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Are you or do you know a Korean War veteran? We would like to see the names of all Korean War veterans listed here -- dead or alive -- along with some information about each one. Name, division, dates in Korea (or dates serving somewhere else in the world during the Korean War), death date if veteran is no longer living, town and state if you want our website visitors to know.  E-Mail: Zach Waters

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Abbott, Robert - I would like to add a few notes to your site.  My dad Robert Abbott U.S. Army 7th Division 32 Regiment Service Company, was in some of the battles you write about.  He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for the dates of Nov. 15 - Dec 15 1950.  His citation reads the 32 Inf moved through Northern Korea to the Yalu River area and then South to the Hamhung - Hungnam area. Driving day and night and under constant threat of ememy fire Private Abbott, often without sleep made numerous trips over the treacherous icy mountain roads. If you were there you know the rest. I saw a pin the other day it was called the Chosen Frozen.  I am thinking that must have been all of you who were there.  Some men he speaks of from his unit are Errol Hutchinson, Tony Calamastro, Robert Evans, Smitty (Paul C. Smith) Richardson, Harper and many more. I have recently found that Hutchinson has passed away.  May God rest his soul. My dad is alive and well, with the exception of losing his sight. He would love it if we could find anyone from his unit, or others who were there. I hope I hear from someone. I am so proud of all that my dad and the other men did. I think you are all heroes.  I do have original extract papers and with a lot of men's names and serial numbers etc, if anyone knows how i could utilize these to find these men please contact me.  Thank you.   Cindy Schmit.

Adams, Herbert - I joined the Navy two days after the North invaded, but since I wouldn't be 17 until June, 30, 1950, I had to wait 3 days to be sworn in. Since the holiday was coming up, they told me to come back July 5th for ship out to NTC GLAKES. I retired 10-2-69 as a Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate. From Jan 51 to May 53 I served on The USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) in V-2 Arresting Gear. From May to Dec of 1951 and from May '52 to Jan '53 we were in Korean Waters. (5 battle stars, Korean Service Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, Korean PUC, etc.) Cold and damp, but our hearts went out to those GI's on the beach. We were a different people then. Proud to serve!! Now we elect draft-dodgers to be Commander-in-Chief.  Sad Commentary!!!   GO NAVY!!!  BEST ALWAYS, HERB ADAMS.

Ailiff,  Donald W. CSM - I was with " I " CO.   31st.  INF. REGT.  7th INF. DIV.  from July, 1950 - June 7, 1951 . Would like to hear from anyone who served with me in Korea . I made the Inchon Landing.  I was at the Chosen Reservoir, and left " I " CO.,   June 7 coming home.  Retired Army after 30 years in 1978 . I'm looking for Pvt. Hanson, PFC. Charles Mutter, CORP. Pipen, &  SGT. Creel,  who served with me in Korea.   My name is CSM. Donald W. Ailiff (Ret.).  E- Mail address: . Hope to hear from you.

Albert, Joseph R. - Salem, MA. is a Korean War veteran who just made contact with fellow veteran Robert Aaron after almost 50 years. WOW! Joseph can be reached at 49 Prince Street, Salem, MA 01970

Alcantar, Edward R. - I was drafted in 51 and discharged in 53. I was in Korea part of 52 and spring of 53. I was in the 2nd. plattoon/64th.tank Btln, 3rd Division. I am looking for any one that served there at that time. Specificaly for Roger Jewett or Earl "Cheese" Simmons (of Roanoke Virginia).

ALLISON, ROBERT E. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953.--KENTUCKY.   (Died Dec. 1991)

Anderson, Richard N. - I am the daughter of Richard N. Anderson who served in the Korean Conflict.  My father passed away in 1996 and I am looking for any info. that pertains to im or anyone else that might have been involved with him. I would like to hear some stories or what ever anyone might have to say. Thank you!   Regina L. Moore 

Andrysiak, Tom - I am interested in corresponding with other Korean War Vets who served in 8th Army HQ/HQ Batllion 527th MP Company between 1954 and 1956. My E-mail address is   Any information would be appreciated.  Tom

Anthony, Austin W. - Army  12/50 - 05/52 24th Inf. Regiment of the 25th Infanty Division.



Baker, Bob J. - US Navy - 1952-56  Electronic Technician.   Served aboard:  USS Navasota, USS Electron, USS Amphere, USS Kermit  Roosevelt,  Mobile Technical Unit #3.  Now Living in Ridgedale, MO

Baker, Eugene Russell - 538th Ordnance Company, Korea

Baker, Dale - I was in the 40th inf. div 223rd inf. reg. in Korea 1952 i an looking for two , jerry gold from new york and need to know the medic's name who was assigned to the 1st. pltn. "C" comp. 1st bn. 223rd inf. 40th. dale baker      e-mail      .

Charles R. Banner - Hillsboro Tx. visited Korea as a guest of the 45th Infantry Division (I think).  His Younger brother Chester A. Banner also visited as a gust of the USAF.

Barfield Bob - I was a squad leader with Co.F 7th Infantry Rgt. 3rd Infantry Div. on front lines of Korea June the 14th & 15th of 1953.  Anyone who was in the battle for Boomerang during that time please contact me at or call me at (423)623-8746 my address is 1641 Spray Way, Newport, TN 37821-6843. 

Barbiere, George M. - My Uncle, George M. Barbiere from New York was MIA on 2 December 1950.On that date he was assigned to the US Army's 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7thDivision, Service Company. Can you please post this note on the War MuseumBuddy Search page to see if anyone may have known him or seen him on or around that date? Any info found would be of great relief to my Mom and therest of the family!!!  Thanks, Gary Morando/

Bardsley, Cpl. Jim - RA21271902.  I was in Easy CO. 25th Div. 35th Regt. 1953 - 1954 rotated to Schofield barracks in 1954 looking for any one who remembers me. 

Bartlett, Robert Austin "Bart" - U.S. Army Basic training, Ft. Knox, December 1953 thru February 1994.  Company "Q" Fort Monmouth Guided Missile School, March 1954 thru October 1954.  Special Services & "SkyCats" Fliers, Ft. Bliss, November 1954 thru April 1955. Special Services, & Reservoir Lifeguard, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, May 1955 through September 1955. I'm at:

BALES, IVAN D. - RA-15276133.  PFC. Bales was from Hagerstown, Indiana. He was in the 0005 Cavalry Regiment (Infantry), 1st Cavalry Division.  Ivan was wounded while fighting against the enemy in the Republic of Korea on Oct. 10, 1950.  He was wounded a second time and hospitalized in the U.S.A.  Ivan died in Silver Spring, Maryland in Aug. 1984.

Anthony L. Balliro - I served in 101st. Airborne in Kentucky in !948 ,shipped
over to Germany ,.and was assigned to 7774 Signal Battalion,for 20 months. My
enlistment was for two years, August 23rd 1948,and was to be discharged
August 23, 1950,The Korean War started in June 1950, and I was extended for
one more year. Took a 15 day leave and was shipped to Yokahama ,Japan for
three weeks, then was shipped to Pusan ,Korea, Landed in Pusan, then
proceeded through South Korea ,Tageon, Suwon, Seoul.In and out of Seoul three
times. Finally my Enlistment was up, and I was discharged on August 23,1951.
I consider myself a very lucky man to come out of this with a minor  wound,
in my left hand. I am originally from Jamaica Plain ,Massachusettes, Married
my High School Sweetheart, raised five children, We have  nine Grandchildren,
and we now reside in Venice Florida. God has been good to me. I pray for all
the Buddies I left behind who didn't make it. Freedom is not Free.Thanks for
listening, Tony


Baumann, Dean - 1320525  USMC  served in Korea  Dec 1952  till Feb 1954 - G Co. 3rd Bat 7th Reg 1st Mar Div.

Begraft, Edward C. - Begraft, Edward C. S/Sgt USAF.
I served in the U.S Air Force with the 49th Fighter Bomber Wg. At K2
(Tague) from June 1952 to June 1953.

Berastain, Angel E. - I spent around 12 months in Korea first with 65th. Inf.Regiment 3rd. Inf. Div. and latter with 82d. AAA  2d. Inf Div. My regards and best wishes to all Korean War vets

Beland, M/Sgt Knox - RA34928871 served as Survey Platoon Sgt. in Battery A, 1st Field Artillery Battalion, from Feb. 1952 until January 1953.  Battery Hdqs was located just Southeast of "Old Baldy". Also served with the 633rd Tank Destroyer Battalion attached to 3rd Army in Germany during WW2.  Would like to correspond with anyone who served with either unit.  Contact by any means:  Knox Bland, 108 Maple Ave., Greenwood, Ms., 38930, Tel. (601)453-0912, E-mail

Bell, Richard Andrew - ADDRESS: 9055 St. Anthony's Rd.CITY: King GeorgeSTAE: VirginiaZIP: 22485COUNTRY: U.S.A.PHONE: 540-775-0852E-MAIL: tlrtots@hotmail.comDATES OF SERVICE: June 04,1949 - October 08,1952UNITS: U.S. Navy-ELECTRICIAN'S MATE THIRD CLASS aboard the U.S.S. TOLEDO (CA-133).
NEWS: My father died on May 08,1999; he was extremely proud of his
"Tour of Duty". I would like my father to not be forgotten

Bennett, Donald T. - Donald T.Bennett Jr. U.S.S.Laffey  Korea 1952 Longest ship to shore battle of
the Korean " Police Action" April 30 1952. Estimated 170 rounds of enemy fire
fell around the ship at Wonsan Harbor,with 424 rounds of counter-battery fire
In the 28 days in Wonsan harbor we fired 5,657 rounds of five inch ammunition
alone. Night and day bombardment was the general rule,with mant hits on
important positions.


Blasingame, Cletus C. - died 1/30/1993, Asheville, NC

Blackler, James - landed Korea 1950 icon went on to chosen reservoir. and then on to yalu river. never want to go back.  sgt james blackler  ra 11210298 was with 6th med tank btn

Blackwell, Harrison - Harrison Blackwell 728th MP Infintry Division Company B from 1953-1956 . We would like to locate any buddies who may know or have served with him and any documents or photos that may be reproduced at my expense for my father. All of his war memorabilia was destroyed and I would like to reproduce anything I can for him. I do know he served under a Cpt . Goforth . Thank you Robert Blackwell 12052 Kingfisher ct. Indpls In 46236 Phone 1-800-865-8072 fax 317-823-1134 email

Bowman, James - I served in the Navy on a fleet tug stationed out of Japan, making frequent tours into the Korean waters and going ashore, one time at Cheju-Do our sister ship was sank by a mine.  My tour of duty was from June 1951 until April 1955.  I now live in Mt. Airy, NC

Bowler, William E. "Gene" - I served in Pusan from July 1954-1955 in The Engineer Firefighting Unit untilit was turned over to the South Korean Fire Department on phase out. I was Headquarters Company Commander Until Jan 1956 of the 11th EngineerBattalion (C) north of Seoul, Korea. Retired as a Colonel from the Reserves in 1984.William E. 'Gene' Bowler, Rockford, Illinoisgenebowler@aol.comThe 11th Engineers have a yearly reunion

Boyer, Jack R. - Looking for: Sylvester Clark, Perry, Kansas He was in: 8th Bomb Sqdn./3rd Bomb Grp. Kunsan, (K-8) He was an armorer on the flight line. We flew B-26's.My name is: Jack R. Boyer, 8th Bomb Sqdn, K-8 Kunsan Oct 51/52. I was an armorer. I was from Gilroy, Ca.  Home address: 27412 Dolton Dr. Santa Clarita, Ca. 91351-2601 (661)252-0665e-mail:

Boldt, Herm - As the National Search Coordinator of the Ranger Infantry Companies Airborne(RICA) would like to hear from any Rangers that served with the Rangers in Korea or after the breakup of the Rangers during that period transferred into the 187th RCT or one of the Infantry Divisions.  We will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first Airborne Rangers at Ft Benning & Columbus, GA., on 4-7 Oct 2000,  This search also includes any Ranger that served in an Airborne Ranger Unit outside of Korea during 1950-1951.  My home phone is (717)-866-1709.

