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PO BOX 561
OLIVIA, NC 28368

Phone: 919-498-1180

 Michael D. D'Andria - National Commander

The purpose of ALLVETS INC is to promote UNITY and SOLIDARITY for all Veterans, their Families, Supporters and Friends.  We are a fairly new and growing National and International Organization, with our home office currently in North Carolina.  We are hoping for the support of ALL Veterans from ALL Wars, every Branch of Service and every Service Organization, to rally with us on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, SATURDAY, MAY 29TH, 1999.  We plan to rally "PEACEFULLY" at WASHINGTON MEMORIAL GROUNDS, 17TH AND CONSTITUTION FROM 10 AM UNTIL 7PM.  We are doing this to make our elected officials, and those that wish to be elected officials of this great nation, aware that we are displeased with the way our Veterans, regardless of gender, are being treated. We wish to make it known that 26.5 million veterans will no longer stand passively by while this Great Nation of ours lies, covers-up and strips away those rights and promises made to her warriors.

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Freedom of Information:

This link is provided on our website to enable our visitors to access public documents by utilizing a properly filled out Freedom of Information request.  Follow the instructions below:

Freedom of Informatin Act Form

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American legion Hepititis C Conference/Presumption of Service Connection Colonel Dan




Gerald L Sherwood, Chairman, (417) 455-2335

UNITED STATES HEPITITIS ALLIANCE---”Each year four times as many people will die from one of the Viral Hepatitis strains than do people from AIDS. This disease may be working in your system without your knowledge, you may not know you have it, you may not feel sick, but you could be sick.--- If you have received blood any time before 1992. If you are a health care worker. If you have any time in your past used IV drugs or straws for inhaling drugs, if you have had body piercing of tattoos, if you have used Personal Hygiene Products of someone infected with hepatitis or a child born to a mother with hepatitis you are at risk.---- We have no known cure and only one therapy with a low response rate.--- Flyers should be distributed anywhere and everywhere, especially to support groups. Drs. offices, health food stores, Pharmacies, places of employment and public bulletin boards.”  (Veterans much more at risk) gls

SEC. 2. PRESUMPTION OF SERVICE CONNECTION FOR HEPITITIS C FOR VETERANS. ---- “For purposes of  Section 1110 of this title, and subject to Section1113 of this title, hepatitis C becoming manifest in a veteran shall be considered to have incurred in or aggravated by active military, naval, or air service, notwithstanding that there is no record of evidence of such illness during the period of such service if it is shown that during such service the veteran experienced of the following:

(1) Transfusion of blood or blood products before December 31, 1992.

(2) Blood exposure on or through skin or mucous membrane.

(3) Hemodialysis.

(4) Tattoo or body piercing or acupuncture.

(5) Unexplained abnormal liver function.

(6) Unexplained abnormal liver function tests.

(7) Working in a health occupation.

VA TO OFFER NEW HEPITITIS C DRUGS -- Costly Treatment Program Targets a Disease Far More  Common in Veterans.

by Bill McAlistor, Washington Post, Jan 27, 1999.

“...The decision to offer the expensive, year-long drug treatment is expected to be controversial, but the VA’s top doctor defends the decision as ‘an aggressive public health approach’ to a potentially deadly disease that is much more common among veterans than the general population...  It is believed to affect nearly 3.9 million Americans and kill 8,000 to 10,000 people a year...  It may account for 40 percent of all liver disease...VA officials say that a six-week study of the veterans hospital in Northwest Washington found 20 percent of the patients tested positive for HCV.” (Hepatitis C Virus)


We need to reach HEP C victims that are unaware that they have HCV and those that are in danger of exposure. We have out-of-area financial sources offered. The immediate concern is to develop means to contact veterans within the approximate area of 100 miles of  Neosho. This entails four states. Acquiring mailing lists and distributing brochures is the essence of our request of Legion and Auxiliary members.

