thank you in advance,


Darby, William T.    2/25/99

I'm writng for my father, William T. Darby. He served in the army in Korea  from '53-'55. He was in the 17th infantry 7th division. He has just started talking about  the war since I gave him a display case with all his commendations for Christmas.    He and my mother are now planning a trip to Korea for the anniversary. He is wondering what happened to a few people he knew there. One is a platoon  Sgt. Banta, John A. Ploch from Detroit MI, Captain Simpson,and Creed Shook from  TN.  I've looked at other vet sites with no luck.  He is from  Glastonbury CT Anyone can e-mail him through me at .  Thank you for what you're doing for our " forgotten"  vets.   Thanks again, Lisa Darby

Davis, Robert   10/24/00


illham, Deward Ewell

I read your statement and wanted to list my brother, and hopefully find some information about him.  He is not listed with the others who died over there.  We only know he died in a disease area but had a laceration on his forehead.  He was only 16 and really should not have been there.  His name was Ewell Deward Gillihan.  He enlisted on 2/8/50 and died on 11/19/50.  He was in the 3728th Sq. Flt. 4802 U. S. Air Force.  I find nothing about him.  It's a shame that such a fine young man should die for his country and not even be listed among the dead.
If you can help me find any information or anyone who might have known him, please email me.
Thank you for serving our country and helping make this the great nation that it is.  May God bless and keep you.
Bonna (Gillihan) Deaton 

Denis,Jack St.  4/16/00

I am trying to locate some old buddies for my grandfather, Jack St. Denis. He served during 1950-1952 in the 40th Infantry Division, 160th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, A Company. If you have any information on veterans who served in this unit or reunions will you please email them to me. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Denny Foreman, please tell him that "Jack" is looking for him.

Desmarais, Maurice Joseph  05/30/00

Sorry I don't have much information.  I am looking for anyone who served with
my father in Korea.  His name is Maurice Joseph Desmarais from Massachusetts.
 He was in the Navy.  I will try to get more info.  Thank you.      John


Devillier, Ray    1/6/99

I am searching for one Ray Devillier originally for Lincoln Park a suburb of Detroit.  Ray is my first cousin and he served with the US Army during the Korean was back in around 53. By chance I was serving on my second tour of duty in Japan and Korea with the 25th Special Canadian Infantry Brigade when in the late summer of 53 my CO received a phone call and he called my name out in the depot building when I answered it was Ray phoning me from his unit outside of Kobe Japan he had been transferred there.   I believe from Korea.  By chance the Canadian Army opened up and R&R center in the Shinjuko Building in Kobe and I was posted there in the tail end of Sept 53 that is where Ray and I had met for the first time in many years.  Ray's trade was with the quartermaster corps should any one know is where abouts it would be greatly appreciated.


Dickinson, Mark Peter John    5/5/99

Hi, we are trying to locate information on Mark Peter John Dickinson who was in the British RAF and flew for the USA. He was apparently shot down and rescued although he suffered horrific facial and leg injuries.  His date of birth was February 4th 1931 or February 4th 1937. Mark may not have been his first name.  It may be under PJ Dickinson?  Sorry to be so vague.  Any information would help, we believe he went on to Harvard University and may have lectured at Stanford (period unknown) We also believe he worked for British Drug Houses (pharmacuticals) and then Smith Kline French. Can you help?  Many thanks. 

Sgt. "Jake" DiAngelo   07/04/00

I am trying to help my husband contact his old buddy Sgt. "Jake" DiAngelo. They were togther in the 1st Marine Division at the 38th Parrallel February 1953 in Korea. Later they were both stationed at Camp Fuji in Japan. He would have known my husband as "Jim Silver" in Korea or as Sgt. Lawrence W. "Larry" Frair in Japan. We can be reached at cherylfrair@netscape.net. Thanks for your help.

Dauberman, Clair C.  10/21/99

I am searching for anyone who could shed some light on an MIA (my dad) who was assigned to the 82nd AAA AW, 2nd Infantry Division in 1950 in Korea.  The name is as follows:  Clair C. Dauberman; RA 23027035; Sgt.; MOS 00060; Home of record-Pennsylvania.  It is believed he disappeared north of the 38th Parallel.  Please, if anyone knew him or can tell me anything write to or call: Beverly Jensen-4832-26th St. S.W.--Seattle, Washington---98106---Phone: 206-935-7242.

Diehl, Rex  4/10/00

Served aboard Chevalier DDR805 in 1952 thru 1956, was a Radarman. Trying to locate. Rex Diehl RR1 Box 258 Schell City, Mo. 64783 jrxdiehl@webtv.net



Edwards, Harry    2/19/99

I am trying to help my father-in-law locate his buddies. He was in the 24th infantry, HQ battery, 52nd Field Artillery, Chief of Party, survey section. He fought in 1951. Any help you can provide to find the below men is greatly appreciated:

John Kalknian
Phil Cooper
Don Miller
Ralph Snyder
John Bolanize
Thadeus Maliki

I'm sure the spelling isn't correct on a few of these. Again, thanks for your help. If you need to contact me directly, I can be reached at 281-395-6672. Thanks.

Epstein, David H.  3/26/00

I am looking for former comrads from my outfit in Korea.  Would appreciate any help you can give.  Forest Bolden (from New York) John J. Curran (from Holyoke, Mass) My Infor is: depstein@kc.rr.com 1297887 USMC, Headquarters Co. 1st Marine Division May 1953 to Feb 1954

Everett,Richard Keith   4/21/00

 I have always gone by the name Keith. I was in assigned to Btry A 160th FA 45th Div from late September 1952 till Aug 1953. time has erased many of the names of those who served with me but the memories of the conflict are still there. I would like to hear from anyone who served in the 160th. My e-mail: efltd2@aol.com




Faulkner, Sanule D. (Junior)  10/28/99

Looking for buddies that served in the 31st infantry, 8th Army HQ, Company B Division Rear.  Some of the names are:  W.C. Wright, Shiply, Woolridge, Fred Fredericks, Rusell Huddleston.  Not sure of last known address as last contact was at discharge in 1953.  If anyone has any info on  or about these guys please e-mail ot snail mail Sanule D. (Junior) Faulkner, 2844 County Hwy 33, Oneonta, AL 35121 or phone 205-274-7591

Fields, Dwaine E. SFC    2/12/99

Searching for anyone that knew my older brother SFC Dwaine E Fields USA, 11th Airborn,, 187 th Combat Team, 3rd Bat. M Company but was with K Company at the time he was KIA on May 27 l951 in Bloody Inje.   TMC Cletus E. Fields USN (RET).

Finck,Charles Howard  9/23/00

My fathers name was Charles Howard Finck. He was born september 12, 1933. He served in the korean war, but i do not know where. He was injuried and sent home with a bullet wound to the head. His last know address was in Washington, may be in California again. I need to locate him or someone who knows something of his were abouts. My mother is dying, and I need him desperatly. Thank you so much, and for the help, and my freedom, Cheryl

Francis, Lee C.     1/29/99

My name is Lee C. Francis. I was drafted on August 17, 1951, in Chicago, IL, processed through Fort Sheridan, IL, and shipped to Fort Sill, OK where I received basic training at the Field Artillery Replacement Training Center (F.A.R.T.C.). My unit was Battery C, 2nd Battalion. Early in January, 1952 I was shipped to Japan, where I received eight weeks AGC training in Personnel Administration. In March, 1992 I was shipped to Korea where I served in my primary MOS as Artillery Survey Computer with the 8219th Army Unit. After several months I replaced our Unit Clerk due to my secondary MOS. My tour of duty in Korea lasted until May, 1993 when I was returned to the US and was then separated from active duty and returned to Chicago.  E-Mail:


Freedman, Ron     2/26/99

I am looking for members of our FO "hot loop" group that served with me on the north side of Alligator Jaws from late April thru the 10th of May 1953.The names I remember are Willie Dixon fromChicago  area, Bill Keith, and Dave Hudnut. Also looking for the Fo crew that served in the lost battle for Porkchop from the 5th of July thru the 11th. I was Regimental FO and was stationed on the top of 347 in OP13. Major Billy Fritts was killed in that bunker, and any info anyone has on him would be appreciated. I'd like to contact his family. I also served with the 398th AAA AW Bn in the K-55 area.prior to my time with the 48th. E-mail:

Fredercik, Bruce  8/26/00

I'm looking for Bruce Fredercik.  He served with my uncle, Curt Brown, in Underwater Demolition Team #2 in the Korean War from 1950-1953. Mr. Frederick is from East L.A.  He enlisted in 1950 and served an entire career in the Navy.  I think he graduated from the Naval Academy in 1957 or 1958. This is all the information I have, any help would be appreciated

Fry, Gerald  4/4/00

Would like to find and confer with buddies who served in Co. B      811th EAB at Kimpo AFB during 1951 thru 1953, as well as anyone who      knew me that served in Hdqtrs, and Co. A (Seoul), and Co. C  (Tageu).   



Galt, Robert Lynn    1/19/99

Robert Lynn Galt was listed as missing in action in the Korean War. I beleive the 25th Div. and I have reason to beleive he died in a POW camp in N. Korea. I am his first cousin and never talked to his father about it. I was a POW in Germany in WWII 10 months. Both his parents have since died and I am not sure they knew about his whereabouts or that his remains were ever returned to the states. There is a spot on his parents grave site in PA for him. I was always under the impression that he was a MIA but a Sgt of his who was in the camp with him said he died in the camp and buried on a hill overlooking the camp. I got this info. thru the Sgt's son on the WEB about a year ago.

Kenneth Gander

187th rct C co. Ft.campbell Ky. March1950 -march1953 .Looking for Grady J. Gulledge same co. or anyone else there at the time


Godbey, Jessee Fred  2/10/00

I am looking for Billy J. Hickman.  We served together in the 7th Infantry Division, 17th Infantry Regimental Headquarters.  I believe it was 1952 & 53. He was from Spokane, Washington.  My name is Jesse Fred Godbey.  You can contact me through my wife's account at pat777transcribe@cs.com.