Brayton, Dale Elbert - I was in Korea from July, 1950 until
December, 1951.  My unit number was 68 triple A gun battalion,
Headquarters Battery. Hunter North Dakota

Bridges, Billy Gene - I would like to add my father to the Korean War Veterans Register.  Unfortunately, I don't have much information to give you.  I do know that he was in the Navy and I have a picture among his things of the U.S.S. Hancock, so I must assume that is a ship he served on.  His name was Billy Gene Bridges - DOB, 5/15/30 - date of death 4/16/78.  Hometown - Chanute, Kansas.  I would love to have any more information available about my father.   Thank you.  Cindy (Bridges) Szepe

Billy Gene BridgesUSS Hancock







Brigante, Michael R. - My name is . I was with the 12th Fighter Bomber Sqdn. at K55 from Jan 1953 through Dec of 53.  I now live in Lake St. Louis MO.  I joined the Air Force out of high school in New York in May of 1952.

Britt, S/Sgt. William Edward - My name is Barbara Britt Forbish and I am the only child of S/Sgt. William Edward Britt who was killed on March 22, 1955 when the Navy DC-6 transport he was riding in crashed into Diamond Head.  I have very little information on my dad as my mother was extremely resentful that he went overseas when apparently he could have requested not to go as he had a wife and baby. Because of this resentment, she destroyed everything relating to my father except for 3 pictures my great-grandmother hid from her and gave to me before her death.

When I was little, I just accepted my dad was dead. As I reached my 20's, it bothered me that I knew so little, but my mother continued to refuse to tell me anything. Over the last year, God has graciously dropped two people in my lap who knew my dad and one actually had a letter from him that detailed a great deal of his military service and she generously gave it to me.

I can tell you that he enlisted in the Air Force and took his basic training in San Antonio, Texas on November 2, 1951. He was shipped to Amarillo, Texas (where I was born at the base hospital) on January 4, 1953 where he attended jet mechanic school and then became and instructor. He was also at Tellis(?) AFB in Las Vegas for 6 weeks sometime after May of 1953. He shipped out for Korea on January 18, 1954 and stopped off in Japan and eventually was stationed at Siewan. He left there on August 4, 1954 and returned to Japan. The letter I have is dated December 28, 1954 and in it he says he will be leaving for home in about 80 days, but doesn't say where he is.

A month ago I was contacted by a lady from his home town of Marengo, Illinois who said her husband is a member of the VFW. They are interested in honoring my dad with a star on a plaque, but she felt the date of his death was incorrect as her husband had seen my dad in Hawaii just before he shipped home in December of '54. When I got the letter my dad wrote, there was a clipping about the crash that states all the passengers had boarded in Tokyo.

There is a large hole in my heart where my dad should be. All I know is that he smoked a pipe, the lady from Marengo tells me he played the drums and the bass and was very musical. I now have 5 pictures as she sent me two from his year book. Please feel free to give out my email address as well as my home address and phone number to anyone who might have met him anytime he was in the service.
I will greatly appreciate any and all help you can give me.

Barb Forbish
103 W Diggins St
Harvard, Illinois 60033


Bishop, William Boyce - I found your web site today by accident.  My father served in the Korean war from 1950-53.  I am 37 now, so by the time I was born on up to adulthood I heard no more mentioned  than a few words, newspaper clip, and letter saying "goodbye from San Francisco."  I am only now just beginning to understand all that tormented this wonderful man that took his own life in 1994.  If you could connect me with other family members, veterans, etc. that may have  the same shared experiences I might be able to put some of the pieces together to this tragedy and continuing saga for me...  one left behind.  I did locate his discharge papers but they aren't very legible.  From what I can tell he was discharge on June 19, 1952 form HQ 3d Armored Division, Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  It also indicates his most significant duty assignment was Sve Brty, 695th AFA Bn...  I believe as best as I can tell.  His service number was RA 14 325 602.  I hope from this information you can put me in touch with someone who knew him perhaps or was where he was and could shed some light about what he dealt with there.  You've been very helpful.  Thank you very much.   Anxiously awaiting a reply, Sherry Bishop

Bobovnyk, James E. PFC - was my brother, in the  2nd Div, Co B, 2d Engr C Bn was captured on 1 Dec 1950, during the battle for (or in the area of ) Kunri. He was Mia and captured in action in the vicinity of Sonchu, North Korea while his unit was fighting through a heavily defended roadblock. Mr. Stevenson witnessed his death in POW camp at Puktong, North Korea in January 1951. His burial location is given as Pyokdong, North Korea. I'm attempting to locate Mr. Stevenson to get any additional data he may have on my brother. Would also appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known or served with my brother. Thank you, Fred R. Bobovnyk, 1861 Cloverbrook Dr. SE, Mineral Ridge, Ohio 44440,

Bowman, Bruce - I am looking for anyone who served the 81  18th signal corps Okinawa particularly in 1952-53. I am especially looking for a buddy named Howard Thomas. He was from Arkansas, Kansas but later lived around the Bettendorf Iowa area. I can be contacted through my daughter at   or my home phone: (319) 583-3196.

BOOTZ, Ralph W. - Sgt, US Army, IX CORPS,  ARMOR SECT, OCTOBER  1,1950 to JANUARY  15, 1952

Brown, Ellis Standlock - (1927-1976) Sgt US Army WWII, Korea

Buehring, Charles A. - 1st Amtracts, 1st Marines.  Looking for anyone who knew me in Kimpo peninsula or Kumchon E-mail    3131 Highway 2, Fort Mill, SC  29715

Burdell, James R. (Jim) - Branch - USAF,   Date 1951 - 98th Bomb Squadron, Yokota, Japan

Bullard, Russell J. - Enlisted 1/14/1951, did recruit training in San Diego and was assigned to 100 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA. as a supply clerk. Made Cpl. on the 6 months in grade deal.   Passed test and made Sgt. before going to Korea - 19 years old when shipped to Korea, went  over on the 18th Draft (March 1952)....   Stopped in Japan, Yokouska (sp) and then took a put put boat to Korea.  Landed on the East Coast, and was trucked to the West Coast over by Seoul..   Was assigned to a rifle team in Able Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Division. (A-1-1)  on the 38th.    Wounded 1st time 4/4/1952, 2nd time 5/3/1952, 3rd time 6/15/1952, 4th time 7/4/1952 and 5th time 8/9/1952, that one brought me home on an evac plane...  Turned 20 years old 9/19/1952.  Served the remainder of my time at 100 Harrison St., San Francisco as an MP....   Discharged 1/13/1954 at San Francisco, 100 Harrison St. as a S/Sgt.

Bunch,James H. - was a communication chief with the U.S. 8th Army 2nd Battalion, Company H, 14th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. He served in Korea from the Summer of '51 to Fall of '52. His company commander was Captain Charles Worth Jordan. We have gone to several reunions and met other people of the 14th Infantry. I am doing a scrapbook/picturebook for him, he has many pictures and some other stuff from Korea.  I would like to get information on the places where he was and his infantry but there is so much and so little at the same time. Can you give me some direction? He was bivouac at a place he calls Chiporee but I don't know if that is his name for it or if it is really a place in Korea.  I've tried to find it on a map but can't. Please contact me if you can or have the time.  The army buddies I've talked to just like to tell the good stories but can't give me enough specifics for what I'm doing. My name is Marilyn Bunch and my e-mail is


Cadigan, John E. - U.S. Navy, U.S.S. Lake Champlain & FDR, ,  35 Bucknam St., Everett, MA  02149-2103.

Carner, James - Served in both the Supply and Assault Gun Platoons of H&S Company, 89th Tank Battalion from August 1950 to October 1951. Drove a duece & half refuel vehicle while in the Supply Plt. and drove the "Happy Hobo" (M4A3E8) while serving as a Tank Crew Member with the Assault Gun Platoon. My adventure began at the push North out of Masan to about 50 miles shy of the Yalu river. Survived our trip South, and completed my tour at the "Iron Triangle". Chose the Army as a career and retired in 1973. I now reside in San Antonio, Texas.

Carner, Frank R - My 1st Cousin, "Carner, Frank R." served in D company, 1st Bn, 23rd Inf Regiment, 2nd Inf Division around that same time and was wounded at the Naktong river. He now resides in Dayton Beach, Florida.

Carroll, Eugene J.  - US NAVY, served on board the USS Lake Champlain, in Korea, 1953.

Carroll, Mark J.  - US ARMY, served with a Medical Unit, 1951-1953, deceased.

Carlin, Herman - His name was Herman Carlin, prior to going to Korea he was stationed in Mannheim Germany and was part of the 519th Transportation Company . I believe that he went to Korea in 1950, additional information to assist in your search , my Father was a black soldier. I am interested in knowing if there is a list of all soldiers who served in the Korean War and a list of who was killed in that war.Any information which you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.The following is my E-Mail address for you to contact me KARLBESSIE @ EARTHLINK.NET

Castleberry, Robert - I served in the 7th. Div. 32Reg. heavy tankI served in the 7th. Div. 32Reg. heavy tank. Iwon, Choson, Hungnam, Hamhung back to Pusan 1950 - 1951.  I have Purple Heart, Bronze star v Device c.i.b Navy cit. pres.cit etc.  Sgt.Ra19-367-748 after I got out of hosp.spent another year Korea . E-Mail:

Carlos J. Cedeno - (CID)  Served in Korea from May 52 to Sept, 54.  From the Bronx, New York Took basic and Transportation training in Fort Eustis Va. Was sent to Korea in May 52 Served in the 95th Transportation Car Co. in Kwandaeree Valley and transferred to the X Corp H.Q.  Inje,
transporting troops, artillery and supplies to the front lines. Finished my tour of duty in Korea with the IX Corp Artillery (Target)  and came home with the 2nd Inf. Division, last Combat troops leaving Korea September 1954. On board Gen Greely.  I now reside in Lakewood New Jersey. CJCEDENO@AOL.COM

Capt. Chamberlain, Barton Smith - 65th Inf 3rd Div. 1950-52DSC,SS w/cluster, BSV,PH w/cluster  address  POB 954Auburn, NY 13021  315 252 5944

Chaput, Roger - My father, Roger Chaput, is looking for the following men from the 3rd Platoon, A Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine division, 1950-51: 
Francisco Peralta, Walter Oberle, Charles Flippo, F.N. Eichman, Stanley Tarnowski, Edgar Bloom, Jr., Harry L. Roth, Robert W. Hoffman & Robert Birosh. 
Also Dozer Tank A-44 : J.E. King, E.F. Jackson, P.H. Crews & Richard H. Drayer

Christensen, Robert F. - US Air Force, in Korea, 1952-1953..452nd and 500th Bomb Wing w 34th Bomb Squadron....Enlisted at age 17 at Waukegan, IL.  Took basic at Sampson AFB, Geneva, New York...Went to Gunnery School at Lowrey AFB, Denver, CO.. Enlisted in 1951.  Discharged, medically, in 1960 at Andrews AFB, Washington, D.C.  A disabled vet, age 66, living in Marion, IN..

Christian, Charles L. - From July 1949 to December 1952 he served in Airways and Air Communications Service as a Cryptographer.  Was in Alaska from 1950-1952 and then Andrews AFB.  Assigned to duty 1951- 1952 to Air Weather Service in a Top Secret overflight project.   

Cheape, Doug (PD) -  from Virginia at the time, now Hawaii.  With Dog Battery, 2nd Batt. 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division FMF from January 1950 to February 1951.

Collins, Max H.  - I am looking for information about my uncle, Max H. Collins, who served and was KIA in the Korean War.  He was a member of the Air Force.  Do you have any idea where I might find information about him? Here is the military information I have on him, in case you are able to help. Max H. Collins, 2nd Lt. Air Force A02225162 335 Ftr. Incp. Sqdn 4th Fighter incp. wg.  Max's two brothers are both still living and would very much like any information I can find.  I would be happy to provide a signature from one of them if we need to sign some sort of release.   Any information you can provide would be helpful.  I'm working on putting together a web page in memory of Max.  We still have all of the letters and many photographs that he sent home from Korea.  For over fifty years they've sat in a dresser drawer.  Now I'm in the process of making these treasurers available on the web.  Thank you.  ,   Ames, IA

Cook, Alfred M. - I served in Korea from November 1951 to December 1952 , with the USMC 1st Division, Hdq. Battalion T.A.D. HMR 161 Helicopter Squad. as a Corporal.  Alfred M. Cook Jr. Service Number 1190666. We were on the East Coast and the West Coast of Korea, our job was evacuating the wounded, re-supply of food, ammunition and we even took part in brining the guys hot meals on Christmas and New Years. Alfred M. Cook, P.O. Box 2337, Fallon, NV 89407-2337, E-mail:

COOK, H. ROBERT - USN-Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77, in the Korean War-1953--GEORGIA.