POST 163   UNIT 163

Frank Gaines, Commander             (417) 451-0449

Mary Whipple, President             (417) 451-1910

Bill Stewart, Adjutant              (417) 451-4146

Millie Bennison, Vice-Pres          (417) 451-4339

Rev. Bill Dubek, Lutheran Church   (417) 451-2464*

Norma Stewart, Chapl.              (417) 451-4146

                             Home: (417) 451-0371

Gerald L Sherwood, FO, Chairman    (417) 455-2335

*Associate Sponsor and Legionnaire...Conference will be held at the Lutheran Church Highway 59/ 60 and Cemetery Rd  East of Highway 71 All Veterans Organizations are invited to participate Non-Veteran recruiting will be accomplished by medical establishments.

Clyde R Burdick American Legion Post 163. PO Box 163, Neosho, Mo.  64850

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Release # 99-028

April 6, 1999

The Department of the Army announced today the designations of two Active Component/Army National Guard integrated division headquarters to be activated in October 1999. The 7th Infantry Division will be located at Fort Carson, Colo., and the 24th Infantry Division will be at Fort Riley, Kan., with a forward element at Fort Jackson, S.C. Both divisions had Army National Guard affiliations in the past.

Both of these divisions will be commanded by an active component Major General and will be comprised of three Army National Guard enhanced separate brigades. The Army National Guard enhanced separate brigades are the primary Reserve Component ground combat maneuver forces of the U.S. Army.

The term "enhanced" refers to increased resources and manning priorities with the improved training strategies during pre-mobilization that ensures their ability to be ready to deploy by 90 days after call up. The brigades will be organized, equipped and sustained to be doctrinally employable, command and control compatible, and logistically supportable by any U.S. Army corps or division.

The 7th Infantry Division was last organized as a light infantry division and was inactivated at Fort Ord, Calif. in 1994. When reactivated it will consist of the 41st Infantry Brigade, Ore., the 45th Infantry Brigade, Okla., and the 39th Infantry Brigade, Ark.

  The 24th Infantry Division was inactivated at Fort Stewart, Ga. in 1996 when the Army reduced to 10 divisions. When reactivated it will consist of the 30th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), N.C., the 218th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), S.C., and the 48th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), Ga.

  For further information contact Army Public Affairs, Operations Intelligence and Logistics Team, Media Operations Division at (703) 697-7590, or the National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Office at (703) 607-2611. This document is available on Army Link, a World Wide Web Server on the Internet at

Link to original news item

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National Korean War Veterans Armistic Day Observance and Memorial Service


Note Fed. regulation denotes flags to flown at half mast until sundown

National Korean War Veterans Armistic Day Observance and Memorial Service by the Russel M. Butterweck Detachment, MCL.

Tuesday, 27 July 1999. To be held at the Vererans Memorial Grove - City Park, Reading, Berk County Pa - commencing at 1900.

Master of Ceremonies: Albert E. Beadle, SgtMajor USMCR (Retd.) Dog-2-7 Korea.

Program: Welcome address MC

Invocation: Det. Chaplain Carl Kaupp

Poem Reading: PC Robert Geiss

Speaker: PC Herbert Hummel Jr.

Ringing of Ships Bell The names of the 63 Heroes of all services from Berks County PA killed in action during the Korean War will be read and each will be rung onboard.
Bell Ringer: PC C. David Kline

Wreath Laying Representatives from all Veterans Organizations will place wreaths at the Koran War Memorial.

Appreciation remarks: MC

Firing Squad Salute: I&I India Btry. 14th Marines

Taps - Echo Taps - Det. Bugler


Note: Military Music from all services will be played prior to the service.  A display of maps and Koran War Artifacts will be set up by Ist. Sgt. Charles W. Doganes, USMC (Retd.) - Any others seeking to dispaly their memmentos of the Korean War will be more than welcome.

Uniform of the day Blazers, Black Tie, White Shirt, Cover for MCL if possible, or, if not, Cover. Other units are asked to use their dress uniforms and covers. Participation is solicited from all, regardless of uniform. All will be welcome.

The Veterans Grove in City Park is located near the bandshell in the center of the park at 11th and Penn Sts. Reading, Pa.


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