Greene, Edmund  7/26/00

Edmund Greene.  I am looking for Vernon Holder.  We served in the 38th regt.  and the 2nd div.  My address is 1508 Mc Croskey Ave. Apt 501  Knoxville, Tn 37917.  I would greatly appreciate any information


Greene, Russell    4/21/99

I am looking for Russell Greene H-3-5 60mm mortars January 1951 thru December 1951.  Last heard from he was a veternarian in Lansing Michigan He was from Natick, Mass. I was in 60mm mortars with him.I now live in NC E-mail to


Grogan, Ralph  4/1/00

I am looking for a Ralph Grogan who served with the USMC in the Korean War. I am looking for my cousin Albert Metayer who served with Ralph. They were in boot camp together and served in the desert for about a year. Thank you Laurie Nolan


Gulledge, Thomas R.  - Wadesboro, NC     1/10/99

This search is for my father, Richard Wagner. This man was in the 24th Div., 1st Battalion, 21st Regt., A Co. from anywhere between July 1950 and 1953.


Jim Gurley    4/19/990

I am looking for anyone who has any information about Jim Gurley. He was in the 7167th Special Air Mission Squadron which was in Germany in 1953. If you know him or have any information, please email me. Thank you.



Hafford, Alton Kenneth    1/27/99

My father Alton Kenneth Hafford was with 109th Infintry Division in Korea and Germany. He was in from 1952 to 1954.  He was with Heavy Mortars and I would love to find out what he did. He died when I was 4 in 1973 and I'm his only daughter and would love to go to a reunion. Please help me if you can.  My name is .  He was in the Army from 1951-1952.   He was a private first class and went to army from Danforth, Maine.


Hann, Stanley     3/3/99

I am looking for a buddy names Stanley Hann or Hahn.  He was from San Jose California and is of Korean descent.  He was nicknamed Pineapple.  We were in the 7167th Special Air mission Squadron APO 57.  I served from Jan 1951 to Oct 1954 and served with him.  My name is William H. Smith, nicknamed RED, and was from Wolf Lake, IN.  My address is 3810 W. 600 S.-57 Columbia City, IN 46725 219-691-2940  Or e-mail me at .


Hair, Herbert  Cpl.     3/6/99

I am looking for any who served with me in Gotimba, Japan 4.2 mortar company training near Mt. Fuji in 1951 ending up in the iron triangle Kumhwa Korea.  I was a foreward observer two days when called to 25th Division Headquarters to work for Major Gen. Swift.in 1952.  My address is P.O. Box 488,  Young Harris, Ga 30582.  E-Mail  .  If anyone knows of James C. Edmondson please contact me.


Hammond, Francis Colton    1/14/99

I am doing research on Hospitalman Francis Colton Hammond USN, and I am looking for anyone who served with him. He was attached to the 1st Marine Division, and was KIA on March 26, 1953, near Sanae-dong, and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions. I have no other information on his unit, except for the fact he was attached to the 1st Marine Division.  E-Mail: Tim Williams


Hand, J.C.    1/8/99

I am E-mailing you to see if you could find any info at all on my Dad. He was in the Navy in the Korean War. Any info at all will be gratefully appreciated. His name again is: J.C. Hand, 4255 Mt. Sharon Road, Greenbrier, TN 37073. Once again thank you for your time. Mark


Harrell, James V.    1/12/99

The family of Capt. James B. Brown is trying to locate you.  E-mail:


Hatfield, Private E2 Gary Edward (Mick)      5/21/99

I am looking for anyone who knew my uncle.  Gary Edward (Mick) Hatfield; Private E2, United States Army.  Served 12-11-52 to 12-31-53.  Trained 31st. Infantry Div. Camp Atterbury, Indiana Military Spec Light Weapons; Demolitionm, Foreign Service Korea With Co. A 13th. Combat Engineers, 7th. Infantry Div., Time in Korea; 4 months 4 days, Remarks Wounded 7-9-53 Pork Chop Hill--Korea, In Hospitals; Japan--Great Lakes ILL.--Ann Arbor, MI, Received 14 hits to his body and eventually lost his leg.  Thank You!  Connie Pruett, E-Mail:

Wilton C. Harvey

   I served in C-Battery,  99th Field Artillery, First Cavalry Division, U.S. Army--1951 in Korea and in Japan in 1952. My current address is P.O. Box 401, McLean, Texas  79057. My phone number is (806) 779-2843. 

I do not have an e-mail.  My daughter and son-in-law can receive information for me however at wsls@gateway.net. I am looking to hear from anyone who may have served with me back then. 
WC Harvey

Master Sgt. Harry Hebb  4/20/00  

, I served in the 35th Infantry, 1st Cavalry division.  I also served in the 10th medical battalion. I'm Looking for: Charles Schwader Robert Roberts Charles Glover James Grand Joe Abrams

Hern, John    1/18/99

My name is Alan. I am a Vietnam Veteran. Last night a good friend of mine (who does not have access to the Internet) called me looking for a good friend he grew up with. The last time he saw him was the summer of 1952. He joined the Navy and never saw or heard from him again. His name is John Hern. That is all I know except his friend said he went to Korea. If you can help, please let me know so I can pass it along. Thank you for this great service. God Bless America.


Hewins, Donald C.-M/Sgt.    5/3/99

My uncle KIA-1 Sept-1950-8 Cav Rgt (inf) 1 Cav Div-R/A #11185233-From Rhode Island. Brother George, Merchant Marine (same era). Trying to determine his Co. & any info helpful & appreciated. A thank you to all surviving KW-Vets. E-mail:

Hill, Wilmer  06/28/00

Wilmer Hill is looking for Army buddies from the 17th RCT (Tank Company) from Korea in 1951.  Please contact him at joyw@zoomnet.net




Holtz, Lt. Col. Carl    3/12/99

I knew him as a Capt. in Japan 1948/49/50(prior to war).  He was G.I. Stationmaster a Tokyo, Japan.  We went to Korea together in July of 1950 , served in Mason and YongdongPo, Korea, 1950/51. On our return to the States, we were then stationed at Ft. Eustis, Virginia.


Bernard Abramowitz,  S/Sgt.   (aka) Abe.
Japan service: 1948/1950
Korean service 1950/1951
Discharged 1952
Lived in Brooklyn, NY, now living in Staten Island, NY
Phone # (718) 966-4634


Hughlett, Travis Cpl.    1/14/99

HQ CO. 21st Transportation Port Com. B, Kunsan, Korea, 1954 KCOMZ, Raymore   MO 


Hulse, Richard  8/15/00

My dad Richard Hulse was in the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, 7th Regiment, C
Company. He served in combat as a lead scout during the Korean War from
1951-1953.  He would be very interested in hearing from old buddies he served
with during that time.  If you know him please contact me (his son Chris) at S




Irwin, Lee R.    3/12/99

I served with the 64th. Engineer Base Topographical Battalion (34th. Company) in Tokyo, Japan from Aug. 1950 to Dec. 1952. We were based in a part of Tokyo called Shinjuku and housed and worked in the Isetan Building. I would like to hear from others who served with me.  Lee R. Irwin, 2852 West Munroe Street, Bethel Park, PA  15102, 412-833-2121,



Jaroski, Jeffrey  8/2/00

 I am looking for information from anyone who served with my father, M/Sgt. Raymond Jaroski, in Korea. He was with the 45th Inf. Div., 279th Inf. Reg., C Company. Any information will be much appreciated.
Thank you for your help and your service to our country.Jeffrey Jaroski19 Aiken CircleSilver Bay, MN 55614-1302(218) 226-4579 E-mail: vqphoto@lakenet.com

Jernigan, Berry Junior    1/28/99

Cpl. Berry Junior Jernigan enlisted 12-28-51 2div 37fa bn.sv.btry. He received 3 bronze stars. E-Mail:

Jenkins, Robert Benjamin  3/4/00

I am looking for any information whatsoever, which may be available on my father, Robert Benjamin Jenkins. He served in the Korean war, but he was not KIA or MIA. He was in the Army, but then in 1954 he was killed in a car accident when I was a baby. I've written to NARA and to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, but have not received any information so far. He was in the infantry. He was 6 foot 5 inches tall. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He died in Boynton Beach, Florida in 1954. This is all I know about him. Please see if you can help me find any information about him,
Deborah Jenkins Brown
2789 Alder Dr.
Camino, Ca. 95709


Johnson, John W.    1/7/99

The daughter of Major John W. Johnson 212 VMF SQDN 1 MAW is searching for his buddies in the hopes that they can relate to her the nature of her father.  Photos of her father are also sought.  Family estrangement, death of mother, has left her without any history of the Major.  His rank was Captain when he was shot down over Korea, is was finally listed as KIA but his remains were never found or returned, if found by the N. Koreans.  E-Mail to   Cherlyn Johnson, 2405 SE Yamhill Street Portland, OR 97214 (503) 232-9817

Johnson, Lodus  10/16/99

I would like to say I was with the 5th RCT 1949 Korea-went to Hawaii.  Back to Korea July 31, 1950, Med Co 2nd Bn if any one knows me please write me or call: 615-791-9387, e-mail:  

Johnson, Travis M  05/30/00

I am looking for any information on PFC Travis M Johnson. He was kia in
July 1953. My father was a teenager at the time and lost his best friend
and brother. I think he was only married 2 weeks before being drafted. I
have a cedar chest with letters still un opened he sent home. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. Reggie Johnson reggiejohnson@home.com
75 West Ridge Dr. Inman, S.C. 29349

Johnson, Seymour   11/21/00

I'm trying to find people who flew with, or know my friend and can give me some info on his time and exploits with the 336th at K-14 in Korea.  It's a matter to varify data and accuracy, if any, and find fellow pilots. I will insert some "cuts" from all the emails with the info I got and sent, from my search which I started in 12/99 to present:. I'm looking (on the web, emails, AFB Seymour Johnson etc, etc.) for any one who has rosters, duty histories, or who knew my friend  James A. GEHR, from Wisconsin, who joined in Dec, 1950, went to Randolph TX (Started ) flight training Dec, 1951 (don't know what class number he graduated in, 51 something ) and said he flew with the 336th FIS at K14 Kimpo in Korea, starting in  Dec1951-53. Was sent for re hab after shoot up or crash to Pearl and reassigned to AFB Ladd Alaska. I know where he is and this is the info HE gave me over the years...but with some bad inconsistency...have lots more details which at this time are not necessary...I met him in 1959 and continue to see him to present. SO.... Can you help?  If he was in the 336th from dec. 1951 until Jan. 1953, some one knows, some one has rosters, lists mission lists etc.  Do you know who were the pilots were that were flying in 1952 , any way to contact them? If any one has any info, knew him, flew with him, or knows whom I could contact, it would help in the search! I was in Naval Aviation/Air Intell/Photo Recon/Flying from 1952-1964.     W. Schilder, Grafton, WI    Email  warrenvs@aol.com PS you dont have to post this on Buddy search, as I have made entry in Guest book with some abbreveated request, but looking for your reply.