Coleman, Ronald - Ronald Coleman, 3rd class Radarman, aboard Cheveliar,   DDR 805, 1952 thru 1956. Trying to locate. Rex Diehl

Connolly, James R. -  Flanagan, IL, Drafted 29 May 1951, inducted Ft. Sheridan,
IL.  Trained with 101st Airborne Infantry Div, R Company, 4th Battalion, Camp
Breckenridge, KY, Jun - Oct 1951.  To Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) School, Ft
Holabird, MD.  Graduated and assigned as Special Agent with 47th Division CIC
Detachment; then 3rd Army 111th CIC.  Released from Active Duty and assigned
to CIC Reserves 28 May 1953.  Served as CIC Special Agent, General Consulate,
Munich Germany 1955 - 1957 and returned to US Honorably Discharged.

Cowan, Robert E. - I am writing on behalf of my Dad, Robert E. Cowan, who was stationed aboard the USS Owen during the Korean War.  He is trying to find any of the fellas who were also aboard the Owen.  Please E-mail to his daughter (me) Jody Ann Cowan at and many thanks for all your help!

Cox, Eugene J. - My name is David R. Cox, 40 years old, I live in Westland, Michigan. My father was Pfc Eugene J. Cox who served in Korea. He passed when I was 17 years old and I never got the chance to learn of the history he lived. I would like to have access to records and other information that would allow me to tell his grandchildren what he experienced. I know he was in won son (please forgive my spelling) landing and I can still hear him say; "I was one of the few chosen to be frozen at the frozen chosen".  Can anyone point me in the right direction? I would appreciate it deeply. Signed,

Crutchfield, James E. - (1928-1970) CA, 1st Lt US Marine Corps Korea

Crivello, Joseph A. Jr. - 

My name is Joseph A. Crivello, Jr. and I served in the U.S. Marines from Aug.1949 to Nov.1952. I fought in Korea from Aug.1950 to Dec. 1950. I was a radio operator with Hdqtrs. Btry. 11 th Mar., Baker Btry. 11th Mar., and Easy Co. 5th Mar. After Korea, I was stationed M.C.S. Quantico, Va.
  I am a member of  The Chosen Few, D.A.V., V.F.W.,M.O.P.H. and Am Legion

Crippen, Raymond - Worthington, MN. Headquarters, 24th Infantry Division, January, 1953 - September, 1954. After the armistice, edited the Taro Leaf, 24th Division weekly newspaper. through a period.  Hope that newspaper was of some good, some diversion for division personnel

Cullen, Donald F.  - from Harvard, Il.   U.S. Army -SFC-  6/25/51 Btry A, 48th FA Bn, 7th Inf. Div. to 3/29/52       -  2/28/53  Hqs. Btry, 38th FA Bn. 2nd Inf. Div. to 9/28/53




D'Arcy, John R. - My name is Marcel Harry Valiquette. I am looking for information in regards to my uncle John R D'Arcy of Manitoba, Cda. He was involved in both wars in Korea.  Recently my mother Fran {D'Arcy} gave me her brothers war rifle.  It is a Winchester, 30 M 1. I am  currently restoring his gun. As I am doing this restoration of his gun, I think a lot about him. I never met my uncle because after the war, he went to work up in the Yokon, NWT, and started a family there.  He was killed up in Hayes River, NWT. He was welding a barge and it blew up. They never did find his body. It is too bad that he had to die before we could meet him, after going thru two wars and surviving, then coming home, to be blown up and killed. He was my mother's only brother and the last surviving member of her family.Thus I wish to find out more of him, what he did in the war, etc.  Maybe I could post an ad somewhere for other vets to read. Perhaps someone out there remembers him. Maybe they have pictures? We don't have any of him.So please respond to my request for information. Any suggestions would be most pleasing. Are there any web sites i can access?  My E-mail: address is

DAURIA,SAMUAL W. - USN-Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39, the Korean War-1953.--NEW YORK.

Daily, Melvin - of the Chicago, IL.  Served in Korea in the 50th AAA AW Bn. (SP) during the time period of Sept.15,1950 and Oct.,1951.   Remember the "50thAAA AW Bn. (SP) 1949 Ft Bliss --- 50th Anniversary --- THIS YEAR.

Daigrepont, Leary - Leary Daigrepont served 18 months in Korea as part of his tour. Within days of his discharge  the war broke out, he re-enlisted and went back in the 6th army , 2nd division, 2 signal where he was shoot in the leg. He was shipped out from Campo back to the states. He is alive and well at age 70 in Louisiana. And said not to register him. But, I'm a proud daughter.   My thanks and I'm sure his thanks to all who helped him recover

Daniels, Cpl. John E. - 424th Field Artillery Battalion, 9th. Corps. Service Battery. Served in Korea from November 1951 to December 1952. We were an 8" Howziter Battalion .The whole Unit trained together at Camp Polk, Louisiana and shipped to Korea in October of 1951. Most of the time we were stationed in the Kumwa Valley and supported numerous US and ROK Divisions. I now live in Greensboro, NC and can be contacted at .

Daugherty, Darrell - I served In the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Skagit (AKA-105) As an Assualt Boat Coxswain during the Korean war, 1952 God bless all of the Vets.  Fort Oglethorpe GA  30742.  E-mail

Davis, Harold - Harold Davis, 40th Infantry, 224th Reg, Heavy Mortar Co. Koje, Sandbag, Punchbowl. 1952-53

Dillard, Sgt. Joe Lewis Jr. - He was from Hattiesburg, MS. ER 14300 697, Hqrt. Co. 73rd Medium Tank Bn. Date of Death 12-27-1952 Date of Accident 12-25-52 Ft. Bragg is where he was stationed before he went to Korea Sorry I do not have more. Here is all of my info if you need it.  Shannon E. Ensey, 313 Southmore St. Plainfield, IN 46168 317-838-8910

DeGrazio - I'm looking for information on Scout Dog Platoons. My Father was in the 25th. Infantry Division, 37th. Unit and was a Scout Dog Handler in Korea. 1952-1954. He turned his dog over to another handler when he was shipped home, we would like to find out what happened to his dog.  Also, looking for Memorials to these dogs and the training they went through at Fort Carson, CO.  Any information you can give us will be greatly apperciated.  Thank you,

Robert L. Dosh - I served with Fox Company, 1st Marine Regiment in korea from
Sept 1950 til Nov 1951. I am a member of The Chosin Few. Would like to hear
from any of the guys that I went to Korea with in the 1st Replacement Draft
Sept '50. E-Mail

Drew, SSGT. Tom - Served on the Jamestown MLR at out post Siberia next to Bunker Hill in central Korea Western front.  I am looking for anyone knowing of or related to Coreman Jim Gentleman from Grand Rapids Michigan.   Also a Sgt.Ralph "Mack"Mcnesky from Foley Alabama. If anyone knows these old friends of mine or if you are one of them or if you served with me contact me at: ,  P.O. Box 145, Union Grove, AL   35175

Drury, Anthony - I'm looking for anyone who served in the 45 Inf. Div. 279 Inf Rejt. Company A.  I was in Korea from July through Dec. 1952.  Any can contact me at my friend address .

Dube, Earl J. - My name is Earl J Dube enlisted in Army Oct.23, 1949 Shipped to Ft. Lewis, Washington in Feb, 1950 with the 37th F.A. Bn.of the 2nd Inf Division. and landed in Korea on Aug. 3rd 1950 was a computer in a fire direction center for Hqts Battery. Directed fire for Charlie Battery From the Pusan Perimeter, drive north, Kuni-ri-roadblock, Wonju, Chip-Yon-ni, and May Massacre left Korea mid June 1951. Had orders to join 191st Aug 1951 at camp Drum New York.In 1952 had orders to go to West-Point New York with [A]Battery of the 191st to train cadets.   Discharged in Oct-1952 took up a Civilian life.  E-mail:

Daniel L. Dugan - and I was in the Marine Corp. from May 19, 1952 to may 18,1955. I was in M.C.R.D. Parris Island,S.C.; Fourth Recruit Battalion, Platoon 424, our Platoon leaders were
S.Sgt.R.S.McDaniel and Sgt.D.E.MacKenzie. Our Platoon Picture is dated July 25,1952.
 After completing schooling in Jacksonville Fla. and Memphis Tenn. I was transfered to Cherrypoint N.C. arriving there in March 1953. I was attached to the 2nd. marine air-wing maintainence squadron mams 14 later that year I was transfered to Edenton N.C. where I served in two squadrons vma 225 and vma 211. Several months before my discharge I was able to go out on the uss. siapan with a squadron of  AD5's

 Dulong, Nelson - Cpl Nelson Dulong Hq Co 1st Bn 279th Regt 45th Inf DivKorea Dec 51/Oct 52



Earl, Robert J. - formally from Albany, NY and now living in Pittsburgh, PA June 1950 to Oct 1953  US Air Force. Robert J. Earl 928 Roland Road Pittsaburgh, PA 15221-3962 Searching CHIRIELEISON / CASCIO / CICALA / BRIGUGLIO                 EARL / CLANCY / QUALTER / GOLDEN / BRAGG


Edwards, Harry - Was in the 24th infantry, HQ battery, 52nd Field Artillery, Chief of Party, survey section. He fought in 1951.

EDISON, CHARLES F. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF- 77, in the Korean War-1953--OHIO.

Elliott, Frank W. - I served in Korea from August, 1952 to August, 1953 as a Lieutenant with the 64th Tank Battalion, 3d Infantry Div.  We were on the MLR or in direct support for the entire time.  I was wounded once in the Chorwon Valley, just after the battle for White Horse mountain. I was wounded again just at the end of the war during the last Chinese offensive near Kumwha.  I returned to the states, went to law school, became a law professor, stayed in the reserve, served one year on active duty as a visiting professor at the Army JAG School in 1972-73, and retired as a Colonel, JA, USAR, in 1981 after thirty years of active and reserve service, but have not retired from law teaching.  I am Dean Emeritus & Professor of Law at the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law.  Your proposed museum seems like a great idea.  I will keep in touch.  I am sending this from my wife's email address, mine is

Erger, Cpl Dennis J. - Co.A,  519th MP battalion.  Korea '51 and '52.  US Army.  Now living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

VINCENT C . ESPOSITO SGT. - 3rd battallion 1st Marines, H & S company 1st Marine Division.served in Korea from June 1951 to July 1952.Discharged from Albany Georgia Feb.1953.

Evanko, Len - Hello from Len Evanko at .   I was aboard the Point Cruz as a pilot with VMA-332 and, when the war stopped (still no armistice signed), went to K-6. I was an O.D. a few times when the Indian troops came aboard. Did you see the tv movie "1000 Men and a Baby"?

Eure, SFC Glenn - Plt Sgt, Mortar Platoon, 187th Airborne RCT and 957th Armd FA Bn in Korea. Retired as a Major with the 82d ABN Div.   1st Sgt Charles W. Aresta, in Korea with Hqs X Corps and 114th QM Graves Registration Platoon, Sep 50 to Feb 52.



Fabien, H. Benjamin - Cpl. 1201356 USMC, born 9/21/32 in Connecticut. living in Arizona, I am a Korean Vet.. enlisted in June 1951 went to my bootcamp in P.I. SC... went to Camp Pendleton and then to Korea.. Landed in Dec. 1951 assigned to the 1st Marine Div.. 2nd Bat. 7 mar. reg... came home in Apr. 1953. 

Falco, Rocco A. - 439 46 05 USN......enlisted nov 1951 discharged 1955 as
a RM2..........went to korea with the USS White MArsh in l953 it was
over but we were there and was active with the evacuation of troops that
were leaving china and goin to "Formosa"........we had them packed in
our well deck, my ship was the USS White MARSH LSD 8  AND IRONICALLY THE
IT.................ROCKE  FALCO

Fant, Art - I do not hide behind goofy names.  I was drafted in Dec 52, first to Ft Sheridan IL, then to Ft Leonard Wood, for basic training, acouple schools here & there, served as cadre for infiltration course at Wood, the transferred to `Camp` later Fort Carson into 77 EOD Squad & also shipped to Camp Hale Mountain & Cold Weather Training Command. I lived on post until 54, moved into a hovel in Minturn, CO & stayed there until discharge 3/56 Among other things I was the Provost  Sgt at Camp Hale.  Anyone alive yet from those eras & places?  alive & living on a island off the Washington State Puget Sound.

