U.N. Involvement in Korea Today

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The United States still has a military presence in Korea today.

Because 65% of North Korea's military forces are stationed within 100 kilometers of the DMZ, the buffer zone between North and South Korea is in a constant state of alert. At any given time, there are 35,700 US service men and women assiged to Korea. Another 4,000 civilian employees are stationed there.

The following military components are in Korea:

- Eighth US Army (some 4,200 Korean soldiers serve with the 8th army)
- 2nd Infantry Division
- Seventh Air Force
- 8th & 51st Fighter Wings
- US Naval Force Korea*
- US Marine Forces Korea*
- Special Operations Command Korea
- 19th TAACOM & signal, military police & intelligence brigades

For more information about Combined Forces Command, see http://www.korea.army.mil/cfc.htm

*Navy's 7th Fleet & 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force on Okinawa train and exercise with United States Forces Korea (USFK) units year round.


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