Honor Roll - DMZ Killed In Action 1955 - 1995

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This list of DMZ KIA's was provided to us by David Benbow of the DMZ Vets organization.

Brown, Capt. Charles W. - unknown unit - d. 08/17/55

Anderson, LtC. DeLynn E. - AFAG - d. 04/20/61

Rimer, Pfc. Richard J. - 15th Artillery, 1st Cav - d. 10/03/62

Johnson, SP4 James A. - 1st Cav - d. 11/20/62

Dillingham, 2 Lt. Jimmy E. - 1st Cav - d. 08/10/62

Dessart, Pfc. Charles T. III - 9th Cav, 1st Cav - d. 07/29/63

Capp, Pfc. Raymond Jr. - 1st Cav - d. 08/19/63

Seiler, Pvt. David A. - 9th Cav, 1st Cav - d. 07/29/63

Larion, Cpl. George F. - 30th Artillery, 7th ID - d. 07/30/63

Hensley, Sgt. James - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 11/02/66

Benton, Pfc. John - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 11/02/66

Burrell, Pfc. Robert - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 11/02/66

Fisher, Pvt. Morris - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 11/02/66

Hasty, Pvt. Les - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 11/02/66

Reynolds, Pvt. Ernie - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 11/02/66

Tyler, SP4 Press Jr. - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 02/12/67

Mueller, SP4 Carl R. - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 05/22/67

Smith, Pvt. Baron J. - 23d Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 05/22/67

Ashforth, SP4 Leonard - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 07/16/67

Boyd, Pfc. Tommy D. - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 07/16/67

Gibbs, Pfc. John L. - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 07/16/67

Boudreaux, Pfc. Philip - 31st Rgt., 7th ID - d. 08/10/67

Czaplicki, Pfc. Donald J. - 31st Rgt., 7th ID - d. 08/10/67

Skaggs, Pfc. Jerry D. - 31st Rgt., 7th ID - d. 08/10/67

Cook, SP4 Billy J. - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - d. 08/22/67

Vogel, SP4 Michael E. - 76th Engr. Bn. - d. 08/28/67

Rivers, Pfc. Curtis - 76th Engr. Bn - d. 08/28/67

Corp, Sgt. Philip N. - 38th Rgt., 2nd ID - 08/29/67

Lund, Pfc. Paul G. - 38th Rgt., 2nd ID - 08/39/67

McKee, Pfc. Edgar A. Jr. - 38th Rgt., 2nd ID - 08/29/67

Arcemont, S/Sgt. Terry G. - 2nd ID - 10/07/67

Hodges, SN Duane D. - USS Pueblo - 01/68

Martin, Sgt. Paul W. - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - 01/24/68