Ferguson, Charles Robert - and is from  Virginia. If anyone out there knew him I would appreciate your
getting in touch with me. My e-mail is  and my name is Clay Ferguson.  THANKS ALOT
  Was there in 1950-1951


Fenner, Samuel C. - I served in the signal gang on the U.S.S. Essex (CV-9)

Fields, Reuben "Bob" - Harlan County, KY. Served with D/2/5 1st Prov.Marine Brigade and 1st MarDiv. Aug 1950 to November 29th 1950 when he died in my arms at Yudam-ni Aid station. He was born probably in 1929, since I took him to be 2 yrs older than me. He was buried in a mass grave at YUdam-Ni, North Korea. His father was Obie Fields of Harlan County, KY. You are not dead until no one remembers yor name! I will never forget. Semper Fi!  Ray L. Walker

Fleming, Lester M. - My name is Martin A. Fleming. My father Lester M. Fleming served in the Headquarters Company of the 74 combat engineers attached to IX Corp during the 1951 to 52 time frame. He would be interest in getting the name and  addresses of any other veterans of that unit. I was looking on the Korean War Project web sight but it has now shut down. If you can be of any help please contact me. My parents as of yet do not have a computer. This may help, initially this unit was an all black outfit.  Also please put after SUBJECT: " Korean War". I get so much junk E-mail I do not want to delete your response inavertantly. Thank you very much. Sincerely,

Fontaine, Gerard P. -   RA  11109501  Private Regular Army, discharged, 8/5/47, it is signed by a Lee G. Miles  Major Infantry.  The second discharge was from the Navy.  He elisted in the navy on 6/30/48  Serial or File number is  211 73  97  Highest rank held.   Seaman   (CRA  6-16-49)  Vessels and stations served on.  USNTC, Great Lakes, Illinois, USS DAYTON  (CL 106), YSS TANNER (AGSC  15), USS JAMES M. GILLISS  (AGSC13) discharged from Norfolk, on 1/27/50.  I still do not have his social security you still need it?  I can go to the ss office in the next city over from me to get it.  Thanks again for any help!   Taryn

Foley, Vinton, A. - I served in Korea from Sept 1950-Oct 1951 with Co
E.532nd.EBSR.2nd.Engineer Special Brigade.Would like to hear from anyone
in Co.E. Vinton A Foley 2846 Reed Creek Drive Bassett,Va.24055  

Fontaine, Gerard "Gerry" - Born 1/21/29 in Chicopee, MA. Lived in Springfield, MA. Paratrooper.  Suffered a back injury from bad jump. Died of complications from surgery to correct back injury. Survived by wife, son, daughter.  Daughter - Taryn Savage

FRETWELL,PHILLIP Z. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77, in the Korean War-1953--GEORGIA.

Fruth, Keith M. - S/Sgt Keith M. (Jack) Fruth, USAF 1950-53. Basic:Flight 5710 Shepard
AFB, Tx. Radio Repair School, Scott AFB, Ill. Narsarssuak AFB,
Greenland. 405th Comm Sqn,  Godman AFB, Ky. Would like to here from
antone I served with. e-mail

Fry, LYNN J. - Retired Maj;  living in Midwest  City, Ok. was in the 180
Inf. Reg, 45th Div  at Konawa, Ok.  they were mobilized in 1950, went to
Japan from Camp Polk in Mar., 1951.  From Japan they were sent to Korea, He returned home and was discarged
at  Ft. Sill.  Ok. June 3, 1952 .  He remained with the guards and reserves until He
retired with them.  He  also worked for the gov. at Tinker Air Force
base until he retired from them.  He has a wife, two grown children,
four grand-children (one is deceased) and three great grand-children.
He  loves to watch the History channel, especially  when there is
something about the Korean War is showing.  Every year in Sept. the 45th has a reunion in OKC and Co. B, 180th
always have their own banquet and time together, its great.

Furey, William D. - William D. Furey, Sgt., Discharged following a 3 year hitch in USMC on 02/26/1950 Recalled to duty  07/27/19 50, with the 2nd Infantry Btl.. out of Boston, Massachusetts. 6th Marine regiment, Commutation School, San Diego MCRD, 2nd MM Gun Btu. Camp Lejeune, NC Release 06/24/51, to ist naval Discharged 02/25,1954



Galvao, Joseph Sr. - Was on the USS Rochester from about 1946-1953.  CA-124 Heavycruiser.  From what I do understand his ship was one of the only ships during the war to take a hit.  They bombed Korea with a fleet of ships on July 4th.  If anyone knew my father Joseph, I would love to hear from you.  My email address is  

Ganshorn, Harry E. - I would like to hear from anyone who served in Uncreg at Munsan-Ni, Korea from September 1953 - December 31, 1953.   Harry E. Ganshorn; PFC U.S. Army

Gaudet, Joseph Donald - Served with US forces in Korea from (roughly) 1st wk of May 1952 & left in Dec 1952.
He was trained in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  He is still with us today.  In
Korea he has with the 213th Field Artillery Battalion, 4th Army attached
to the 9th Corps.  He now lives in : addr: Box 4378 RR#4 city: Yarmouth province: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada Postal Code : B0W 1M0 My email addr is

GARLAND, RICHARD A. - USN-Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953.--MASSACHUSETTS.

Corporal Gerschoffer, Sylvester "Sal" G. - I was in Korea all of 1952. I was stationed in the vicinity of Kumhwa Valley. I was in the 232nd field artillary battallion. I'm looking for anybody who served in "d" battery of the 232nd. I left Korea in January 1953. I was in the fire direction center. I would like to hear from anybody who served with me during that time. My address is 2101 Prairie Ave., South Bend, In 46613. My phone number is (219) 287-6861. Or, you can send e-mail to my son's e-mail address and he will forward it on to me. I am eager to hear from you guys.

Giovengo, Phil - my name is phil giovengo. I served in korea in the 32nd infantry
regiment; heavy mortar co; 7th infantry div during 53-54. would be
interested in hearing from any  buddies who served during this time.
contact me at my e-mail address

Gilbert, Eugene Glenn - drafted into U.S. Army on Dec. 14, 1951.  Home town, Clinton, Iowa.  Basic training at Camp Roberts, Ca. and Camp Cook when Illinois National Guard was federalized. Stationed in Korea from November 1952 to November 1953.  I served as  Sgt. ( medic) in  Co. L, 35th Inf. Regiment of 25th Division.  My e-mail address is

Gokakin, Kemal - E-mail: , Looking for veterans who have memories with the Turkish Brigade or the members of the Turkish Brigade in the battles of 1950 and 1951 in the Korean War.

Gorsek, Fred Jr. - Fred M Gorsek Jr United states Air Force 1950-1954 Korea 1952-1953 5th Air Force 502nd Tactical Control Group 605th Tactical Control Squadron Served as an Air Policeman for the above unit (Security)

Gragg, Harold E.  - My grandfather Harold E. Gragg was in Korea from 1950-52. He was at  the Yalu River, the Inchon Landing, and Chosin amoung others. He is still alive and living in Kentucky. He was in the US Army 7th division 7th Recon. At this time he has found a few of the guys that he was thare with, but would like to hear from anyone who remembers him! He can be contacted through my E-mail at   Thank You, Loretta Barentt  

Graham, Doyle - I was with I Co 9th Inf 2nd Div  from July till 26 October 1952 when I was wounded and returned to the States. My name id   Doyle Graham, I live at Turon Kansas 67583 My e-mail address is I would be interested in hearing from any one that may have been in I Co at that time

GRESH, PAUL J. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953--CONNECTICUT.

Greer, John H. - I was with the 2nd when we landed in a surrounded Puson at the beginning. we replace a marine company facing hill 409 we could see it had been hell for the marines we replaced by all of the dead bodies at the bottom of our small hill. we moved about five hundred yards on a knoll facing a road. much used by both sides we had everyday hostilities as our tank brought out the dead from a village a mile to our right. we were sent to the village dayly to reenforce it and encountered korean troops trying to move south through us. we were to busy then to realize the possition we were in. if my memory is right we were in 1st regiment A company. we stayed and fought there till Inchon was invaded and we started moving north against retreating koreans, few made it. we suffered huge loses in men and equipment but held on till Inchon.

Griesi, Pasquali - My uncle, Pasquali Griesi served in the Korean War.  He just recently was awarded a Medal for Meretorious Ground Service.  He lives in Beachwood, New Jersey.

Griswold, Benjamin F. - I am looking for any information about my father, Benjamin F. Griswold.  All I know is that he was a Korean Was Vetran with some kind of field commision. He was not a casulaty, but I do not know if he had been wounded. I never knew him. My mother divorced him after the war and I was adopted by my step father. Thank you for your time. Dennis F Gruber (Griswold).

John Louis Grandowicz - He was a Korean war veteran, serving from March, 1951 to Jan., 1953.  He served with the 369th Core of Engineers. I have pictures and memoriabilia to share that he brought home from the service that I would love to share with you and other fellow veterans of the Korean war.  My father was so touched by the whole war, especially the children.  He was a cook.  And he served plenty of good meals. He always would find some extra's for the orphaned Korean children of the war.  I have pictures to show that.  He was a father figure to a lot of the children that were orphaned in the war.  I guess that is why my father had so many children of his own.  When he came back from the war he married my mom Florence Byrd and had 11 children.  He told us lots of stories of the "forgotten war" but I thought they were just all stories, because there was no media.  No acceptance of news of a civil war in Korea.  The only show about Korea was M.A.S.H., and  I thought that show was about Vietnam, because nobody talked about Korea except my father.  My father was diagnosed with Crohn's Diease when he was 23 years old. He lived to be 65 years old.  He died of a heart attack.  He had 43 surgeries to remove the small and large colon, leaving him only 3 feet of bowel left.  He lived this way for the last 17 years of his life.  To this day, I can still hear him say "I wonder if it was something I ate in Korea?" or " It was those damn Atomic testing in Nevada, I just know it!".  I commend you starting this Korean War Museum.  I hope my father's history can help.  I was considering building my own memorial for those Korean Vets.  This is great.  My father still lives on when I see all these Korean War veterans.  My dad was good friends with a John Pasonovich(not sure of the spelling). If you can contact his buddy this would be great.  My dad used to go to all the reunions for his class in the Army, but as of June 6th, 1996 that was no longer to be for he had died. Please let me know what I could do. Thank you, Kathleen Malko, 31027 W.Bellview St., Buckeye, AZ 85326  623-393-0925

Gustafson, Irvin (Gus) - I served in the AT & M platoon of Hdqrs Co. 23rd. Inf. Regt., 2nd Inf. Div. from May 1951 to April 1952. I was in the Punch Bowl, Bloody Ridge and Heartbreak Ridge Campaigns. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that served in Hdqrs. Co. at that time.

Gutierrez, "Ross" S. - My father was a veteran of the Korean War. He was a Ranger. His training took place at Fort Bliss, TX. His name is Rosendo "Ross" S. Gutierrez. He is originally from Valencia New Mexico. I am interested in finding out more about his service in the Army. He was a Purple Heart recipient. His memories were to painful for him to ever discuss them openly. From what I recall, he was one, if not the only survivor of the battle for which he received the Purple Heart. He suffered a great deal due to this experience. He had severe back problems, from "being frozen in a Rice Patty" (?), Not to mention many unspoken psychological problems (perceived), nightmares, etc. His family members say he was "never the same" when he returned home. I Loved my father very much. I want to understand him better, so I can share him with my four sons three of whom never met him.  Is there a resource where I can review his service records? What type of information will I need to provide to obtain this information.  Thank you.   Sincerely,  James L. Gutierrez. 

Gump, Ralph Burton Jr. - U.S. 28201169,  S/sgt. Heavy Mortar Co. 223 Inf. Rgt. 40 th. Inf. Division. I was drafted on November 8,1950, served and trained at Camp Cook, California, then was shipped to Japan and was stationed at Camp Schimmelpfinnig near Sendi and latter at Camp Youngins.  At the end of December 1951, I was sent to Korea and landed in Inchon, was sent to Tent City outside of Soeul, then to the front lines.  I served until October 1952 when I was honorably discharged.  E-Mail -



Hammersmith, Donald G. - born 1930, died Sept. 10, 1992.  Served in Korea with the 5th RCT of the 24th Division from 1951/52.

Hare, William - I was in Korea in 1951 with the 2nd Div 23rd 2nd Bn H Co Hill 931 Oct 5 1951 Living now in Bath NY. 