Justus, Bert W. Jr.  05/29/00 

Looking for someone who would have info on my father,  1st lieutenant Bert W. Justus, Jr., 01 178 205 Artillery MIA on or about 2.13.51.  possibly with a Vincent J. Cobalis from San Franciso.  I can be reached at dcastmar@aol.com or Mary Justus Castaldi, 900 Glenneyre, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Kanze, Harry - Ft. Smith, AR    1/10/99

This search is for my father, Richard Wagner. This man was in the 24th Div., 1st Battalion, 21st Regt., A Co. from anywhere between July 1950 and 1953.

Katz, Alex  3/22/00

I am looking for an uncle.  I only know that he served during the Korean War but not much else as I was a very young. He was from New York area and his last name was Katz and his first name was Aleck or Alec or Alex. I knew him as "Uncle Alec." Michael N. Hindin 7708 W. 13-1/2 Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55426. E-mail: hindi003@tc.umn.edu

Kessen, Eugene  06/12/00

My name is Eugene Kessen, I served in Japan and Korea from about August 1952 until December 1953.  I was with the 1st Cavalry Division, 29 AAA in Sapporo, Japan.  I would like to hear from the guys that I served with especially, Jimmy Potter, Bracken, Ryan, Scales, Sgt. Killgrove, and anyone else who has a better memory than me.  I can be reached through my daughter's email, davkalah@rochelle.net

Keenan, Michael P.  9/19/99

I would like to locate Fr. Edward J. Kelly Lt (jg) ChC USNR.  Fr. Kelly was with the 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division during the Navada Cities Battles, March 26, 1953.  I would appreciate any information as to where he can be located.  (781) 924-1005   E-mail address    edgame19@mediaone.net Michael P. Keenan, Sr. 95 Ponderosa Drive   Hanover, MA 02339


Kemp, Captain Peter     4/9/99

I am Captain Peter Kemp, US Army. I work for the Department of Defense the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee. I am looking for 2 veterans who would add tremendous energy to the commemoration activities. I do not know whether they are living or not.  First veteran is Captain Joseph R. Darrigo, KMAG to ROK Army 12th Regiment.  Next veteran is Captain Frank E. Munoz. He was with H Co, 9th Infantry and is from Tucson Arizona. Their story in the book "This Kind of War" made an everlasting impression on me about the Korean War. Now I am with the Committee, I am determined to look for them to honor and thank them in person. If you could help me locate them I would be greatly appreciative.  Very Respectfully,

Kincaid, Farris   11/21/00

I am doing this for a friend, his name is Farris Kincaid (Sgt) served with Port Utilities Company, 8th Army stationed in Inchon from 1950 to 1952. He would like to make contact with Holland, Boyd (from TN or KY), Wright, Bergmand, Sitz, Captain Grace, or a Williams from Washington State and anyone else that was there. If anybody knows or knew anyone that was with Port Utilities Company, Please contact me (James Laughlin) via E-mail (ANDREWJOLENE@aol.com) or Farris Kincaid at 5720 Paseo De La Rambla, Yorba Linda, CA. 92887. phone 714-693-3203    

Kreitz, Fred  9/30/99

I served with the Army north of Munsan-ni and just south of the Imjun River,  near Freedom Bridge.  I was a member of the 'Baker' Battery 49th Field Artillery Battalion, 7th Infantry Division from March 1956 until May 1957.  We were under alert many times, but thankfully never had a real 'Fire Mission'.  Our Howitzer 105's were always set for the proper co-ordinates in the event they needed.  It took until 1995 before the VFW allowed Korean (peacetime?) vets to be eligible to join.  I'd like to hear from my former unit members.  You may reach me at 2242 Craig Place    Maplewood, MN 55109 or you may e-mail me at  


Kymzynski, Kimzinski? Henry (Hank)    4/26/99

Served in Hq Co 187, Airborne RCT 1951 52, I believe he was from Brooklyn NY.  Please contact Albert Carter CSM USA RET. 541 447 1515 E-Mail:


Kitchen, Albert B. - Augusta, GA    1/10/99

This search is for my father, Richard Wagner. This man was in the 24th Div., 1st Battalion, 21st Regt., A Co. from anywhere between July 1950 and 1953.


Kiselow, George D.  06/17/00

I am looking for any information concerning my father, George D. Kiselow, who served in Korea from 1952-53. He never talked about his experience over there. I was interested to see if there was anyone out there who remembered him. He was enlisted, wore infantry brass and was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division. My mom gave me his uniform which sports the Indianhead patch. I don't have much information about his service in Korea. He died in 1974 so unfortunately I can't ask him about it. I've been in the Army for 24 years and recently served a tour in the 2nd Infantry Division, wearing the same patch. I'd just like to hear about any experiences he may have had over there. Thanks. I can be reached at murduck22@aol.com SGM Karen Murdock

Kindt, Glenn   11/13/00

I am looking for buddies of my dad's.  My dad's name is Glenn Kindt he was in the 1st Marines, 2nd, 7th, Easy Company.  Military occupational specialty was infantry unit leader 0316. He departed Conus May 16, 1951, arrived Japan May 29,195, departed Japan May 31, 1951, arrived Korea June 1, 1951.  South and Central Korea June 6, 1951 to May 5, 1952.  Departed Korea May 5, 1952, arrived Conus May 24, 1952.  I have a picture of my dad with his squad and names listed  on the back are: Whitehead, Behnie, Hanson, Sprah, Blankenship, and Rost along with two friendly skulls. My father was from Jasper, Minnesota.  If you knew my father, please contact me:  Julee Kindt-Streit @ jstreit@isd2135.k12.mn.us  or telephone 507-674-3305.  Thanks to all of you who served.  My dad told us many herioc stories of many Marines and veterans!  Thank you!!!! Julee Streit

Krauss, S/Sgt. John    2/22/99

714th TROB at Mason Korea, August/September 1950  Last seen when he was in New York in 1952 or 1953 on his way to Europe.  Lost track of him after that.


Bernard Abramowitz,  S/Sgt.   (aka) Abe.
Japan service: 1948/1950
Korean service 1950/1951
Discharged 1952
Lived in Brooklyn, NY, now living in Staten Island, NY
Phone # (718) 966-4634


Kurtz, Fred    1/7/99

I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father, Fred Kurtz.  He served in the 11th Airborne 187RCT 88AA Support Battery.  I hope I got that right, I am not positive of the years, but I estimate 1950 to 1953.  My father is very interested in touching base with anyone who may have served with him.  You can reach me at



Lambert, Thomas R.    2/28/99

I am trying to help a very special man, Jose A. Lopez, locate info on his best Korean War buddy, Thomas R. Lambert, who was from Gardena, California.  Tom was in the 23rd Infantry Regt., 1st Battalion, D Company during 1953-54.  Jose (Joe) was in the 23rd Infantry Regt., 2nd Battalion, H Company during 1953-54.  Info can be E-mailed to me at .  Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated. If you need to contact me directly, I can be reached at (562) 691-0441. Thanks.  Ruby Martinez.


Lancaster, Roger    1/13/99

I am looking for anyone from the Helicopter Detachments in Korea 1951-54.  I was with the 50th Helicopter Detachment.  E-mail:


Larom, Hank  07/20/00

Looking for anyone who knew my father, Hank Larom. I believe he was in the
1st Marine Division, 1st Recon Company David Larom dlarom@qualcomm.com 619 232 3146

Larom, David  07/24/00

Looking for anyone who knew my father, Sgt/SSgt Henry Nash "Hank" Larom,
H&S Co, 1st Mar, 1st MarDiv. He was an intelligence man (is this the same
as or different than Recon?) and was in Korea from 9Jan '53 to 9Jan '54. He
arrived at Inchon 9 Jan '53 aboard the USNS Gen'l M.C. Meigs out of San
Diego via Yokohama.  Thanks, David Larom 1321 28th St. San Diego, CA 92102(619) 818-5965

Lavelle, John P.     3/27/99

5147 Fairbrook, Memphis, TN 38118  Phone: 901 363 6751 "L" Co. 23rd Regt.   May 1951 to Feb. 1952


Lanham, Louis P  4/15/00

I'm the grandson of Louis. He Died on Feb. 2 1998. I don't know what division or anything, I was wondering, if anyone knew him, could they please E-mail me @ DmX13769@aol.com.


Lefevre, Alan Pete    1/28/99

My name is Alan Pete Lefevre (Pete Lefevre) looking for vets from the 84th ECB, 2nd Engr. Gp, 8th Army who served in Korea from 1950 to 1953. I was in H & S Co. first in the survey section and later in the motor pool driving 6ton low boys. In Korea from Dec. 51 to Dec. 52 Mainly looking for James Stover, George Chavez, Robert Wright, Ted Christenson, Fred Schultz, Robert Davis. My e-mail address is  


Lemus, PFC (E-3) Refugio R.     5/17/99

ER 56 099 444, Arty USAR Who was inducted 24 August 1951 and transferd Army Reserve 21 May 1953 was Honorably Disharged from the ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES on the 23rd say of August 1959.  I was in the 7th Division Artillery w/ 15TH AAA AW BATTALION C CO.   Fought in Kumwha and Iwon. Looking to see if anyone is sill around who serve   with me.  E-mail:


Lewis,  Francis Grady    4/12/99

My name Is Francis Grady Lewis. I served in Korea from 1952 through 1953 in the B Battery- 159th FA BN. on the western front. I was on hill 181, 70, Vegas with the Marines, Old Baldy, The Hook, Pork Chop Hill, and was communication Chief there and on several others. I also served as a forward observer during this time. I am interested in trying to locate the following people whom I served with. Eddie Flynn, Andrew Wilson, Carl Spray, Cpl. Montyhanks, Alan Kingham, Harry T. Burden, Sgt. McFarlane and my commanding officer Capt. Phillips all of which I served with in these campaigns. Thanks for your time in this matter. Sincerely Francis Grady Lewis, P.O.B. 1094, Ponca City, Ok. 74602   Ph: 580-765-6891 


Liberto, Joseph J.  1/7/00

My father ask me if I could help him locate a friend of his that he was in the service with.  His name is Joseph J. Liberto.  He and my father were in the service together from 1948-1953.   They were in M company 82/504  Regiment , 187  Regiment Combat Team.....They were in Japan, Korea and also at Fort Brage together.  I may have jumbled some of the information , because he gave it to me so fast.  I hope that you can help.  At the time they were both privates.   