Mojica, Pvt. Salvator T. - 72nd Armor, 2nd ID - 01/26/68

Anderson, Sgt. James L. - USA Support Group, Joint Security Area -


Wood, SP4 Larry M. - USA Support Group, Joint Security Area - 04/14/68

Bisbee, Pvt. Robert R. - 31st Rgt, 7th ID - 04/21/68

Weeks, 2nd Lt. James L. - 2nd ID - 07/20/68

Holmdahl, SP4 Jan S. - 7th ID - 07/20/68

Rymarczuk, SP4 Michael - 23rd Rgt., 2nd ID - 07/30/68

Peterson, Pfc. Terrance A. - 38th Rgt., 2nd ID - 08/05/68

Bass, S/Sgt. Joseph A. - 32nd Rgt., 7th ID - 08/18/68

Hopkins, Sgt. Jerry L. - 32nd Rgt, 7th ID - 08/18/68

Cayer, SP4 Joseph E. Jr. - 2nd ID - 09/27/68

Reynolds, Pfc. Michael B. - 2nd ID - 09/27/68

Nassani, SP4 Stephen A. - 2nd ID - 10/05/68

Turner, Pfc. David L. - 38th Rgt., 2nd ID - 10/23/68

Lindsey, Pfc. Calvin Lee - 23rd Rgt, 2nd ID - 03/15/69

Keren, SP4 Peter M. - 23rd Inf., 7th ID - 03/15/69

McKinney, S/Sgt. George T. - 23rd Inf., 7th ID - 03/15/69

Park, Capt. (Med. Dr.) Benjamin Jr. - 121st Evac Hospital - 03/15/69

Rothwell, Maj. (pilot) James T. - 377th Med Co - 03/15/69

Stoller, SP4 Edwin L. - 377th Med Co. - 03/15/69

Zanchi, SP5 Carroll C. - 377th Med Co. - 03/15/69

Grissinger, S/Sgt. James R. - 7th ID - 10/18/69

Taylor, SP4 Charles E. - 7th ID - 10/18/69

Morris, SP4 Jack L. - 7th ID - 10/18/69

Grimes, Pfc. William E. - 7th ID - 10/18/69

Ballinger, CDR Robert M. - UN Command, Joint Observation Team - 11/20/74

Barrett, 1st Lt. Mark T. - UNC - 08/18/76

Bonifas, Capt. Arthur G. - UNC - 08/18/76

Haynes, Sgt. Robert - Aviation - 06/14/77

Miles, CWO Joseph - Aviation - 06/14/77

Wells, Sgt. Donald - Aviation - 06/14/77

Anderson, SFC Thomas L. - 2nd ID - 12/07/79

Hilemon, CWO2 David - 17th Avn. Bde. - 12/17/95

Note Capp, Keren, McKinney, Park, Rothwell, Stoller and Zanchi were in a helicopter carrying wounded from a firefight when the helicopter crashed.

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On April 15, 1969, an EC-121 aircraft was shot down over the Sea of Japan, killing 31 persons who were onboard. According to Randy Lee Everette (US Navy 1981-present; see http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/rle/korea.htm ) the plane was carrying several Navy and Marine cryptologists assigned to Naval Security Group Detachment, Atsugi. The aircraft belonged to Navy Squadron VQ-1, based in Atsugi. The casualties listed below are posted on Randy's website

Balderman, ADR2 Louis F.

Chartier, AT1 Stephen C.

Colgin, AT1 Bernie J.

Connors, ADR1 Ballard F. Jr.

DuCharme, CT3 Gary R.

Dzema, Lt. John N.

Gleason, Lt. Dennis B.

Graham, ATN3 Gene K.

Greiner, AEC LaVerne A.

Horrigan, ATR2 Dennis J.

Kincaid, ATN2 Richard H.

Lynch, SSgt Hugh M. (USMC)

McNamara, ADRC Marshall H.

McNeil, ATR2 Timothy H.

Miller, CT3 John A.

Overstreet, LCDR James H.

Perrottet, Lt. Peter P.

Potts, CT1 John H.

Prindle, AMS3 Richard T.

Randall, CTC Frederick A.

Ribar, LtJg Joseph R.

Roach, AT1 James L.

Singer, Lt. John H.

Smith, CTC Richard E.

Sundby, CT3 Philip D.

Sweeney, AT1 Richard E.

Sykora, LtJg Robert J.

Taylor, Lt. Robert F.

Tesmer, CT2 Stepehn J.

Wilkerson, LtJg Norman E.

Willis, ATN3 David M.

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USS Pueblo

The first American ship to be seized in 161 years was the USS Pueblo, captured off Wonsan by North Koreans on January 23, 1968. Of the 83 crewmen aboard, one died of wounds and four were wounded in action. The captured crewmen were released 11 months later on December 23. Killed during the seizure of the USS Pueblo was Duane D. Hodges. Please do not let him become one of the Forgotten Sailors.