Harris, Charles D. - My husband served in Korea and we are still trying to get his medals after
all these years. name  Charles D. Harris  PFC RA23 182 143  Co. G 23d inf
2div.  wounded in chipyong-ni in Feb. 15,1951.  foreign service Nov. 9th 1950
to Aug. 25th 1951. I found his name under the casualties, 2nd inf. div 23rd
inf reg, letter H on Korean war history. he is entitled to the purple heart and
various other medals. i am now trying to get our stat resp. to help us. thank
you Mrs. Charles Harris

Haselhorst, Merlin F.  - Nov. 2, 1929 to Sept. 27, 1998 (last residence was Hays, Kansas), served in the Army during the Korean War.

HAMMONDS, RALPH - USN-Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77, in the Korean War-1953--FLORIDA.

Hauss, Henery - I am listing some people that I worked with 1st Army Base,Boston, attached to
the Veterinary Corp, Contract supervision, in Boston, and Gloucester, Mass.
Lt.Glick, from New York City, a Veterinarian.  Clifford Curkin, from Conn. who worked Faneul Hall District of Boston, in the
Meat Stalls that were cutting Four Way Beef for the Army Contracts = Anthony
Cagcali, and wife Babe, whom was my PFC aide in Gloucester Mass.,who went
back to school for Veterinary Medicine, and settled upstate New York. My Boss
Eugene E. Johnson, Sgt. who I replaced in Gloucester, when he went overseas
to inspect fish contracts  in Kolding Denmark w/ wife Celia, and Eugene Johnson Jr.
I have tried also to find a ALFRED E.MONGIN, of Brooklyn whom I met in Fort
Dix, NJ during our special 6 weeks specialist training Sep/30/1950
I am Henry Hauss (CPL.)  US 51 024 509 US Veterinary Corp-1st.Army
Base Boston Army Base(Lt.Col. Floyd E.Monroe-Commanding)
Stationed: Gloucester, Mass. 1950-Oct/1952) Discharged: 10/5/195 Ft.Jay, Governers Island, NY Henry Hauss 6340 Mill Pointe Circle Delray Beach, FL. 33484-2462
Tel: 561-637 9163

William C. Harding - Sgt, USMCR. I joined the Marine reserve unit in Houston, Texas, during my last year in High School (1950). The unit was called to active duty in August of that year. After boot camp in San Diego and infantry training at Camp Pendleton, I joined the 1st Marine Division as a member of the 7th replacement draft. I served with 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, from April 1951 until March 1952. During my first five months there, I was a grunt in 3rd Platoon, A Company (carrying a BAR). Received a Purple Heart for shrapnel wounds during a combat patrol in Chunchon on May 11, 1951. My last seven months were spent as a radio operator in 1st Battalion Headquartrs

Hatfield,Elva -I served in the Korean War Theatre on board The Uss Boxer CVA-21 from 1951 -54 I was on board during the big fire of august 1953 and served under Captain Gurney & Moore. I was a YN3 and worked in the XO's office. I was onboard during the record breaking trip 14-22 July 1950 when she crossed the Pacific, 8 1/2 days, with 150 Air Force and Navy Planes and a thousand troops. On her return trip (27 July-4 August) she cut the record to 7 days, 10 hours, 36 minutes. After fast repairs she departed for the far East 24 August, this time to join TF 77 in giving air support to the troops. My E-mail address is

Hayes, Hugh - My father Hugh Hayes served in "D" Co. 89th Tank Battalion in Korea from 1950-51. He would very much like to speak with anyone that he might have known or any information on any upcoming reunions that the battalion might be planning in the future. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at   or at the following  address Patrick G. Hayes, 2533 Cedar St., Bakersfield, Ca. 93301
Hayes, Kenneth - I was one of the men who took the 319th FIS into K-13 Suwon, Korea in 1952. We were the first jet intercepter unit into combat.  We had the distinction of being the first unit to shoot down an enemy jet fighter without seeing it.
we shot down a Mig-15 at night while escorting B-29 bomber over North Korea in our F-94 B aircraft.
E-mail address

Hayward, William H. - served in Korea from August 12, 1950 until May 25, 1951 with the 5th Air Force, 6147th Tactical Control Squadron (ABN) at Taegu, (K-2); Pusan (K-1); Kimpo (K-14); Seoul Municipal (K-16); P'Yong Yang East (K-24); P'Yong Teak (K-6); and Chun Chon (K-47).  In my 9 yr and 3 month service from December 28, 1948 until March 31, 1958  I earned the Good Conduct Medal w/2 knots; The Korean SM with 5 stars; the United Nation SM; the National Defense SM, a Presidential Unit Citation and the Korean Presidential Unit Citation.  After my Military service I completed a total of 39 years service in the US Civil Service with the Federal Aviation Administration as an Electronic Technician.
I can be contacted at email address  


Hargis, Eugene - Corporal Hargis was in US 52087715 3 RD Division, Heavy Tank Batta I am searching for my platoon leader. his name is Burlington Q. Sutton first lieutenant, 64 heavy tank battalion' 3rd infantry division. 1951-52 i am looking for Walter Wieble, corporal 64 heavy tank battilion,3rd infantry division Korean war.

Herardo, Peter M. - Nineteen year old PFC Peter M. Herardo of Guadalupe, California, was seriously wounded in South Korea on February 13, 1951. He was returned to Camp Cooke Hospital and died of his wounds the following April. He was the first of the evacuees to die at the hospital. A street at Vandenberg AFB has been named in his honor. This was the second time that he was wounded. The first was sustained in North Korea on December 3, 1950. He was returned to duty.

Hescht, Harold - I served in the US Army, 7th Infantry, 73rd Tank  Battalion in the Korean War. I was in Korea from March 1953 to November 1954. I am trying to locate other members of my unit and any information on my unit. Any help you could provide me would be of great assistance. Please feel free to forward this message on to other people. Thank you, Harold Hescht

Hill, Oliver "Ollie" - My name is Oliver "Ollie" Hill.  15 Lake Road Bastrop, Texas 78602
E-Mail address is: Served with How Co. 3rd Bn. 5th Reg. 1st Div. USMC  in Korea from February
1951 until September 16 1951 (WIA). Searching for Alfred P Graham, taken POW around July 1951.  I think he was
from Washington State. Also, Otis F. Thomas (Little Tom) possibly from Charlotte, N.C.
Both of these marines served with H-3-5 during 1951.
Would love to hear from anyone knowing anything about these two.

Hill, James E. - My name is James E. Hill. I was in Germany in 1953 - 1954, 1st Inf. Division, 5th Field Art. Bat. air section.  I am looking for information of Capt. James R. Watson Jr..  He was in the same outfit. Any information you have on him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James E. Hill

HINOTE, JOHN W. - USN-Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953.--VIRGINIA.

Hobbs, Gerald R. - My name is S/Sgt. Gerald R. Hobbs. I served four years in the U S Air  Force from  June, 1951 to March, 1955.  I was in Korea during 1952 & 1953 with Hqts. Sqdn., 8tr. Ftr. Bmr. Wing, Firth Air Force at Suwon, Korea  (K-13)  My present address is 302 Grace Ave., Port Allegany, Pa. 16743.  Telephone-814-642-9217    E Mail

Hodum, Gerard - 1st Tank Bn. 1st Marine Division Jan. 52 - Feb. 53. Enlisted Marine Corps 1947 Retired 1977. Was first on east coast (Samuchon Valley) and moved by sea to west coast in spring (Panmunjung). Wounded in March 1952. Semper Fi!

Holdmeyer, Victor J. - I am trying to help my father locate Richard Fechtor or others that were in the Korean War in 1952-54, 25th division, 27th regiment, 2nd battalion F-company. My fathers name is Victor J. Holdmeyer (he was a sergeant). He was in South Korea and fought missions named "Old Baldie, Ice Cream Cone, Porkchop"..... If this helps please e-mail his daughter (Brenda) at   Thanks to anyone that can help!!!! "Yeah Wolfhounds"

Hopkinson, Everett "Bud" - 98th Bomb Wing, 343 Bomb Sq. I was a tail gunner on a B-29 during the Korean War. I was stationed at Yokota Air Force Base, Japan. I was from Quincy, Massachusetts but have made my home in Omaha, Nebraska for the last 45 years. I would be interested in hearing from any of my old crew members. e-mail

Hoye, Ronald R. Sr. - My Name is Ronald R. Hoye Sr., and I was in the Korean War in the Air Force, Having enlisted in Dec.1950 in Burbank, CA, and then going on active duty in March 1951. I went through Lackland Air Force Base, then went through Air Police School From Jun 51, to Aug. 51, in Augusta Ga., and, after graduation as a Combat Air Policeman was assigned to the Air Police Squadron at the Great Falls Air Force Base, then was assigned overseas the 1500th Air Police Squadron stationed at Hickam Air Force Base, Oahu, Hawaii.  I was Discharged in April 1955 at Montgomery Ala. If you want to know anymore about me, or, your are interested in what information I may have you can contact me. Dr. Ronald R. Hoye Sr., 2500 N. Spokane St.#14., Post Falls, ID 83854. Tel # 1-208-773-0184.  I made a return visit to Hickam after leaving there 12-54, and ended up in the Historian's Office at Hickam, and, they were very interested in information about the Korean War era., and I also ended up in the now 15th Security Force headquarters also at Hickam, which was the 1500th Air Police Squadron when I was there they are located in the exact same area of Hickam. I provided both parties with information and pictures. Would be interested in talking to anyone who was stationed in areas mentioned above about the same time. I have re-established contact with three of my old buddies and maybe they have some information you would be interested in. Let me know. Thank You in advance.  E-mail:

Howard,Freddie J.- veterean of the Korean war. He is married to Doris Washington Howard and the father of six children, one son is dead. Freddie is retired from the Postal service. Contract him by mail  at P.O.Box 7082, Mobile,AL. 36617

Hughlett, Travis Cpl. - Korea Service U.S. Army 1953-54-55 Cpl. T. Hughlett, HQ 14th & 21st Transportation Port Com. B Port Operations, (KCOMZ - 8th Army) Kunsan-Inchon Korea.

Army Good Conduct National Defense Korea SVC/W Bronze Star U.N. Korea SVC ROK COM SVC Army Occup.

7th Armored Division
5th Army
31st Inf. Division
KCOMZ -- 8th Army
Infantry Division/AG/TC Corps/Signal Corps

Hunt,ogle herchell - served in co b 4th infantry regt. service dates: 6th july 1945 to 15 aug 1946  died 12 jan 1982. seved as a cook

Horner, Thomas -  of Bobtown, PA.  Served in Korea in the 50th AAA AW Bn.(SP) during the time period of Sept.15,1950 and Oct.,1951.   Remember the "50thAAA AW Bn.(SP) 1949 Ft Bliss --- 50th Anniversary --- THIS YEAR.

Hylton, Lewis (Jack) Looking for Marines serving with my father Lewis (Jack) Hylton.  He was a member of the G-3-11th and was in Korea in 1953.  Please contact me at I can share information and pictures with you that I have recieved from other Marines he served with.

Hystad, Wallace L. - served with the 307th Bomb Wing, 372nd Bomb Sqdn (B-29s) in 1952. 30 missions over North Korea.



Iadanza, Fred - I was in Korea with the 48th Field Artillery Bn, 7th Infantry Div. From Jan 1953 to 21 Feb 1954, Rotated as Master Sergeant. From Brooklyn NY, now retired and living in Raleigh NC. Prior Outfit 31st Infantry Div. (Ft. Jackson SC and Camp Atterbury) like to hear from some buddies.

Icett, Cpl. Harold W. - USMCR. He was also a member of the Houston reserve unit and went through boot camp and infantry training with me. We were separated when we went to Korea, where he was assigned to 2nd Battalion 7th Marines. He was a light machine gunner. Whenever the 7th Marines got a break, we would look each other up to compare notes. He was killed in September, 1951, while laying down a base of fire to support the assault on a hill in Eastern Korea. I heard that he received a Silver Star for his actions, but I'm not sure of that.

IHINGER, CHESTER E. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953.--CALIFORNIA.