Lindgren, Arnold    1/6/99

Searching for Arnold Lindgren, Korean War veteran from Midlothian, Illinois.  Contact Sal Amati at 940 Birdbay Way, Venice, FL (ph. 941-485-2550).  My summer home is in Chicago, Illinois.  I am a member of the Korean War Museum, Tuscola.


Lintzenich , Alphonsus Hyacinth Jr.- ( 01/11/24 to 04/02/89 ). He was from Terre Haute, Indiana and served in Korea from 1950-1951 with the 430th Engineer Construction Battalion, 32nd Engineer Construction Group, Company B. He was involved with construction of the X corps main supply route from Ulsan to Tanyang and Wonju to Inje, and the rebuilding of the badly damaged Kyonggyong railroad line between Ulsan to Wonju. The unit was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for their service during that time. I would like to hear more from anyone who served with my father, because he passed away while I was still to young to fully understand. Included is a photograph of my father, in hopes that this will aid in the recognition and remembrance of him. You can contact me (his son) at irish-boilers@dellnet.com .

John Loeffler  1/13/00

 I am looking for buddies that served with C Co. 73rd Hv Tnk Bn. in Korea from 1950-1951. My e-mail address is johnloeffler@msn.com My home address 3618 W. Bay Av. Tampa, Fl. 33611, and my phone number is (813) 837-1740.

Lockwood, Frederick D.  3/4/00

 I am a friend of Frederick Lockwood and am searching for anyone who served with him in Korea.  We are preparing to honor him in our church with the upcoming 50th annivesary of the first amphibious landing in Korea in which he participated and I would love to speak to anyone who served with him while there.  I believe he served there in the 1950-51 time frame.  He served in B Battery, 82nd Field Artillery, 1st Calvary Division out of Camp Whittington, Japan.  E-Mail any information to me at Stone-Tablet@msn.com. My name is Tom Causby and I live in Columbia, SC.  Thanks.



Mahan, Joe  8/18/00

My dad served in the Navy on the Laertes and the Patapsco from 1951 - 1954. He hopes to hear from anyone who might have served with him on those ships. He was based in Pearl and was also in Astoria, Oregon and spent a lot of time in Japan. He was from Texas and was a radioman. Anyone who served with him can contact him through lsfrank@attglobal.net. He would really like to hear from any of his old shipmates.

Mahone, Charles W.  8/27/00

Charles W. Mahone.  I am looking for information on my brother Eddie R. Mahone.  He served the 15 INF RGT 3 INF DIV(Army).  PVT-E2.  He was killed hostile in North Korea on 11-29-1950. Please contact me at mahone72@hotmail.com. Any information will be greatly appreciated

Mattox, Jack D.    2/18/99

I served in Korea July 1953 through June 1954 with the 36 T. F. Sqdn. at K-13 and was a crew-chief on an F-86. P.O. Box 3266, Seminole, FL 33775, Tel: 727-392-3988, E-Mail:    My plane was No. 383, nickname (Rice Paddy Daddy) Plane crashed at K-8 in the bay on landing killing the pilot. Sqdn. commander died as his wingman followed him in the bay losing his life. They were flying from K-13 to K-8 Suspected of running out fuel because weather was bad.


Maupin, Bobby R.  5/7/00

Jet fighter pilot, flew F80's @ Suwon (k13?) and F84's @ Taegu (k2?). About me: http://community.webtv.net/mmrrbb/Retirement ~denver~


Maryan, Ted  07/25/00

I am making some enquiries on behalf of my father, Ted Maryan, who served with the British forces in Korea (Royal Artillary, attached to the Gloucesters, 1950-1953) and was captured at the Battle of the Imjin RIver.  In the prison camps he met and befriended three American soldiers and he's interested in finding out whether they're still alive and, if possible, where they are.  They were all apparently with the US Army, although Dad can't remember which corps or unit. They are (exact spellings may differ): Charlie Guidetti, New York. Leonard Beasley (Beazley?), Chicago. "Cape" Caprine, Penn. They were all at a penal camp, Camp number two (2), annex two (2), between August 1952 and May 1953.  My Dad's details are: Ted Maryan, C/- PO Box 54-168, Mana 6251, New Zealand. Tel: +64-4-298-4212. Fax: C/- +64-4-233-9063. Email: C/- michael.maryan@clear.net.nz. With kindest regards, Michael E Maryan, PO Box 54-168, Mana 6251, New Zealand. Tel: +64-4-233-9235. Fax: +64-4-233-9063. Email: michael.maryan@clear.net.nz

Marcaccio, Arthur  8/19/00

Arthur Marcaccio of Providence, RI, trying to locate the members who served with me and Colonel Teel in Pusan, Korea  in the 9th Finance Disbursing Section in 1954 and 1955. Please reply to me at djm95@worldnet.att.net if you have information

Mathias, Nicholas  07/10/00

I am looking for information on a man named Nicholas Mathias.  I know he was MP in France around 1952-1953, and was possibly processed through Fort Sheridan.  I have 2 pictures of him available online at:
Anyone who knew this man, or recognizes the patch,can contact me at psych_mayo@hotmail.com.

McCabe, John W.     4/6/99

Co D, 9th Inf Regt, 2nd Inf Div.  Arrived Korea O/A 28 Sep 50 KIA 27 Aug 51.   If there is anyone that served with John, I would appreciate very much hearing from you. Thank you.  Charles W. Sherer (former 1st Bn Sgt/Major). 8120 Wescott Avenue Fairborn, OH 45324-1844.  (937) 864 - 2112, E-Mail:  


McCorkle, James F.    1/7/99

I am seeking men who knew my uncle, Cpl. James F. McCorkle, 1st Marine Division, 5th Marines, H&S Co.  He was KIA at Changnam-Myon, Korea on 15-Jun-1952.  Please contact Kevin Osoinach via E-Mail at


McCullough, John    1/6/99

Looking for an Army old buddy of mine who served in Korea 1952-1953  His name is John McCullough from originally Detroit Michigan.  We were in a forward ammunition Ordnance detachment in the Western section located above the first Marine division. Hope you can be of some help?  E-mail: Seaford Williams


McDivitt, Sgt George     4/6/99

Assigned to headquarters company,1st battalion, 32nd Infantry reg.7th Div.his unit was engaged in battle Dec 2,1950 at Chosin Res.  Nothing was never known what happen to him.  John McDivitt,


Mckinstry, Bruce  2/18/00

My husbands uncle, Bruce McKinstry (served in KForce with the New Zealanders) is looking for John F Nicholson. He thinks he was in the 40th Division and a Private 1st class. He remembers that his parents were from Big Timber Montana. Can anyone help? Bruce is traveling the USA this year and would like to catch up !!


McNulty, James  3/3/00 

Looking for :  Frank  Fredette   U.S.Navy 1951-1955   USS Guadalupe
Please contact: James McNulty-(352) 742-7087  Email: Tiffsgram@aol.com


McIntosh, John Andrew Jr.    1/9/99

Seeking whereabouts of John Andrew McIntosh, Jr., US 51004269, Korean War veteran, last known address in 1951 Hudson, Massachusetts, last known employment at Container Corp., Medford, 1953. Born 1929.  Mother Lillian McIntosh.  Last Army assignment with Hdqtrs. 223rd Inf Rgt., 40th Division, Korea.   Contact .  Thank you. Rosemary Rimkus.


Meece, Clifford Dean  2/2/00

My father served in the Korean War.  I am trying to locate any of his old buddies he served with.  It has been a few years and trying to come up with names is not the easiest thing to do.
Clifford Dean Meece served in the
11th Marines
1st Division
Charlie Co.
He was there from around March of 53 to August of 54.
He was right on the DMZ.  I don't know how to spell the place but it sounded like Pon Yeng.  I don't know if this is correct but it sure would be nice to try to find some of his old friends.  One was from Onarga, IL--One was from Champaign, IL--one was from Watseka, IL.  that was about all that we could come up with.  He said that the one from Champaign had the last name of Staudamire.
I don't really know where to go from here but will look until I can come up with something.  Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.
Best Regards,
Daniel J. Meece                                               



Medeiros, Mickey    1/11/99

I'm trying to help my Dad find any old friends that he served in Korea with.   He got to Korea in June of 1951.  On September 23, 1951 he was wounded on Heartbreak Ridge.  He was hospitalized in 128 camp Zuma Japan from September through December of 1951.  His name is .  He would have been known as Private Mickey Medeiros.  2nd Infantry 23 Regiment Baker Company.


Miles, David Moffat    1/6/99

I'm looking for someone who perhaps knew my dad, Sgt. David Moffat Miles.  He served with the 1st Marine Division - but this is about all I know.  He passed to glory 1992 and without much mention of his time there aside from dreams that disturbed him and incidents of waking up in snow without his buddies.  I'm told by his sister that he was the only survivor of his company - I know he served 1950-1953.  He did make it to the reservoir and back (thankfully).  I have a picture but not a scanner yet.   One other point of interest - he was involved in a car wreck that was pretty serious in San Francisco with three other army(?) fellows upon return to the states.   If you have any additional info or may have know him and can point me in the right direction to look into his efforts I would appreciate it greatly.  Respectfully and most thankful Michele Miles


Miller, Charles A.   05/29/00

My lost buddy was with a (I believe amphibious) unit operating in the west coastal area north of the 38th parallel, conducting amphibious raids along the coast, sometime in late 1951.  I don't know the unit name or designation, but at the time I was assigned to G-3, Eighth Army Headquarters, in Seoul.  I got the information in the G-3 Situation Room, that his unit had been overrun and all killed. His name was Sgt. Charles B. Brock.  He was a Motor Pool Sergeant, and he and I got to know each other at the U.N. Reception Center in Taegu, Korea, that was opened to equip and train the various U.N. troops that came to Korea.  He was in charge of our Motor Pool, and I was Supply Sergeant. Wish I had more info, but that's all I have. Thanks for what you do, and thanks for any help or info you may provide. Charles A. Miller (SFC, U.S. Army, RA 15381086)

Miller, Eugene    1/6/99

This person is desperately looking for information on her father. He is now deceased but she would like to locate info about him and his unit or contact some of his buddies. thanks!  My father entered the Army on February 5, 1952. He took his training at Fort Bliss, Texas. His duty assignment was with Btry C 10th AAA AW BN at Fort Bliss. His commanding officer was Capt. Joseph M. Schmid. He was discharged on March 6, 1953 from Fort Lewis, Washington. There is also a mention of Don J. Thompson a 2nd Lt. with Btry B 7th Tng Bn., I believe this was at Fort Lewis.  I almost forgot his name was Eugene Miller, born May 27, 1931. He was from St. Louis, Missouri. 