US Army "Non-Hostile" Deaths in Korea 1966-1969

Harle, James T., Vermont, death date unknown

Franklin, Charles B., home state unknown, died 2-Jul-66

Schaad, Ralph R., home state unknown, died 9-Aug-66

Mitchell, Waren E., S.Carolina, died 9-Sep-66

LaFreniere, Wilbert, Idaho, died 2-Oct-66

Mouzon, William C., Oregon, died 2-Oct-66

Oayres, Richard J., Virginia, died 4-Oct-66

Fish, Warren R., Utah, died 18-Oct-66

Patterson, Roy A., Utah, died 29-Oct-66

Kucharski, Edward M., home state unknown, died 4-Nov-66

Holcomb, Michael S., Virginia, died 5-Nov-66

Savors, Gar R., Utah, died 14-Nov-66

Scruggs, Robert F., Virginia, died 17-Nov-66

Vaculik, James F., Texas, died 2-Dec-66

Grayum, Robert L., Virginia, died 5-Dec-66

Medine, Wayne L., Virginia, died 13-Jan-67

Holmgren, Edward R., Oklahoma, died 14-Jan-67

Carlson, Robert B., South Dakota, died 12-Feb-67

Lavedas, Anthony B., Virginia, died 13-Feb-67

Lowry, Daniel L., Vermont, died 13-Feb-67

Lewis, Jerold L., Utah, died 21-Feb-67

Macek, Valentine M., Utah, died 3-Mar-67

Sheldon, Walter L., Massachusetts, died 21-Mar-67

Jerome, Howard C., Washington, died 27-Apr-67

Williamson, Samuel, New Hampshire, died 13-May-67

Carey, Herbert A., Missouri, died 15-May-67

Devries, Dennis L., Texas, died 15-May-67

Esson, Thomas J., Virginia, died 15-May-67

Fine, Richard B., Utah, died 15-May-67

Murphy, Gerald J., New Hampshire, died 16-May-67

Behan, William E. Jr., Utah, died 24-May-67

Buth, Michael T., Virginia, died 28-May-67

Davis, David M., Utah, died 28-May-67

Bullock, George W., Massachusetts, died 2-Jun-67

Jackson, Tyrone W., Texas, died 6-June-67

Coggans, Lee F., West Virginia, died 18-Jun-67

Cooper, Charles W., Vermont, died 18-Jun-67

Adams, Billy J., West Virginia, died 20-Jun-67

Hughes, Jackie D., Washington, died 20-Jun-67

Meyer, Cecil R., Virginia, died 22-Jun-67

Burckholder, James, West Virginia, died 24-Jun-67

Loss, George H., Louisiana, died 27-Jun-67

Higgins, William A., Virginia, died 7-Jul-67

Price, William R., Virginia, died 9-Jul-67

Fletcher, William H., Virginia, died 15-Jul-67

Pauling, Earnes Jr., Virginia, died 15-Jul-67

Seiler, Joseph A., Utah, died 16-Jul-67

Hampey, Raymond, New Jersey, died 18-Jul-67

Dirck, Donald L., home state unknown, died 19-Jul-67

Garrahy, Daniel F., New York, died 19-Jul-67

Pujals, Jamie, Texas, died 21-Jul-67

Carter, Charles E., Virginia, died 8-Aug-67

Wringer, Dale L., Utah, died 1-Sep-67

Wise, Clifford D., Virginia, died 7-Sep-67

Elliott, Laous Jr., Washington, died 9-Sep-67

Craven, Carl, Massachusetts, died 12-Sep67

Abrachinsky, Victor, Vermont, died 19-Sep-67

Guthrie, Joseph P., Wisconsin, died 22-Sep-67

Carr, Lawrence M., Nebraska, died 29-Sep-67

Chustz, Bobby N., New Mexico, died 5-Oct-67

Ponder, Walter B. Jr., North Carolina, died 9-Oct-67

Davis, Freddie L., New Jersey, died 14-Oct-67

Kroll, Thomas G., Virginia, died 15-Oct-67

Nicholas, James H., Virginia, died 22-Oct-67

Lawler, Daniel W., Utah, died 29-Oct-67

McLellon, Neal C., Maryland, died 31-Oct-67

Cholewa, Edwin, New Jersey, died 11-Nov-67

Goings, Jesse M., Virginia, died 13-Dec-67

McCray, Lewis T., Vermont, died 16-Dec-67

Piert, Freddie L., South Dakota, died 22-Dec-67

Barnhard, Edward F., Idaho, died 1-Jan-68

Botts, George L., New York, died 6-Jan-68

White, Willie S., Missouri, died 15-Jan-68

Bryant, William L., Utah, died 24-Jan-68

Songer, Michael J., Vermont, died 29-Jan-68

Knutson, Eldon G., Maine, died 1-Feb-68

Bennett, Ronald C., Ohio, died 6-Feb-68

Hose, Richard D., New Hampshire, died 8-Feb-68

Anderson, David M., Wisconsin, died 22-Feb-68

Coyhis, Bruce T., Washington, died 22-Feb-68

Cunningham, James A., Louisiana, died 23-Feb-68

Hsie, Victor, Texas, died 1-Mar-68

Pedrotti, David W., Utah, died 12-Mar-68

Ventsam, Carl P., North Dakota, died 24-Mar-68

Thornton, Kirk L., Texas, died 28-Mar-68

Flannery, Aloysius, Illinois, died 6-Apr-68

Krance, Eugene K., Maine, died 7-Apr-68

Slaydon, Charles L., New Jersey, died 8-Apr-68

Jakob, Charles E., Washington, died 11-Apr-68

Coffey, Delmar L., Nevada, died 17-May-68

Sands, Warren M., Vermont, died 17-May-68

Kerr, Anthony B., Wisconsin, died 17-Jun-68

Peters, Allan K., Massachusetts, died 18-Jun-68