Ingemansson, Sgt. Nils V. - attached to Fourth Recruit Training Battalion here at the Depot, will receive the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism while serving as a squad leader with the Fifth Marines, 1st Marine Division, in Korea on September 6 and 7, 1952.  "When his unit was attacked by numerically superior hostile forces while defending a combat outpost well in advance of the main line of resistance. Sgt. Ingemansson bravely took up a position on top of a bunker in the face of an intense hostile artillery and mortar barrage and delivered devastating fire upon the attackers to prevent the enemy from penetrating his sector of the perimeter, personally killing 15 of the enemy with rifle fire and dispersing many others with  hand grenades.  Sergeant Ingemansson was directly instrumental in the successful defense of the entire position.  "and this is an answer, from "Looking for" at Korean War Project  I received:

Sgt. Nils V. Ingemansson, USMC was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions on Sep. 6-7, 1952 at Bunker Hill Outpost Bruse. He was with Item Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. The citation you have is the same stated in the book "Red Blood...Purple Hearts", "The Marines in the Korean War" by Joseph A. Saluzzi.  I'm looking for him and wants him listed in Veterans' Register but don't know if he's alive today.  Thank you in advance.  from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ireland, Fred - 207 Clyde Ave, Angola, IN 46703, 219-665-6439, 31st RCT, 7th Infantry October 1952 - July 1953.  Please let me know if there is any other information you might need.  Thanks!! E-mail:

Irwin, Lee R. - I served with the 64th. Engineer Base Topographical Battalion in Tokyo, Japan from Aug. 1950 til Jan.1953. At first we were attached to 8th. Army, then to Japan Logistical Command, then to General Headquartes and finally to U.S. Forces-Japan.     Lee R. Irwin, 2852 West Munroe Street, Bethel Park, PA.15102 412-833-2121   Enlisted 4 Nov. 1949 at Pittsburgh PA. --- Discharged 20 Jan. 1953 at Ft. Custer, MI.



Jaehnig, Daniel A. Cpl. - 32nd Inf. Reg. 7th Inf Div. L. Co. and Hdqtrs &  Hdqtrs. Co. Searching for Charles E. (Red) Barker.King Co.  Participants in  the July '53 battle for Pork Chop Hill. Located mainly in the gateway to Seoul, The Chorwon Valley. Trying to locate Charles E. (Red) Barker of King Co. of the 32nd. We participated in the Pork Chop fracas in July of 1953.  Thank you very much for your prompt response, any additional info would be much appreciated. .  Daniel A. Jaehnig 11202 2nd Ln. S.W. #C-306, Seattle Wa.98146.

Johnson, Johnny -  as a Korean vet I would like to register my e-mail address.
I was with the 45the div recon rcon co 45 inf div from sep 50 thru may 52.
we were at ft polk la, chitose japan and then on to korea.
Johnny Johnson

Johnson, William B. - (Johnson City, Tennessee), Corporal, Rifleman, Company K, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, Hokkaido, Japan 1953-54, living, may contact at Post Office Box 1178, Mountain Home, Tennessee  37684-1178.

Johnson, Dennis W. - Served in the CIC corps. during the Korean conflict. I know that most of the circumstances surrounding his capture were and still are being kept sealed, but, I would like to know of any persons that might have had contact with him during his time in Korea. He was release in a prisoner exchange, and returned to the US, but, never fully recovered from the experience.  Also, due to this sealing of records, my mother is being denied any benefits from the government. As some of you can attest to, they had a fire and it (destroyed) most of the records for the CIC corps along with many others.  He has since passed on, after struggling with the VA through many painful and tearful meetings in Arkansas. I do not know if this will bring forth any light to the subject, but, I had to try to help as best that I can. Please, any persons associated with the CIC or other Army units that might have had contact with my father, contact me. This is not an inquiry for records release and you will not be called as any witness. We have long since given up on the legal route. I am simply seeking the truth of the situation to put this to rest.
He was awarded the Bronze Star and the Silver Star. He was a member of the Signal Corps and was trained as a medic. This is all the information that I have to go on, but, as I uncover more information I will try to forward it to help with the search. He was discharged as a SSGT. at Fort Chaffee, AR. Thank you.  .

JONES, RALPH B. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953.--COLORADO.

Jones, Fred L. - Hi!  I am the son of Fred L. Jones.  He was with 180th  C Co. Oklahoma Nat'l Guard
and was in the K orean war in 1950.  He was a machine gunner and received a purple heart.
He died in Feb. 1993. he was 62  . He was from Ada, OK.   He trained at Ft. Polk, LA

Ivey S. Jones - USMC Inchon  through Chosin Reservoir and beyond Standing on beach nearby as General MacArthur  stepped ashore.  Endured the agonizing cold of the sub-zero temperatures at Chosin. Living in Dalton, GA For more info contact me at

Joliet, John Corzan II - I was with the 1st. Marine Div. H-C0. 3rd. Bat. 1st. Marine Regement. We were originaly with B Co. 6th. Marines,went to Pendelton in Augast of 1950,we then formed H Co.went to Japasn, landed at Inchon, Korea. to Souel and back to Inchon, Boarded LST and Operation Yo-yo, landed at Wonson, Majonee, Hamhung, Chosan,Hagarue,Back to the bean patch. They Sent me home with the first bunch of Marines who were rotated back to the States.

Joss, Don - I served aboard the USS Lake Champlain CVA 39 from Nov 1952 until January l954.  The only Atlantic carrier to go to the Korean "conflict". Served in the V-2 Division. 

Jernigan, Berry Junior - was my father. He was in The 2 Div. 37 Fabn Sv. Btry.  He was a Cpl. awarded 3 Bronze Stars.  It wasn't until his death that we learned this much.  He never talked about the war. If you could give me any history or anyone who served with him I would deeply appreciate it. Is it possible to get copies of his records from the army?  Thank you, an uninformed son .

JUDD, ALFORD W. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77, in the Korean War-1953.--INDIANA. 



Kane, Walter R. - from Minnesota I believe he was on the USS Coral Sea, As well as the USS Enterprise.  The rest I will send aloing as soo nas I get it.  P. Kane, E-mail:

Kasson, Darrell - Served with the 558 Military Police Company August 1950 to July 1951. Retired from Army June 1980. 31years +.

Harold Martin Kaysen - I was born in San Gabriel,CA on April 22, 1930. My Korean War service was on board the USS Dixie AD13(Destroyer Tender) as a pipefitter 3rd class in the Repair Division. From September 1950 to March 1952 I was stationed at Sasebo,Japan and San Diego,CA. The one memory that stands out in my mind was when our ship participated in the shelling of the Korean coast along with "The Mighty MO". I recall seeing "The MO" move about its longitudinal axis when firing its 16" guns. What power! Also, I remember, when the destroyer USS Uhlmann pulled into Sasebo Harbor with its bow blown off and our division was assigned to preparing a temporary bow for return to the states. I am now retired and live in Central Coast California. My email is:

Kearns, Jack H. - My father enlisted in the Army in 1952, and served in Korea from April, 1953 to August, 1954.  US Army,  25th Div., 35th Reg., Item Co.  Most of what I know of his service I learned from his DD-214. He rarely spoke of his time in combat. I'm looking to learn more about his experiences, and would love to contact any of his former comrades.   10145 W. 23rd Ave., Lakewood, CO   80215.

Keener, Donald H. - Sept. 30, 1929 to Jan. 21, 1999 (last residence was Hays, Kansas) (Unfortunately, Kevin, the obituary doesn't say what branch of the service Mr. Keener was in.  It just says that he was a Korean War veteran.)                                                                        

Kirk, Robert E.  -  Army   A co, 160inf  40th Div. served in this company from Oct 52 thru Aug 53. Would like to contact any member of this outfit during the above dates. I am a member of the KWVNM&L  Charter member 656 IVS. My address is 411 w s 5th st  shelbyville, il 62565

Kilbey, Milton - This letter is for my father. He has no idea that I am doing this. His name is Milton Kilbey. He served in Korea with the 24th Inf. Div., 21stRegiment, 3rd Btn., Company I. If you could give me any information about this unit it would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has served with this unit or has photos it would be very helpful to receive these as well. My home e-mail address is You for this Great Sight. Milton Kilbey Jr.--Milton Kilbey    Customer Services   262-789-4200

King, Lyle S. - US Navy - 1948-1952.  Gunner's Mate - served aboard the USS Kermit Roosevelt 1949-1952  off Korea. Now living in Michigan.  

Kleyn, Dirk John - My father Dirk John Kleyn, John is a Korean War vet. He was in the 623 Field artillery battalion around 1952-53. He can be reached via my E-mail at .

Klenske, Gerald - Gerald Klinske US Navy (AOAN) served aboard the USS Boxer (CVA-21) and the USS Lake Champlain (CVA-3) as a member of VF-111. Was there in 1953 when the truce was signed

Kloeckl, Anthony David - Regimental Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 160th Infantry Regiment, 40th Division, California National Guard, Camp Cooke in Oct.1950, 8th Army Honor Guard at SF Presidio Fort Scott prior to discharge in Oct.1953, Current Address/Phone/Email Tony Kloeckl, 624 E. Brooks St., P.O. Box 365, Arlington, MN 55307, 507-964-2710 Email   Thank you, Terrance Kloeckl, Los Altos, CA

Kemp, Captain Peter - I am Captain Peter Kemp, US Army. I work for the Department of Defense the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee. I am looking for 2 veterans who would add tremendous energy to the commemoration activities. I do not know whether they are living or not. First veteran is Captain Joseph R. Darrigo, KMAG to ROK Army 12th Regiment. Next veteran is Captain Frank E. Munoz. He was with H Co, 9th Infantry and is from Tucson Arizona. Their story in the book "This Kind of War" made an everlasting impression on me about the Korean War. Now I am with the Committee, I am determined to look for them to honor and thank them in person. If you could help me locate them I would be greatly appreciative. Very Respectfully,

KEON, WILLIAM H. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953--NEW YORK.  (Died May 1995)

Key, David M. - I am David M. Key ( and served in Company A, 15th Inf Reg, 3rd Inf Div from December 24, 1951 to late October, 1952 - mostly along the Imjin River and near or on Outpost Kelly. My personal web site about those times ("How I tied the war.") is at and has a link to a large recent photo of Outpost Kelly and environs. 

Kish, Donald - (1932-1961)CA PFC US Army, Korea

Kislan, Leon R. - I am looking for any information or anyone who served with my father in Korea. Currently I am a SSG serving at Fort Riley KS. I know he was in the 7th infantry division and was involved in Inchon, Pusan and the Chosin. He also attended basic at Fort Dix, NJ. Name, Leon R. Kislan, Rank Pfc. Gunner on 30 cal Machine gun. He served in Korea, from Sept. 50 until June 51. He was RA..  I know I dont have alot of info. But I'm hoping someone recognizes the name.   Sincerly,  SSG USA.

Knight, Jack - My father Jack Knight is looking for army buddies. He was SFC mess Sgt 3rd Division 15th Regiment Heavy Mortor Company.  He served in korea from Jan 1953 to April 1954 anyone who knew him please contact me at   or (804)779-2373

Krause, Wayne - I am looking for George Van Cleave who served the 31st Tank divison in the 7 Infantry Division.  My E-mail is

Kreutzer, Russell Lawrence - born July 2, 1931.  Four year Navy veteran of the Korean War, serving aboard the destroyer Twining and the submarine chaser Sausalito.  He was a gunner's mate and saw action off the Korean coast for more than three years.