Mobley, Eddie Carroll  8/20/00

I am looking for anyone who served with my grandfather, Eddie Carroll Mobley, in the Korean War. He is dying of lung cancer. I know he wishes he could talk to or contact a few of these men.  He has about six months to live. Any information is greatly appreciated. I do not know what division  or anything like that. I do know that he was in the army and he was in Korea thru 1950 to 1956.

Thank You,Jamie Mobley


Montgomery, William Harold    3/18/99

I'm the daugher of Cpl William Harold Montgomery.  He served in Korea 1952-53.  I have his DD-214 and it looks like he served in the Svc Co of the 32nd Infantry Division.  If anyone has ANY information, please E-mail me at .  Thank you!


Moran, Edward    2/26/99

I'm lookin for someone who was freinds with Edward Moran or also known as Buddy Moran. If any one know's him please send me mail at he want's to find some old war buddies.


Monahan, Robert    1/24/99

He was with the 250th Ordinance Ballistic Technical Service Detachment.  The 250th was formed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds sometime during the fall or winter of 1949.  They were attached to the 8th Army.  They went from there to Fort Sill, Oklahoma and stayed till sent to Korea in 1950 (October or November). 


Montenaro, Richard     1/10/99

I  was wondering if you have or have access to information on a certain person. My uncle told the best stories about the Army. His name is Richard Montenaro. He went on to work and live in Long Island. D.O.T road crew & volenteer fire fighter. He died New Years eve. I would like to learn more about him.  Thank you.


Moskowitz, Jerry "Mosk"    4/18/99

I am looking for soldiers who served with my father Jerry "Mosk" Moskowitz (Bronx, NY) in the 155th Transportation Unit in Korea. He often tells me stories which include such Army buddies as Sam Sommers (PA) and Hoollihan Whitman. If any one can assist me please contact me at   Thanks, Scott


Mossburg, Robert    3/19/99

Looking for people I served with in Korea.  7th Division--17th Regiment-Easy Company -- US Army  1952 & 53.  Kojodo Island, also Pork Chop Hill.    Email: 

Motley, John D.  3/17/00

Looking for anyone who might have known my uncle who was kia 9-04-50 He was in 2Nd Infantry Div 6oth Infantry Div 0038 unit. Shipped out of Fort Lewis Washington Aug 4th 1950. Was killed three days after I was born. I am compiling a memorial to him for my children, cousins, and other family members. Any information will be greatly and deeply appreciated, God Bless. Contact Kevin Motley @ vickkev@earthlink.net or at 702.293.4766 Kevin Motley 668 Wells Road Boulder City, NV 89005



Mitchell, Harry  8/15/99

I have seen some other men in my outfit on the page and thought I would put my name in. If you know me send me an e-mail at:  


Murphree, Pvt. Calvin B.     5/21/99

WELCOME HOME BROTHERS!  I'm trying to locate anyone who may have known - PVT Calvin B. Murphree. H-CO.19th Inf. Regt. 24th Inf. Div.  He was listed as M-I-A in December 1950. We last recieved a letter from him  indicating that he was in "Kunuri, North Korea". The letter was post marked on 16 Nov. 1950. He is my 1st cousin.  I'm seeking information for his sister and myself. Please contact me by using  the following means.  or Billy Burns, Vietnam Veteran, U.S.N. Retired, 300 Park Circle, Birmingham, Alabama   35215 Phone: 205-836-0332


Mullen, Lonnie  12/23/99

My father who was with the 25th division, 90th Field Artillery, Charlie Battery, #2 gun. He was in Korea July 52 - July 53. He is looking for any buddies there with him, Simon Sunday or Leroy Wolfe, among others. He is now living in Morehead, Ky. Anyone who remembers him can contact him, Lonnie Mullen, 475 Mullen-Banks Rd, Morehead, Ky, 40351.

Muska, Larry Jr.  3/16/00

I'm looking for anyone that served with my father, his name is Larry Muska and was in Korea from Sept.50-July51. Service Info: Marines - H&S co. 2nd. Battalion, 1st marines, 1st marine div. Engagements: Assault on Inchon,Recapture of Seoul,On to Wonson and up to the Chosin [Koto-ri] and then on to in the Central and Eastern parts of Korea. Operation Killer and I believe there was an operation Puller as well. Any info. send an e-mail to me at : Lar860man@aol.com Thanks, Larry Muska Jr.



Nadelhoffer, John D.     1/15/99

I am very much interested in obtaining records of my father's death in January 1952 (John D. Nadelhoffer, USMC, Wadsworth, Illinois).  He was killed in action when he bailed out of his F4U Corsair and was buried in a "temporary" grave by UN troops on the island of Kirin Do (Korin Do?).  However, his remains were never returned as the island is now part of North Korea.  I am interested in obtaining more information on the circumstances leading to and the events following his death. Please send the form I will need to get this information to me at the address listed below.   Thank you!  Knute Nadelhoffer, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA  02543,  USA,   Phone: 508-289-7493,   Fax: 508-457-1548, E-mail: .


Nelson, Robert K.  10/11/99  

Hi, I am looking for anyone who served with my father, Robert K. Nelson.  He served with the 213th armored field artillery bn. charlie battery he was in Korea in 1951 my father passed away in 1988, and we never really got to know each other.   

Newton, Alton Mayo JR.    2/01/99

D.O.B.--Dec. 12, 1930 (actual date of birth Dec. 24, 1932)  Specialty # or Symbol--4345 Related Civilian Occupation and D.O.T. Number--Truck Driver Light Date and Place of Enter Into Active Service--Dec. 28, 1948  Panama City, Florida   Separation date--May 29, 1952 Camp Polk Louisana. Most Significant Duty Assignment--HV MORT CO. 148TH INF. REGT. ?? INF.  DIV. CP POLK LA.  Wounds Received as a result of Action with enemy forces--GSW LEFT HAND 14 FEB. 51 PLACE UNKNOWN.   Decorations, medals, badges, commendations, citations and campaign ribbons awarded or authorized - C I B PURPLE HEART K S M W/3 BRONZE STARS.   Debbie Parsons, 4271 S. Vicki Ann Rd.  Pahrump, Nevada 89048   


Newell, Richard A.   10/17/00

USMC - Served in VMA-332 aboard the USS Bairoko (CVE-115) and the USS Point Cruz (CVE-119) in the Yellow Sea from June to November 1953 - Then served in VMC-1 at K-3, Korea from November 1953 to July 1954. Would like to hear from former members of both squadrons who served during these time periods - RAN108@juno.com


Nielson, Thomas M.  10/9/99

I was in the 4th Supply Sq (POL), K-14 (Kimpo), April 1952- February, 1953; 461st Supply Sq (Chief Clerk), 461st Bomb Wing, Blytheville AFB, Arkansas, 1955-1957 would like to make contact with:

M/Sgt. Seldon G. Baker, 67th TAC Recon Wing K-14 (Kimpo), 1952-1953; 461st Supply Sq (1st Sgt.), 461st Bomb Wing, Blythebille AFB. Arkansas, 1955-1957

Dick Fisher, 4th FIW, 1952-1953 from Tarrytown, NY

Jess Ybarra, 4th FIW, 1952-1953 from ?

Delbert Pope, 4th FIW, 1952-1953, from Watsonville, CA

Anyone with knowledge of the above, please tell them I would like to hear form them at or phone (520) 615-7809.


North, David R.  2/20/00

Corporal David R. NorthS211 1St Mar Div KoreaOctober52- Oct 53Ser.#1266190 motor pool contact at:  ionaFHS@webtv.net

Norton, Richard "Dick"  4/4/00

My name is Brandi McKale and I'm trying to help my dad locate some of his buddies.  His name is Richard "Dick" Norton. He was in the Army 45th division 179 regiment.  He was stationed at Heartbreak Ridge from 1/53 to 5/54.  Some of his buddies that he remembers are: Mstr. Sgt. Harold Montgomery "Choppy" Paul Rice Buddy Marcinkowski Marvin Schultz Dominic Conti you may reach me at:   


Oertly, David  12/23/99
Looking for vets who may have been with my father, David Oertly.  He was in 2nd infantry division, 9th infantry regiment, (1st Bn?), company D, heavy weapons/mortars/etc. during 1952-1953.  Various places which included Arrowhead, 281, Eerie, others in tbone/porkchop/oldbaldy area, chorwon area.  If you knew him, please email me suecox@ix.netcom.com.  I'm doing some internet research to surprise him with some information, because he is very interested.


Oliveto, Joe    5/22/99

I would like to hear from anyone who served during the years of 1952 - 3 in Fulda or Hanau Germany. Outfit No. 7811 SCU. My address is 112 Bon Aire Circle West, Suffern, NY10901. Phone: (914)357-0793


Olson, Charles Martin    3/12/99

I am searching for anybody who may Have known Charles Martin OLSON, who was in the 31 Infantry Rgt. 7 Div.  He was killed in combat on May 22, 1951. Charles is my uncle and I was given his name in honor of him, and would like to know more about him as he was killed before I was born.  Please respond to Robert Charles Olson, Green Bay, WI   .


