International Human Rights League of Korea (IHRLK)

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Since its establishment in 1953, the IHRLK has made its contribution to the promotion and protection of human rights in Korea as one of the oldest organizations of its kind. As an affiliated organization to the International League for the Rights of Man, which is under the UN Human Rights Committee, it has also cooperated with many other international organizations to improve the human rights conditions in other parts of the world.

The IHRLK has its headquarters in Seoul, and 64 branches in other parts of Korea. The branches have advise offices which provide counselling assistance for any people in need of such a service. Since 1968, the IHRLK has published a monthly newsletter in Korea, International Human Rights Journal, with a circulation of 25,000, as part of its ongoing programs. The journal is distributed freely among people in the legislative, judicial and administrative organs of the Korean Government, major business organizations, various societies, cultural groups, educational institutions and churches.

The IHRLK also regularly holds seminars, lectures and other talks for the general public in order to meet the goals of the organization promoting the ideas of human rights, improving the system of human rights protection and safeguarding the people from human rights violation.

See the Korean War Museum website page "Reference Desk - General" to obtain the address, phone and/or fax number of the International Human Rights League of Korea.

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