Krohn, Lyman "Dusty"  Sr. - Searching for fellow Vets for my father, Lyman "Dusty" Krohn, US Army, 143 FA, A Bttry, 40th Div., Discharged as S/Sgt, Ser# US51001735, Oct '50 - Oct ' 52, Camp Cook '50, Japan '51, Korea '52,. Lyman "Dusty" Krohn Jr., P.O. Box 62, Littleton, MA   01460  E-mail:



Lamoureux, Richard - served aboard the USS POINT CRUZ from July 1952 until early 1955. I boarded in Bremerton Wash. and transferred to NAS NORTH ISLAND early 1955. I was in the Ord. Div. Air Dept. Any one wishing to contact me via E-mail the address is


Lefevre, Alan P. (Pete) US56084800, Pfc. - Unit, H & S Co. 84th ECBn. 2nd Engr. Group, 8th Army. 84th motto is Never Daunted. 84th called Conquerers of the Imjin River. the 84th built the Freedom Gate Bridge and Freedom Gate village where the POWs were returned to us. Also built high level concrete and steel bridge named Libby which is still standing but hasn't been used because the north end is in North Korea and south end is in South Korea. Received the cap and received many favorable comments about the museum.  1124 Fairway Ave., Ritzville, WA 9919.  E-mail

Lewis, Francis Grady - I served in Korea from 1952 through 1953 in the B Battery- 159th FA BN. on the western front. I was on hill 181, 70, Vegas with the Marines, Old Baldy, The Hook, Pork Chop Hill, and was communication Chief there and on several others. I also served as a forward observer during this time. I am interested in trying to locate the following people whom I served with. Eddie Flynn, Andrew Wilson, Carl Spray, Cpl. Montyhanks, Alan Kingham, Harry T. Burden, Sgt. McFarlane and my commanding officer Capt. Phillips all of which I served with in these campaigns. Thanks for your time in this matter. Sincerely Francis Grady Lewis, P.O.B. 1094, Ponca City, Ok. 74602 Ph: 580-765-6891

Lewis, Elmo Bailey - He was in the 1st Marine Div. 7th Reg. 3rd Bat. section leader over a machine gun outfit He was in Korea from 1950 to 1952   Elmo Bailey Lewis. 906635  I would appreciate your help

Little, S/Sgt. John W -  RA 18319423 - 51st Signal Battalion Med. Det. Also 1st Cavalry Div. 7th Calvary Medical Company.   Contact Lisa Roberts at

Loukota, Robert H. - I spent 2 years and 10 months in the Far East in Japan and Korea.  As I informed you the time was spent with the 13th Air Police Squadron which was was under FEAF (Far East Air Force). I enlisted for three years and President Truman liked me so much he gave me an extra year. I have stories but are not for publication. Sorry to hear about the turn down of the appropiation for the Korean Vets. I was not a resident of Illinois at the time but of Wisconsin.  E-mail

Lovell, Robert Rae - My name is . My father, Robert Rae Lovell, was a Sergeant in the Korean War and was on the front lines for 18 mths.  He was very proud of this.  He died on August 21, 1997 at the age of 64.  He was from Martinsburg, IN and I think he was sent out with a group of men from Harrison County, Indiana.  This was in the year of 1952 or 1953, if am not for sure.  If you have any information on any others who were from this time period I would like to know.  At the Washington County Indiana museum we have donated some of dad's things to their Korean War memorial.

Loveland, Larry Milo - I was in the Korean conflict I would like to get in touch with some of the guys that were there with me .  My email address is 

LUCAS, JOHN R. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953--MASSACHUSETTS.

Luongo, Anthony (Tony) - from Marydel, Md.  Served in Korea in the 50th AAA AW Bn. (SP) during the time period of Sept.15,1950 and Oct.,1951.  Remember the "50thAAA AW Bn. (SP) 1949 Ft Bliss --- 50th Anniversary --- THIS YEAR.

Lukemire, Authur G.  - squad leader for  E Company,  5TH cav regt. 1st Cavalry Div. 1948 to 1950 Japan, went to Korea July 1950 to March 1951. Fought from Pusan perimeter to the Yulu River, chosin reserivor. rotated to states on point system. Retired from army 1969, also fought in Vietnam 1965 to 1966. you can reach me at,

LYNCH, JOHN L.- Rear Admiral--USN- Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39, with Task Force-77, 7th Fleet, during the Korean War-1953. Awarded the Navy Cross Medal in WWII.   (Died Nov. 1988.)


Macy, John - Looking for anyone who might of known my Uncle John. All I know is he was in Korean War. His name John Macy from Van Buren MO.   I thank you for any info.  E-mail:

Mahan, Joe - I'm looking for anyone who might have served with my dad on the USS Laertes or The USS Patapsco in 1951 - 1953. His name is Joe Mahan and he talks about a Commander Slaughter as well as Ace Phelps nad many others whose names I don't recall. He was in the Pacific and went to Japan, Korea, Shemya and Vietnam that I know of. Any help would be greatly appreciated. E-mail to

Manring, Roy P. Jr. - One of three remaining survivors of Hill 303.  5th Calvary, captured in the Apple Grove, shot 13 times and bayoneted 2 times.  Was in the hospital in Hawaii for 18 months while recovering from his injuries.  Testified at the Atrocity Hearings in 1953 that were held in Washington DC.  He and two remaining buddies would like to go the Memorial and lay a wreath to honor his fallen comrades but they do not have the money to fund the trip.  Is there any help?  I will get additional information about his unit and email you tomorrow.

Marcus , Aubey - I was a member of the Naval Liason Team to EUSAK in 1952.  I also made some short trips to Korea in 1951 from COMNAVFE, Tokyo, in 1951.  I served as the armed escort to quite a few flag officers while they were in Korea, including some more permanent ones such as "Jocko" Clark.  I worked out of EUSAK Headquarters. E-mail:

Matis, Bernard
Matis, Steve
Matis, Bob
- I would like to register myself and my Battalion the "50thAAA AW Bn. (SP). I served with the unit in Korea from Sept 15,1950 to Oct 25,1951. The Battalion served in 10 battle campaigns in Korea.It was assigned to First Marine Division at Inchon and Seoul then to 7th Inf.Div at Iwon and the drive to the Yalu and it was instrumental in helping extract the First Marine division from the Chosin Reservoir Area, especially at at Chiphung-ni (Hill-1081) and its effort to open the road to Koto-ri. Then its Hamhung and Hungnam stand , now being assigned to the 3rd Inf, Div. Elements of the 50th were some of the last members to leave the port of Hungnam.  Then on its arrival in Pusan, the 50thAAA was reassigned to 8th Army and on to many more battles. The most memorable being the ones mentioned previously.  Just a short mention of my brother Steve, serving at the same time in the 2nd Inf. Div.9th Regt - 3rd Bn. Heavy Mortar Co.  Their outfit was almost destroyed when the Chinese entered the (War). Also my brother Bernard who served with the First Marine Div-5thRegt-2ndBn.-Fox Co. in late 1951 and 1952.  Anyone wishing to contact me pertaining to all of the above mentioned events an reach me at 352-686-0550 or E-Mail

Mattie, Lawrence J. "Matt" - I was 17 when I got to Korea.  Served with a N.G. unit, then to the 987th Fa. HQ. CO. from Jan.1952 -Mar.1953.  Camp Gordon, Ga 101 SIGC from Apr. 1953 - June 1954 

Matthews, Charels - Looking for any one that new my brother, POW Charels Matthews Army from Missouri1952 my mother received a letter he was MIA.1952 (about) 1958 we got a box with remains. In it with another letter saying this might be your Son. We bury him with full Honors, I am his sister (half).  If any one knew him please let me know, we go to the grave every year, its not easy not knowing who is or could be in that grave.  Army found 5 bodies, 6 dog tags, some one is still missing.  Please help if you can thank you from Roaslie Edwards (E-mail ) From Baltimore Glen Burnie 21060.  God Bless.

MATTHEWS, ORVILLE D. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lak e Champlain CVA-39,         TF-77, in the Korean War-1953.--MARYLAND.

Matson, Glenn M.  - Sept. 19, 1913 to Sept. 13, 1998 (last  residence was Madison, Kansas), served during World War II (Merchant Marines), Korea (Air Force), and Vietnam (Air Force)

Mattox, Jack D. - I served in Korea July 1953 through June 1954 with the 36 T. F. Sqdn. at K-13 and was a crew-chief on an F-86.   P.O. Box 3266, Seminole, FL  33775, Tel: 727-392-3988, E-Mail:   My plane was No. 383, nickname (Rice Paddy Daddy) Plane crashed at K-8 in the bay on landing killing the pilot.   Sqdn. commander died as his wingman followed him in the bay losing his life.   They were flying from K-13 to K-8  Suspected of running out fuel because weather was bad.

Marion, James W. - 310 N. Bradley Caney, KS. 67333

McCarter, Joseph Warren - My father, Joseph Warren McCarter (known as Joe, Mack or Sgt. Mack) served in the 24thDiv, 21stReg, 1stBat, A Company in Korea from approximately early 1950 to the end of 1951. He is desperately looking for anyone who might have served with him. If you know of anyone, please email me, his daughter, at email .  Any help would be appreciated!

McDivitt, Sgt George - Assigned to headquarters company,1st battalion, 32nd Infantry reg.7th Div. His unit was engaged in battle Dec 2,1950 at Chosin Res. Nothing was never known what happen to him. John McDivitt,


McLochlin, Richard - I was in Korea in Jan.53 till Aug.53. I was a medic in Charlie company first. I went to 60 mortar and then to 4.2 mortar and then two to the aid station. I only remember one name Ieigh Morton He was from Atlanta Ga.anIn Jackson Miss.I was looking for some one I might have served with.  3935 Country Club Blvd. Cape Coral Fl. 33904  941-549-3526 

Melton, Thomas R. - I Was in the Air Force from Nov. 1949 to Feb. 1954.  I was Flt. Chief for the first flight of airmen to be issued a blue uniform at Sheppard AFB.  In late 1950 was atrtached to the 5th air force at Kimpo air base in Korea.  Then I was shipped to Griffiss AFB in Rome, NY in Feb. or March 1951.  I was discharged in 1954.  , Airman First Class.

Melloh, Richard "Dick" -  served in Korea from Oct. 1952 to Sept. 1953 in the 25th Infantry Division 21st AAA SP Bn. Bat. A. E-Mail:

Mello, Frank P. - was a Sergeant in the Artillery, radio maintenance,  He was awarded the United Nations Service Medal,  Korean Service Medal w/1 Bronze Service Star.  He was discharged on 8feb54 and went into federal service at Quonset Point, RI, and worked there until 1965 and was transferred to the Newport Underwater Weapons Systems in Newport RI.  He retired in 1996.  He died June 4, 2000.

Merna, Gerald F. (Jerry) 1st. Lt. -  USMC (Ret.) Korea Wpns-1-5; H&S-1-5; E-2-5, 1952-53.  E-Mail: , 46386 Bluestem Court, Potomac Falls, VA  20165-6461.  Very good site! I am also a member of E-2-5 (Korea) Assn. Next reunion meeting is in Harrisburg, PA June 8-12, '99. Served in USMC 1947 (Plt.47, PI) to 1968. Mustang -- MGy Sgt to 2d. Lt during Vietnam War (1966-67). Uncle Ed Haiduk USMC WWII; served in Korea with two USMC brothers. Oldest brother KIA when LST-577 sunk by Japanese Sub Feb45. Nephew currently a Major-selectee USMC; another nephew is Col USAF.

Meulstee, Judson - My father was in the Korean War.  Judson Meulstee was in the Air Force.  He died on June 23, 1998.   He had medals Korean War, UN SV medal, Bronze Sv Star, Nat. Def. SV Medal, and Good Conduct Medal.  Anne Meulstee Brezinski, , 136 E. Taylor St., Taylor, PA  18517

Miller, John William - Served with the 196th Regimental Combat Team.  Member of the FOXHOLE, the South Dakota vets association.  Also a member of the Korean War Museum Vet. Assoc.   My address is POB 12, Tuscola, IL  61953.

Miller, Charles A. I arrived in Korea August 26, 1950, company clerk for the 8th Army Ranger Company. I also served with the U.N. Reception Center in Taegu in the fall of 1950, and later with the Administration Division, G-3 Section, Eighth Army Headquarters, in both Taegu and Seoul. I rotated from Korea February 1, 1952. I invite any Army buddies who remember me and served with me during that period to email me at:, or write to me at: Charles A. Miller 1360 79th Avenue N St Petersburg, FL  33702-4025

Miller, Bert - The 841st Engineer Aviation Battalion, (SCARWAF) were activated 2 June, 1951 and sent from Miami Florida to Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. From there  went to Beale AFB, in northern California before shipping out in mid May to   Korea where the 841st, 842nd and 839th were to build K-55 near Osan. I was in  Korea from June, 1952 to March 1953 before rotating back the USA.

Miley, George R. (Turk) - was killed in Korea. He was only 17 years old. He had lied about his birthdate. He put down that he was born in 1930 but he wasn't born until 1933. He came from Greenfield Ohio (Highland Co.). Was killed 7/13/1950.The only information I have is what I found on the internet. He was in the Army, infantry. He was a PVT. The information I found says UNITNR 34, UNIT1 INF RGT UNIT2 24 INF DIV.

Mounts, Boyd - my father was a Korean vet serving from the first of 51 to April 53. the only other information I remember
is 3rd army division . Hopefully that will mean something to another
Korean vet and they might remember being stationed with him. his name
is Boyd Mounts from Gilbert, WV. He mentioned a friend by the name of
trust low. I don't know the correct spelling on that name but he was from
VA. I am sorry to make this so long but I am anxious for information to
give him!  My e-mail address is  

MOORE,THOMAS E. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77, in the Korean War-1953--INDIANA.  "Freedom is not Free."