Olson George E. 1st Lt.    1/10/99

21st Transportation Port Com, Kunsan, Korea 1954, Thank you. T. Hughlett Cpl. 21st TC Com 1954. 205 Maple, Raymore, MO  64083, E-mail:

Owens, Leon J.  5/7/00

Leon J Owens. He was in the 2nd Infantry 37th Field Artillery B Btry. He is looking for the men he was there with. Please call (318)396-8714 . He would love to here from you. A if Gerald E. Baker or Tommy Miner is out there . Please give hem a call or write 105 Dixie Dr. West Monroe, La. 71291.I now he drove a truck for 28 days on the Red Ball Express. He also received 3 Bronze stars .He was a Sergeant First Class Leon J Owens. Please call if you were with him. Thank You . Ann Byrd (409)283-6707




Panetta, Anthony    1/24/99

I'm looking for anyone who might have served with my uncle Pfc. Anthony Panetta.   He was a member of Company C, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division.  While leading his platoon as point man up a hill near Yanggu, South Korea, Aug.31, 1951 was seriously wounded.  He died of those wounds Sept.1, 1951 at MASH 8225 APO 301.  I believe this was battle of Bloody Ridge.  I'm also looking for information about Pfc. John Truax, Pfc. Frank Papsidero, Sgt. John Pigeon, Pfc. John Fell.  E-Mail at or write Frank Panetta, 70 South 5th Street, Locust Valley, New York  11560.   Phone: 516-676-6722

Parrish Richard L.  06/12/00

847 field artillary Camp McCoy Wis. and 2nd. Infantry Div. 23rd. Reg .Korea  1951. thank you and keep up the good work . My address on E-mail is esterogard@aol.com.  R.L.Parrish


Patnaude, Frank  10/6/99

I am looking for a M/Sgt. James R. Petergal RA33925624 Co "K" ith Rgt Korea Febuaray 1951.  Please Contact me at   

Paul, Allen Sgt.    1/10/99

21st Transportation Port Com, Kunsan, Korea 1954, Thank you. T. Hughlett Cpl. 21st TC Com 1954. 205 Maple, Raymore, MO  64083, E-mail:

Painter, James W. Jr.  07/03/00

My father Paul L. Bovyn served in Korea in 1951 and was in the 23rd Inf 2nd div.  He is presently looking for an old friend named James W. Painter Jr.  He believes that he was from Alabama.  If anyone knows Mr. Painter please contact myself at laura_mathis@hotmail.com or paulbovyn@aol.com.

Thanks,  Laura Mathis

Payne, Lesley Joesepth  11/20/00

I'm looking for information concerning my dad sargent Lesley Josepth Payne, who served with the Gloucester Regiment during the Korean War. He was taken POW at either Imjin river or Gloucester Hill, sadly he died in 1995, he would not talk about his time in Korea when he was alive and i know need to know about this part of his life.Karen@rush01.freeserve.co.uk


Philyaw, Robert E.  7/26/00

I am trying to locate a buddy of mine from the Korean War.  I am looking for Dean Paisley
We served together with the 15th FA Bn. 23 inf  Reg. 2nd Infantry Division.
We were there from January 1951, until I was evacuated to Okinawa around
October 51Robert E. Philyaw.. philyawb@cs.com


Pineiro, Lawrence J.  11/4/99

I am writing on behalf of my father, Lawrence J. Pineiro, he served in the Army from October 30, 1950 until October 24, 1952.  He was a Corporal in the 322 Topo Engineers.  He never really talked much about his time in the Army.  I am just looking for anyone who served with him and knew him then.  My father died in 1995 and my children are very interested in his history.   

Porter, Billy Joe  07/07/00

I'm looking for my uncle's buddy Billy joe Porter,and Howard Potter from Texas.My uncles name was Charles "Benny" Schlegel. All were together in 15th FA A Battery .My uncle was MIA 2/13/51              

Priestley , Richard E.     5/10/99

Us Army, 1st Fld Obsver - 707 Ord 7th Div.  I am looking for a good buddy from Japan and Korea., Ted Vintage, from New York City.  We served together from 1949 in Suppora, Japan.  E-mail: 9117 47th Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL  33708.


Jerome (Jay) Pritchett   9/19/00

served in H & S Co., 1st Bat., 7th Regt., 1st Mar. Div., from Jan 1952 to Jan 1953, on the 16th replacement draft. Boot camp at San Diego Ca., platoon 194, July 1951. Please feel free to call him at 708-532-5950. He is still living in the Chicago area and would love to hear from war buddies.





Radford, Bill Lee  4/25/00

My father, Bill Lee Radford, died on April 11, 2000. In his records we found his discharge certificate showing his battle experience in the First Marines in Korea. Any help you can offer me on learning more about his servie years would be greatly appreciated. His discharge certificate reads under Service: "AMPHIBIOUS LANDING AT INCHON, KOREA AND NEUTRILIZATION OF KIMPO AIRFIELD AND SEOUL, KOREA. AMPHIBIOUS LANDING AT WOSAN, NORTH KOREA AND OPERATIONS AT HAMHUNG, AND HUNHNAM AREAS, NORTH KOREA. NO. KOREAN AGGRESSION AGAINST SO. KOREA AS A MEMBER OF MCGIS-1, MAG12, 1st MAW." Under Organization: "HMR-261, MAG(HR)-26, AFMFL, MCAS, CHERRY POINT, N.C."

Radford, Charley L.  4/30/00

I would like to locate anyone who knew my father, TSgt. Charley L. Radford. He was a Marine F4U-5 pilot in Korea.  I am not sure where he was stationed, but he flew missions over North Korea form September to December,1950.  He was shot down near Koto-ri on December 3, 1950.  He left before my first birthday, and I woud love to hear stories about any of his military career. My mother has always had a hard time talking about that part of  his life.  I do know that he loved to FLY!  Please email me with any information. Thanks, Charlene McClaran  mcclaran1@yahoo.com

Ranger, Donald L.     1/14/99

Searching for Donald L. Ranger CE3 # 4185576 and Joseph E. Larson CE3 #3925327. We served together in the U.S.Navy Seabees, CBMU-1, at K3 Korea in 1952 and 1953 attached to the First Marine Airwing, MAG 33. I  recall that Ranger was from Oregon and Larson was from Washington state. These two are wanted for the CBMU-1 reunion in Charleston, South Carolina, Sept. 9-11, 1999. Anyone with contact information for these two   Seabee veterans contact Pat Morris at 888-213-1982 or e-mail to   We can also be reached through the on-line Korea Seabee Message Board at http://www.weblube.com/bbs/   Thanks,  Pat Morris.


Reid, Pfc Peter Johnson    4/12/99

I am trying to locate anyone who may have served in Korea with my father. Here is the information that I have

Name: Pfc Peter Johnson Reid, USMC

Service Number 1213262
Arrived in Inchon, Korea March 12, 1953
Departed Inchon, Korea May 21, 1954
E Co, 2ndbn, 5thMar

Please respond to Email address or write to

Kelly Summerson
9448 Michael Drive
King George, VA 22485
(540) 775-4430


Richter, John Francis  2/21/00

HM1 USN (Ret)--Looking for Navy Corpsmen & U.S.Marines who may have been assigned to "C" Medical Co.(1st Provisional Marine Brigade & 1st Marine Division, FMF) during the Pusan Perimeter--Inchon Landing--Seoul--Koto-ri (1950)--SEMPER FI !! --John Francis Richter


Riccardi,Mike  9/25/00

Hello, my name is Wendy, and I'm looking for information on my grandfather Mike Riccardi who fought in the Korean War in 1950. he is still alive but doesn't, at all, like to talk about the war. I'd like to get information on his company and unit, and hopefully be able to get a photo of my grandfather in uniform. Do you know how I can go about finding information on him? He said he thinks it was Co 132 nd, but he's not sure. He is now 85 years old. My husband is on his 19th year in the Army, and he'd like to also have the information on my grandfather.  


Robart, John Borges  1/26/00

My name is Kim Fraga.  I am looking for anyone who served with my uncle whom was killed in the Korean War.  His name was John Borges Robart, 17INF; RGT 7; INV DIV; PVT-E2;MOS:01745; Service #19465296 killed on 05/16/1953.  His best friend whom served with him stood guard of his casket when it was not allowed to have an African American to do that.  His name was Willie Robinson.  My grandmother thought of Willie as another son.  If anyone knew of my uncle or Willie Robinson (if he's around, if you know where I can find him), please email me at kfraga@develconstruction.com


Robinson , Dennis Glendel, Sergeant, Serial #: RA18347274     2/20/99

Served in Korea with the 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division.  He was a sergeant when he left Korea.  He is from Perryton, Texas and now lives in Baltimore, Maryland. We would appreciate any help you may be able to provide. We will of course provide verification information to any survivors who are located. Thank you, Dennis M. Robinson, E-mail:  

Robbinson, William  4/23/00

I am from the 37th Field Arty Brty second division of the Korean War I am really interested in finding one of my buddies. His Name is William Robinson. Any info would be greatly helpful or if you could find anyone from who served from april 1953 to July 1954 in this unit. Thanks for your help James Waldvogel Box 13 phlox Wis 54464 (715) 489-3304

Rode, Edward  05/22/00

I was with the 45th Div, 179th Inf Reg, Able Co.  from April 1953 to Mar 1954.  I was with the 4th squad (machine guns) for that entire period, rising from ammo bearer to squad leader.  I saw action on Heartbreak Ridge and was on Outpost Queen when the war ended. I came home with the Div. and marched up Broadway in NY before being discharged.  My nickname in Korea was "Ma". Edward Rode 9 Robinson Drive Bethpage, NY E-mail   dadrode@juno.com 516-433-1187


Rodden, Joe     4/6/99

I am looking for any vets who may served with my father-in-law, Joe Rodden, 7th Division, 32nd regiment, item company, sometime in 1953. I believe he was involved in the battle of Pork Chop Hill. 


Rogers, John  8/2/00

My father was in the Korean War.  His name is John Rogers and was from Michigan.  He was in the 11th Airborne.  I am proud of him and what he endured, but I wish I knew more.  I wish I could understand and feel sort of what he went through.  It bothers me that I don't know enough, but my dad doesn't speak about the war and I don't like to ask too many questions. Although lately I have been inquiring and researching for information because I would like to make my father a special shadow box, but don't know how to get copies of his medals and decorations.  Or just get what ones so that I may purchase duplicates. If there is anyone who knew him or can direct me in my shadow box making please contact me at anytime at  DAVE918CD4@aol.com


Royall, Gene  10/14/99

I served in Korea from the time the 176th AFA arrived in Korea, until I was rotated in February 1952, I was in Hq Bat, I would like to hear from those I served with, I am now 69 years old.

Russel, Donald Lane  3/5/00

I am looking form information on my grandfather Donald Lane Russell.  He is alive and doing well in health.  He tells me about when he was in the Korean "conflict" and often talks about men he was stationed with.  He was Stationed in Bamberg Gremany.  His job was to guard the boarder and to also guard an Atomic Warhead in a feild.  The men he can remember he can only remember their last names.  The men are Swartz, Slevan (whom he shared a tent with), Pratt, Osbrone, Powell, O'Keith, and Pound.  I now have his scrapbook and have 35 pictures from the "conflict".  If you would happen to have any information about this please e-mail me at lizzard_169@hotmail.com or write to Tara Beck P.O. Box 74 Fredonia Ky. 42411. My grandfather and I thank you for your help. 