Williams, Willie L., Washington, died 19-Jun-68

Roetman, Roger W., Washington, died 2-Jul-68

Johnson, Richard M., Vermont, died 10-Jul-68

Cole, Arline W., Maryland, died 15-Jul-68

Stevens, Robert L., Ohio, died 19-Jul-68

Irwin, Russell P., Wisconsin, died 2-Aug-68

Ward, James A., Pennsylvania, died 2-Aug-68

Twichell, Randy W., Virginia, died 11-Aug-68

Woods, Andrew K., Virginia, died 19-Aug-68

Burk, John J. Jr., Texas, died 21-Aug-68

Oliver, Curtis M., Nevanda, died 23-Aug-68

Williams, John T., Vermont, died 31-Aug-68

Gage, William, Washington, died 1-Sep-68

Griffin, Sammy L., Utah, died 1-Sep-68

Hough, Robert E., Virginia, died 10-Sep-68

Swain, Joseph L., North Dakota, died 17-Sep-68

Garone, Ronald J., Washington, died 28-Sept-68

Campbell, Ray V., Washington, died 6-Oct-68

Motto, Edward A., Wisconsin, died 6-Oct-68

Kring, Marshall G., West Virginia, died 7-Oct-68

Alderink, James N., Tennessee, died 22-Oct-68

Czolacz, Myron, West Virginia, died 2-Nov-68

Edwards, Richard V., Massachusetts, died 27-Nov-68

Holz, Gary A., Wisconsin, died 27-Nov-68

Ingram, Julius H., West Virginia, died 27-Nov-68

Miller, Terence D., West Virginia, died 27-Nov-68

Smith, William L., Massachusetts, died 27-Nov-68

Vigil, Robert J., Wisconsin, died 30-Nov-68

O'Malley, James E., Washington, died 14-Dec-68

Bostic, Blaine C., Rhode Island, died 15-Dec-68

Harff, Craig R., Washigton, died 28-Dec-68

Leavitt, Ralph E., Washington, died 28-Dec-68

Cooper, Matthew, Washington, died 30-Dec-68

McDonald, William K., Washington, died 30-Dec-68

Parker, Alphonso, Washington, died 30-Dec-68

Snyder, Larry W., Wisconsin, died 30-Dec-68

Luter, Gerald, Washington, died 10-Jan-69

Ray, Donald W., Utah, died 17-Jan-69

Comeau, George J., Wyoming, died 5-Feb-69

Outlaw, Jesse T., North Carolina, died 12-Feb-69

Conrad, Terry J., Vermont, died 23-Feb-69

Hall, Norman K., Washington, died 23-Feb-69

Jones, James M., Wisconsin, died 2-Mar-69

Echols, Timothy L., Washington, died 17-Mar-69

Delagrange, Paul, Washington, died 21-Mar-69

Champagne, Henry J., Michigan, died 7-Apr-69

Officer, Neal T., Utah, died 11-Apr-69

Warren, Hansel A., New Jersey, died 20-Apr-69

Strong, Johnny M., Utah, died 26-Apr-69

Brown, Terry, Puerto Rico, died 16-May-69

Kelly, Orie, New Mexico, died 18-May-69

Randolph, McClendon, Wyoming, died 20-May-69

Shircliff, Donald B., Oklahoma, died 23-May-69

Brown, Clifford R., Nevada, died 30-May-69

Coen, Roger D., Texas, died 7-Jun-69

Williams, Thomas E., Washington, died 7-Jun-69

Taylor, Clifford V., Wyoming, died 9-Jun-69

Sibley, Daniel, home state unknown, died 10-Jun-69

Mitchell, William G., Wisconsin, died 11-Jun-69

Dixon, Richard W., home state unknown, died 20-Jun-69

Maher, Terrence M., West Virginia, died 21-Jun-69

Steele, Gerald R., New York, died 29-Jun-69

Rabe, Dale R., West Virginia, died 30-Jun-69

Leon, Thomas, home state unknown, died 3-Jul-69

Mathieu, Durant V., Washington, died 11-Jul-69

Rich, Louis D., New Mexico, died 22-Jul-69

Guthrie, A.C., Pennsylvania, died 1-Aug-69

Daugherty, Brady L., New Mexico, died 2-Aug-69

Sage, Alden O., West Virginia, died 3-Aug-69

Austin, Clinton, Rhode Island, died 11-Aug-69

Bingaman, Gary W., Washington, died 22-Aug-69

Boody, George E., Wisconsin, died 22-Aug-69

Jones, Charles E., Missouri, died 25-Aug-69

Conoscenti, Frank, Vermont, died 4-Sep-69

Chappell, William E., New Jersey, died 23-Sep-69

Harris, Thomas J., NE, died 30-Sep-69

Wells, Charles E., New Mexico, died 22-Oct-69

Clayton, Robert H., Maine, died 25-Oct-69

Robertson, Donald, New Mexico, died 25-Oct-69

Paulk, Calvin, Wisconsin, died 26-Oct-69

White, Wilson D., Puerto Rico, died 28-Oct-69

Tokach, Joseph J., New Hampshire, died 1-Nov-69

Altz, James R. Jr., West Virginia, died 16-Nov-69

Grim, Jonathan L., Wisconsin, died 24-Nov-69

Burton, Charles M., West Virginia, died 17-Dec-69

Davis, Charles D., Washington, died 17-Dec-69

Six, Dennis R., West Virginia, died 17-Dec-69

Parker, Arthur L., Ohio, died 19-Dec-69

Bennett, John, Illinois, died 22-Dec-69

Calhoun, William R., Virginia, died 22-Dec-69

Westermark, R.T. Jr., New York, died 31-Dec-69


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