Ryherd, Dwaine H.    2/28/99

Served with E Co,. 15th Infantry, 3RD ID, Korea from April '52 until Oct. '54. Looking for anyone that he served with. He was drafted in Kentucky but went into the Army from IL. Contact at .  Thanks.



Sander, Kenneth    1/16/99

My father served in the Korean War. He served from April 1951-Feb 1953. They were sent to the front lines of T-Bone hill were he was stationed. If there is any pictures of this place I would really appreciate if you could send any. He was in the 2nd infantry. If there is any cost please send it to 736 Airway Ave. Lewiston Idaho 83501. Thank you. The Son of .

Sarten, George H. Sr.  8/1/00

george h sarten sr. and i was in korea from the inchon landing until all units that had been there for a year were ordered out. i am lookin for a sgt miller that served with me. i can not remember his first name. i was in the marines 1st division, 2nd batallion and dog company so was sgt miller. i was injured the last night i was in korea and he helped put me on a stretcher. i would like to contact him, please e-mail me back if you have any one with this name and was in the marines, 1st division , 2nd bat and dog company

Scanlan, James  10/18/99

I am looking for a Cpl or Sgt Mike McIntyre USMC last known base K-6 was a disk jockey on the Armed Forces station.  I am also looking for a D.D. Diprisco USMC a parachute rigger Marine Airwing, both served from April of 1952 until April 1955.  Thank you Sgt. Jim Scanlan.   

Schanck, Russel D.  2/25/00

OR CALL BOB SCHANCK  AT 517-848-2973  OR  EUGENE SCHANCK AT         517-786-3290 OR SISTER BEV ROULEAU  517-742-4794 THANK YOU!  IF YOU CAN HELP IN ANY WAY.                 
                                                     THE SCHANCK FAMILY

Schoonover, Danny  06/22/00

Corporal Danny Schoonover.  Killed in Korea about May 1953, on Pork Chop Hill.  He was recommended for the Medal of Honor. Before I heard anything, I left Korea in July 1953.  I would like to know if he did receive the honor.  His brother, Pat, was also in our unit.  Danny was the kid brother.  He was 18 years old when he was killed, and had been in the Army 2 years.  He lied about his age.  He signed up for a second hitch in Korea to be with his brother. (Sgt.) Mario Galli, Company A, 13th Engineer Combat Battalion, 7th. Division,          Korea -  June 1952 to July 1953

Schmider, Paul James - I was just browsing for a relative who may have passed away during the Korea war or during WWII and decided to ask if anyone might have known my Uncle who served in the Navy during the Korean War about summer or fall of 1952  His name was Paul James Schmider. I have no idea what the ship was that he was on. I'm also looking for a Franklin Delano Sovereign. Another Uncle. Thank You. Dawn Marie Schmider Cummings, E-mail


Schneider, Al    1/14/99

I am looking for anyone that might have served in the 25th Infantry Division, Headquarters and Service Company, 65th Engineer Combat Battalion, years Jan. 1953 to Mar 1954.  Al Schneider, 5704 Coach Road, Kansas, IL 61933 Ph# 217-946-4113   E-mail: 

Schulz, Raimund  10/02/00

Would like to hear from anyone who served with my father, Raimund Schulz from Easy company. Thank-you Lee Schulz 914-782-4353 schulzl@frontiernet.net


Scoggins, Robert Lee     2/15/98

I would like to find any body that served in the mobile boat pool from 1947 to 1951-especially Jimmy Rodgers, (Rogers) from Rocky Ford, Colorado.  I served on the USS Comstock LSD-19.  Please E-mail me at

Searles, David   10/12/00

I am looking for anyone who knew my Grandfather, David Searles who served in the Korean War.  I know he was the age of 21 or 22 when he served. Unfortunately my grandfather died in 1970, 2 years before I was born and we have no memories of him.  If anyone has any information to share please email me at sswb95@aol.com  Thank You, Stacey Searles

Sheehan, Robert Emmett    1/7/99

I am trying to find someone who knew Robert Emmett Sheehan who was killed in Korea. Type of casualty listed as hostile, died while missing,(MIA), 01/23/52. I would greatly appreciate anyone knowing him to please contact me.  Robert was born in Seattle, Washington, and also served as a fighter pilot in WWII.  I am Robert's first cousin. I may be reached at Thank you, Robert Daniel Sheehan


Shine, John B. - Kinde, MI   1/10/99   

This search is for my father, Richard Wagner. This man was in the 24th Div., 1st Battalion, 21st Regt., A Co. from anywhere between July 1950 and 1953.

Short, James Franklin   11/16/00

My dad was in the service during the Korean war.  He didn't talk too much about it, he was a very quiet man.  All the info I have I am getting from his discharge papers. James Franklin Short: 8/19/1932 to 4/28/1996, born in TN died in PA. Enlisted in TN on Sept. 1, 1950 in Bristol, TN.  Served until April 28, 1952.  He was a Cpl. in Co. "L" 278th Inf.  Keflavik, Iceland APO 81 That is really all I know about his time in the service. Thank you! Trudy Short Gladhill 999 Mt Hope Rd. Fairfield, PA 17320

Smilo, George    5/9/99

3409 Dynes Avenue, Erie PA 16510, I am looking for Cpl. Michael Hudock, PA. Cpl. William Andrews, Batavia, NY. Srg. Kamp, Passiac NJ. Srg. Trimble and others we all were in the 40th Inf. Div 224 Inf. Reg. 3rd Bn. L and Hq. Co. May 53 April 54  

Smith, John R.  06/29/00

I am looking for Tosh Koga for my father. My father is John R. Smith, he served in the 3rd Army Division, 64th Heavy Tank Battalion in 1951.

Smith, Rachel   11/26/00

My stepmother was a nurse in Korea.   Her name was Rachel Smith.   She
arrived in Korea as a member of the 171st Medical Evacuation Hospital.   On
the ship with her were the 121st Medical Evacuation Hospital, the 4th Field
and the 7th Field Hospitals.   Because her Unit's equipment didn't arrive
when the 171st landed, my Mom and other nurses in the Unit were sent to MASH
Units.   Later, she was with the 171st at Pyongyang when it was overrun and
captured by the Chinese in December of '50. I am seeking any information
about the 171st Unit history which would cover the events and time lines of
its stay in Korea during the war.  Thank you, Bob Griffin

Soderlind, Joe    5/20/99

He served in Korea in 52 and then we were stationed together with the 6th. Army Honor Guard at the Presidio of San Francisco. His name is Joe Soderland, enlisted in Chicago in 1951 and that is all I know about him. I have tried over the internet but so far did not have any success.  Best Regards,

Speelman, Jack L.   11/26/00

My father Jack L. Speelman (he is originally from Champaign, Ill.) is looking for other men who served with him in the 1st Calvary Division, 8th Engineer Combat Battalion (I hope I have that right). He served from 5/51 to 12/51 and then again in 8/52. If you were there with him or know of someone who was, you can contact him at my e-mail address: Midnitephi2aol.com.  He is also interested in any reunion(s).  Thank You.

Stewart, Alan H.  4/2/00

Sfc.Alan H. Stewart-151st Eng.Combat Bn.-supply sgt. June 1951-April 1952.I am searching for anyone who served in Korea with 151st Eng. We started our first reunion in 1997,in Indianapolis,In. with only five of us.The past two years we have had a reunion in Lebanon,Tn. and have increased our numbers to around 20. This year our reunion will be Sept.14-15-16 in Lebanon ,Tn.                                                              We welcome any Korean  veterans,who do not have a reunion to attend- to join us. Whether you were with 151st or not! Please contact me by e-mail-phone-or mail. We are all getting older and we need to take time to reminisce with old buddies and make new friends. E-mail me at jessiestewart@webtv.net or Phone:765-7231362 or Alan H. Stewart R.R.1 Box 72 New Ross,In. 47968

Stewart, Alan H.  4/25/00

151st Combat Engineer Btn. Battalion supply Sgt.  Served in Korea June 1951-April 1952. Looking for any former members of
151st unit.Phone:765-723-1362 or e-mail jessiestewart@webtv.net

Swisher, Daniel Leon    3/30/99

I am doing this search for my father. His name is Daniel Leon Swisher. He was in Korea from 1953 to 1954. He was in the 7th Infantry-7th Quartermaster. He is trying to locate the following people Ronald E. Bowser, he is from Iowa, John R. Evans,he is from Wilkes-Barre, PA Earnest Crowley,he is from the Pittsburg area. If you could help us locate any of these men please email me at   Thank you. Nancy Swisher


Szapor, Stephen     4/15/99

I am looking for a Sgt. Leroy Lobdell 1st. Cav. 2nd Div. I am very interested in hearing wheather he is alive or has passed away. his home town was newark New Jersey please contact me with any information my Phone number is (609) 494-4146 or write PO Box 467, Ship Bottom, New Jersy 08008


Szwajkowski, Cpl. Robert     5/17/99

I am searching or the brother of Cpl. Robert Szwajkowski, 35 Inf Rgt 25 Inf Div. Reported MIA, later KIA, body returned 6-9 months later. I knew Robert and considered him a wonderful person. I still keep the article from the local paper in Dearborn, Michigan reporting his MIA status. "He was awarded the Silver Star by the U.S. Armed Forces o fficials for holding back the enemy while his company withdrew."



Talbott, Command Sergeant Major Walt  06/14/00

My name is Command Sergeant Major Walt Talbott and I am the CSM for a new unit the 48th Combat Support Hospital. We are what they call multi-compo (1/2 Active and 1/2 Reserve). We are activating on the 15th of October 2000 at Ft. Meade Maryland. We are trying to locate 'vets' of the 48th MASH (Korea) and the 48th Portable Surgical Hospital (WWII) to come to our activation. Would also like to have those soldiers participate in the ceremony are place the streamers earned by the 48th on the 'colours'. I would like to extend a personal invitation to any vet that were members of the 48th. If they can't come an e-mail about their experiences in the unit would be great.  My e-mail address is talbottw@mindspring.com and phone 301-227-4367

Tavill , Ed     5/20/99

I am very happy to be on your mailing list. there is no doubt we are the forgotten war. I am trying to find three old buddies they are Don Rogers of Missouri, James Barn Hill, Russell Stewart of Baltimore, any help is greatly appreciated. 

Tavilla, Tony  4/11/00

I am trying to help my uncle, who is a Korean War vet. He is looking for some of his buddies. The problem is, he only remembers their first names.  My uncle's name is Tony Tavilla.  His outfit was on Heartbreak Ridge Oct. 6, 1951. They captured it.  He is looking for roster information for his company from around Sept. 28 to Oct. 6, 1951
He was in the 2nd infantry division, 23rd infantry regiment, Fox company, first and second battalions.  Any information you might have would be very much appreciated. THANK YOU!!  
Sincerely,Paula Munger
email: paula_munger@shs.org
phone: 617-576-1387
Norman Temple   06/30/00

He was my father that I never knew.

He was believed to be buried in Korea during the Korean War/conflict.
If you have information please contact me.

Thompson, Tommy    1/17/99

I am looking for men who served with the 51st. Signal Battalion in Korea. I was in the R & M Company, Radio Platoon in 1952-53. Would like to hear from anyone who  "was in Korea"  with the 51st. Signal Battalion. Tommy Thompson, 4129  Fairway  Dr., Granbury, Texas 76049, (817)  326-4773 E-mail: 


Thomas, Theodore C.

I am Theodore C Thomas#RA 21199603& was in Co B 31st Inf Regt ,7th Inf Div, I was wounded in the vicinity of Heartbreak Ridge,Yangu, North Korea on Nov 12th 1951.Was in hospital for awhile then sent to Pusan & was in the  491st Quartermaster Petro Depot, which I believe was a National Guard outfit. Would like anyone who remember`s me to contact me.  Screen Name ( ) Home address I took basic at Ft Bragg & Jump Training at Ft Benning.      

Tognazzini, Milford    3/12/99

I am looking for anyone who may have known my father Milford Tognazzini (Tog), Pusan Korea 1955 to 1957.  He was later killed in Vietnam and I am trying to write my mother and fathers story. They met there and I was born there. I would like any insights into  army life at that time. I am also looking for insights about my birth country from a soldiers point of view. I would appreciate any replies. Thank you,  Sincerely,  Joan Tognazzini Cox.  E-mail:


Trompics, PFC William B.     5/17/99

For the family of PFC William B. Trompics, l9 Inf 24 Inf Div, U.S. Army.  Reported MIA, 4-25-51. He was with King Company. His body was never returned home. His mother tried until she pass away to gather any info she could but to no avail. William was from Detroit. 


Tyrrell, Paul    1/25/99

I am looking for any information on my uncle, Paul Tyrrell of Arlington Massachusetts, who was MIA in Korea, year unknown, and later presumed KIA.  The information I have is limited, although I do know he was a high school football player of some reknown at Arlington High School in Arlington MA, prior to his inlistment in the Marine Corps. I am his namesake and have always wondered who he was, and what were the circumstances surrounding his death. I would appreciate any information regarding my uncle. I can be reached at , and I thank you for your time.





Valdez, Joseph     5/17/99

Although I don't qualify for your search criteria I'm hoping you might be able to provide me with some ideas. I'm not a veteran but an looking for one (maybe deceased).

Briefly, I'm an adopted child (female) who searched for and found part of my birth family. My mother, who says that my father was in the service (I believe Army) and was killed prior to my birth (Feb 9, 1953). Obviously, he had been home on leave prior to this time (maybe the May to June timeframe of  1952?). He lived in Washington state in the Toppenish - Grandview (near Yakima) area. Evidently had gone to high school there. The name she gave me was Joseph Valdez (that may not be the correct spelling). I'm sorry for sounding so vague, but the little information that I can obtain from my birth mother is vague. Her general and mental health is such that I  don't want to really press this issue, until I find out anything I can on my own. I would totally understand if you can't assist other than to suggest ideas for me to pursue. Any thoughts you may have will be appreciated.  Thank you,


Van Cleave, George    3/14/99

I am looking for George Van Cleave who served the 31st Tank divison in the 7 infantry division.  My name is


Vaughn, Carl D.     3/30/99

I am trying to locate anyone who was knew my uncle, Carl D. Vaughn, who was killed in Korea when my Dad was just a little boy. The information I have says he was in the 19 Inf. Rgt. 24 Inf. Div. If there is anyone out there who knew him and can tell me anything at all I would love to hear from you. I do not know exactly when he was there - only the casualty date listed as 1/1/51. If you can tell me anything, please email me at , or write me at Michelle Vaughn 1622 N. Valley Parkway, Lewisville, TX 75067. Thank you.

Vaught, Sam  3/5/00

I am looking for people who served with me in the 1st Radio Squad Mobile (1st RSM) Misawa AFB (Air Force Base), Misawa. Japan in Jan.-March, 1954. Purpose: to renew contact. mailto:shvaught@cruzio.com/ Samuel H. Vaught, 833 Front St., Apt. 341, Santa Cruz. CA Phone: 831-427-3666.




Wagner, Richard   8/1/00

Seeking Chosin Vet Capt. Beauparlant - 7th Regiment, 1st Marines  CP
Walt Six 7605 Rachel's Place Lucama, NC   27851 (919)284-3729 Marine Veteran - Korea  Fox Co./2ndBn/7thReg/1st Marines Former USMC Sergeant Walt Six is seeking Captain John(?) Beauparlant fellow veteran of the Chosin Reservoir Campaign.  Sgt. Six was a Combat Motion Picture Cameraman attached to the 7th during the Chosin.  He last saw Capt.Beauparlant in Quantico, VA in 1952.  Capt Beauparlant's verification needed on an award approved but never received.  I am help my father with the online portion of his search.Thanks for any help you can offer.  Mark Six Sluss, Jessie J. - Auxier, KY    1/10/99 This search is for my father, Richard Wagner. This man was in the 24th Div., 1st Battalion, 21st Regt., A Co. from anywhere between July 1950 and 1953.


Warner, William     5/24/99

My name is Brimir and I'm from Iceland, I'm looking for a man who where in the war in Iceland 1943, and in Korea (don't know what year), his name is William Warner, if you can tell me anything about him, or know where I can look for him, pleace send my E-mail on

Warden, John J.   10/29/00

My  Dad John J. Warden was in the korean war. 1947-1954 I'm not sure which unit
but have pictures of him in korea one picture has 75d on it. Galahad CP. the trucks have these numbers on front 26-76E or 2g-7ge these pictures are really old and I'm
not sure of what unit but would like more info. St. Louis had a fire back in 1990's personnel records dept. and they're trying to rebuild my dads file. John died Dec. 12,1989. his nickname was petie. I know he was a staff sargeant received a good conduct medal other imformation I'm trying to retrieve. John ws born in Buffalo, NY
and entered the service from there. If you could please help me I would VERY MUCH appreciate it. John and I never got to meet. I finally found him on Memorial Day 2000. and learned he had died in 1989. much to my disappointment.


Watterson, Travis K., Lt. Col.    1/10/99

21st Transportation Port Com, Kunsan, Korea 1954, Thank you. T. Hughlett Cpl. 21st TC Com 1954. 205 Maple, Raymore, MO  64083, E-mail:


Watson, Dean Scott  12/22/99


Whitley, James  9/30/99

I am looking for my mothers father, his name  is James Whitley I am told he served in the Army and was in the war in Korea after that he was stationed  in Iceland where he meet my grandmother that was in 1954-1955, any information would be greatly appreciated.  My e-mail address is,  

Will, Bill    3/12/99

I am looking for Jack Locher ( I'm not sure of the spelling ).We were with VMF-311 at K-3 (Pohang).We were there from May of 51 and I was rotated in Dec.51. I do not know when he was returned to the States. His hometown was somewhere on Long Island,N.Y.He visited me once after he was discharged.  My name is Bill Will living at 517 Tiller Ave.Beachwood,New Jersey 08722 My tel.# is 732-244-0182.E-mail Thanks,  for any assistance you may provide. Semper Fi~~~~~~~~~Bill Will


Wills, Eddie J.  9/3/99

I was in the "L-20 Shop" and am looking for others in my unit.  


Williams, Douglas "Ace" L. - Gibbsboro, NJ     1/10/99

This search is for my father, Richard Wagner. This man was in the 24th Div., 1st Battalion, 21st Regt., A Co. from anywhere between July 1950 and 1953.


Willoughby, Zea Thomas    1/7/99

I am looking for anyone who might have known my father, Zea Thomas Willoughby from Lexington, KY (he went by Tom or Tommy).  He was in the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines in Korea from February 1952 through February 1953.  He was a Buck Sergeant.  He passed away in August from bone cancer.  He was very proud of being a Marine and I would like to talk to anyone who remembers him.  I recently was looking at some of his pictures from Korea and he had the following names written down:

Albert J. Presco - Washington

Donald Williams - Kansas City, MO

Lee Bliss - California

Bill Williamson - Florida

He also had written Fort Meyers, Korea on back on one.  If anyone has any information on any of these people I would be very interested in hearing from them.   Donna Ward


Woods, Robert Earl     5/17/99

My name is , I am a diver in the United States navy with hopes of learning more on what Korea was about and to see if any one my remember My fathers name. My Fathers name is Robert Earl Woods. While growing up he would tell me stories about his life in the army. Dad had mentioned on occasions the Korean War. Not until I was older would he talk about his part in Korea (after seeing something on TV calling Korea a conflict and not a war). When he would mention Korea ; PORK CHOP HILL had been said a few times. My age at the time could only think of Hamburger Hill (the movie) and thought it was a mistake. While in the Navy I have heard Pork Cop hill mentioned here and there, and hoping to find some help on the subject. Some of my fathers Duty Stations mentioned were Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri.





Yarber,  Edward Benny    1/16/99

Would like to know if anyone that was in the Army with my Dad. I know he was  in Korea and failed to write down anything he talk about. We buried him June 13,1997.   I think his last assignment was B Btry 13th AAA GN BN Chicago, Illinois. His Brothers said he was in the 7th Army (inf) I don't know what the last assignment means do you? His name was (Sindey) Edward Benny Yarber.  Any INFO would help. E-mail me at Thanks Ed Jr.


Young, Robert Ellsworth     5/20/99

I am looking for was in the G1 Section at Ft. Sill in 1950. He served in the Army in the Korean war in 1951. Do you know anyone who can help me find him? It is very important to my father-in-law.    (Frank Gross)





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