Moreno, Louie N. -  retired and living in Seattle with daughter and grandchildern and has another daughter that lives next door with her family.  His wife died last year. He took lovingly care of her for five years before her death because she had suffered from a stroke.  He is an avid reader and spends time teaching youngest granddaughter many things. Because of his love and attention she is very bright and articulate for a seven year old. He is also a gourmet cook.   He has six children and 9 grandchildren with the 10th on the way.

Montgomery, William Harold - I'm the daugher of Cpl William Harold Montgomery.  He served in Korea 1952-53.  I have his DD-214 and it looks like he served in the Svc Co of the 32nd Infantry Division.  If anyone has ANY information, please E-mail me at .  Thank you!

Morris, Jack  - (Airman First Class)(AF19328825) (1948-1952) I arrived Japan on the troop ship Nelson M. Walker.   We were quickly moved to South Korea just prior to the making of the Pusan Perimeter and shortly after the North Korean Army crossed the 38th and moved toward Seoul.  I Arrived Taegu (K-2) with my Air Force squadron in the fall of 1950 and helped set up a reconnaissance function processing aerial films of the combat.  I moved to Taegu to a school house just prior to the snows and the retreat of the American 8th Army into the city -- about December, 1950.  School house burned to the ground and we moved back to K-2 airbase for a short period.  Following the Inchon Landing, my outfit moved north to Yongdongpo at Kimpo Airbase (K-14).  I was transferred to public relations and began composing articles about war conditions for stateside newspapers.  I returned home from Japan in January, 1952 on the troop ship, J.C. Breckinridge.

Moskowitz, Jerry "Mosk" - I am looking for soldiers who served with my father Jerry "Mosk" Moskowitz (Bronx, NY) in the 155th Transportation Unit in Korea. He often tells me stories which include such Army buddies as Sam Sommers (PA) and Hoollihan Whitman. If any one can assist me please contact me at   Thanks, Scott

Murphy, Paul - US Navy, AT2 (CA), USS Bon Home Richard CVA 31, Squadron VC-12, Det. 41, Group Carrier Air Group 7, Task Force 77, 7th Fleet, April 1952 to Jan. 1953 ( in Korea), 40 Shawondasse Drive,  Stonington, CT 06378, E-mail:

Murray, Thomas A. - 

I was a member of the 999 Armored Field Artillery Battalion, attached to I Corps during the period 1951 to 1953.   
As Exec. Off. of Baker Btry. during 1953 we were awarded Outstanding Artillery Battery of I Corps.
Thomas A. Murray
Midlothian, Virginia

Muno, John C. - I joined the marine corps in Sept. 1950 at Chicago, Il . was based at the following military locations : took boot at Parris island ,S.C. ; camp Lejeune, S.C.; Quantico ,V.A. ; camp desert rock, Nev. ; camp Pendelton, CA ; Korea & great lakes , Il. as a member of  dog co.,2nd.btn.,6th marine regt. , 2nd. marine div. we participated in a Mediterranean & Caribbean cruise , then sent to Quantico, VA. as a small arms instructor, then witnessed a atom bomb test at camp desert rock , Nev. then shipped to Korea .served in george/ how co. 3rd. btn. 5th . marine regt . 1st. marine div. saw action for outpost Carson, Reno & Vegas in march 1953  & outpost esther in july1953 . I was a machine gun section leader. discharged atgreat lakes, Il  in Sept. 1953.



Newell, Richard A. - USMC - Served in VMA-332 aboard the USS Bairoko (CVE-115) and the USS Point Cruz (CVE-119) in the Yellow Sea from June to November 1953 - Then served in VMC-1 at K-3, Korea from November 1953 to July 1954. Would like to hear from former members of both squadrons who served during these time periods -

Nichols, Buell W.  - RA. 18343523 - I would like to know if there are any remaining G, Co 9th. Reg. who arrived from Tacoma WA, July 31, 1950 also anyone who was in my platoon. my platoon leaders name was 1st. Lt. Lamb. who was K.I.A.  I think August 9th, 1950.  I was W.I.A. on the Naktong river counter attack. and was flown back to the states to Hot Springs, AR, Army & Navy Gen.  My platoon sgt. was cong. medal of hon or recipient. from WWII but i don`t  remember his name.  Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.

Nicolazzo, Frank - U.S. Army, 45 Inf. Div. 700 Ord Bn. Co. B., Pres. of Local KWVA.  I am looking for any one who was in the 700 Ord. Bn '52-'53 or with the 40th Inf Div., 740 Ord Bn '53-'54.  E-mail: , 54 Lincrest Drive, Rochester, NY   14615.

Nightingale, Tom - I served as a medic with the 17th Infantry Regiment from late 1952 until the war ended in July of 1953. I have been looking for a useful website, and yours seems like a good starting place. I am currently visiting in Georgia, but will be home in Maryland next week. My E-mail address is ,  in case I can't find you on the net.  Thanks, Tom Nightingale

Noyes, Robert Eugene - Robert Eugene Noyes served with 223 Regiment,G Co.,2nd Platoon,2nd Squadron, some places he was at were Kumwha,Kumsong,Chorwon. He can be reached thru me his daughter.



O'Brien, John - U.S.Army 790 QM Corps Served In Korea Aug 1954 to Dec1955 Home: Boston MA.  

Oliver, Van Huston  - My father was Van Huston Oliver from Hot Springs, Arkansas. He served in Korea from July 1951 until November 10, 1952, when he was honorably discharged. His DD form 214 list his place of separation as the 5th Armored Division. He was a Pfc. (T) 10A. The paper lists his most significant duty or assignment as 560 QM Co Svc Co APO 301. My father died in 1991 and I would like to know more about his time in Korea. His grandchildren are asking questions now and I don't have the answers because my father never told me about his time in Korea. If anybody would know anything about him or the companies he served in they could E-mail me at   or .  Thank you for your help. Karen Oliver Keene

Oliveto, Joe - would like to hear from anyone who served during the years of 1952 - 3 in Fulda or Hanau Germany.  Outfit No. 7811 SCU. My address is 112 Bon Aire Circle West, Suffern, NY10901. Phone: (914)357-0793

O'Reilly, Lawrence - I'm looking for a man by the name of Wally Krueger, I'm not even sure if the spelling is correct, I'll have more info as it becomes available to me, He drove a tank in the Korean War and my Grandfather was the one who steered  him. I've heard several stories, and wanted to know if he was still out there. I'll talk to my Grandpa and try and get more specifics, But Please help with Information any way you can, My Grandfathers name is Lawrence O'Reilly. I'm not sure as far as rank and company, but i will get specifics to you as soon as I can, Thanks. 



Patton, Roy W. - Roy w. Patton (Pat)  USAF Served in Korea 1952 -1953 K-13 Suwon, 51stfiw, 16fis Enlisted 5/21/52  -  Discharged 5/23/56 Plus 4 years inactive reserve. AF 13417674  Home town Seth, WV.  My e-mail address is  

Pavlik, Dennis L. - entered the service in October 1952 and served with the 555 FA, C Btry and was overrun July 14, 1953 and captured.  Returned on the big switch on August 25, 1953.  We had forty captured and several killed.  Spent the balance of my time in Camp Carson.

Perry, William J. - Fort Gay, WV,  April 14th 1950 Fort Knox, KY, Trained under the 76th Field Artillery Infantry Training.  Assigned into Japan with the 7th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 32nd Tank Company. Served as Tank Driver in the 32nd Tank Company, George C. Cook was Tank Commander, Wounded May 1950 sent back to Korea and served with the KMAG Tague, Korea.  Sent home November 1951, honorably discharged with 746th Engineer BTN in Granite City, IL 1953

PHILLIPS, B. B. - USN-Pilot in Squadron VF-22. Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39, Task force 77, 7th Fleet, in the Korean War-1953-- MISSISSIPPI.

Planavsky, Ivan - I'm interested mainly in personal that were in the 40th division.  Quartmaster company from October 1952 to February 1954. Those were the times that I was in Korea. I don't remember any of the names, only Wm. Hoenig and we correspond. He lives in california. thanks for the offer of helping. 

Petrowski, M/Sgt Frank R. Jr. - M/Sgt Frank R.Petrowski Jr Served with W1-1 Jan 51 to June 10th 51.  Interested in hearing from any Marine that went thru boot training in Aug 45, Plt 506 4th recruit Bn. Also any that I have served with my career. Thanks Ski.  E-Mail:

Sgt. Pizzini, Raul A. - from Detroit Michigan, served with the Wolfhounds from Feb-1952 thru March-1953 with the 3rd Batallon,27th Infantry Regiment, 25th Division. He talks about Sandbag Castle and the Punch Bowl. He would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have served in that theatre of the war.

Potts,Glenn E. - I served with the H&S Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regimate, 1st Marine Division in Korea from September 19, 1950 - to April-1950,
                Glenn E. Potts
                R.R.# 1 - bOX 410
                DENT, Minnesota  56538-9737

Prewett, Perry L. - U.S. Navy 51-54 USS IOWA in Korea (1952) CR Div. In the photo, I am on the right. Photo was taken while IOWA was in Copenhagen in 1953. Buddy, Lee Rogers is the other in the photo. Lee lives in MO. Interested in hearing from anyone who served on "The Gray Ghost".  Our Captain in Korea was Capt. William R. Smedberg III, and I agree with the caption under his photo in our Cruise Book in Korea, that he was "a friend to every man in the ship." Please contact me by E-mail.

Prewett Photo

Pruiett,Ramon L (Ray) - Sgt. First Class, Co B, 7th Inf Regiment, 3rd Inf.
Div.   Served in Korea 1951 & 52. I was also known as "Ugly Mustache",
"'stache", "Kuda Chom" and sometime just "Ugly" My mustache stuck
straight out  about 6 inches or more on each side, looked  like black
pencils under my nose  I covered lots of real estate over there that  I
didn't care to own,  from landing at Inchon to Chorwon, Kansas line,
even served as Honor Guard at  the first abortive attempt at  Peace
Commission talks at  Uijongbu.   Back up reserve at Pork Chop Hill .
That operation us  cost us a special  congratulatory Thanksgiving dinner
with  Vice President Alben Barkley. We missed  meeting him because the
Chinese attacked,  so we took off for the front in our parade uniforms
with dress "finger gloves" e called them,  leather boots- NO WINTER
BOOTS, PARKAS OR MITTENS.- we lost about  13 guys with frostbite in one
night running around chasing after infiltrators. I suffered from frost
bite pains in feet and hands for many years also picked up some frags in
my fingers too that didn't help when it was cold.
ABLE-  One of the first five  original regular  infantry regiments.
They  was recommissioned the 7th in War of 1812 before the Battle Of New
Orleans where  were the mainstay for Andy Jackson,   fighting  from
behind cottonbales to rout the British. The Cottonbalers have  become
the most decorated American Military Unit in History
 I'd  like to hear from   Cottonbalers or their families, especially
Korean vets. or families.  Email  me at


Prinselaar, Roberto J. - When the war started in Korea, I was aboard the USS Nueces APB-40, in Green Cove Springs, Florida. After that I served on the USS Watts DD-567, and the USS YOG-32, before coming aboard the USS Gilbert Islands CVE-107, which is the ship I went to Korea on in 1952.  We brought a lot of F-86's with us in our hangar bay, and offloaded them in Yokosuka.  Later I also served on the USS Midway CVA-41,and the USS Platte AO-24.  Besides others I was awarded the Korean Service medal, The United Nations Medal, and the Korean Presidential Unit Citation.

The attached photo is me aboard the USS YOG-32, as a BM2. I later left the Navy and entered the Coast Guard, retiring as a LCDR.

Prinselaar Picture

Bob aka Roberto aka "Boats"

Printy, John E. - Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class - Served in Fighter Squadron 22 aboard the USS Lake Champlain CVA-39 which was part of Task Force 77 during the last two months of the Korean War, June and July 1953. Fighter Squadron 22 flew numerous sorties in support of the ground forces during that period of the Korean War. I was awarded the Korean Service Medal with one battle star, the United Nations Medal, and the Korean Presidential Unit Citation for my service during the Korean War.  I retired from the U.S. Navy on August 1st 1969 with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. I currently reside in Jacksonville Florida and am permanently retired. I can be reached by e-mail at .   I also have a web site on line about the USS Lake Champlain at   Looking forward to hearing from any former shipmates.

Propst, James E.  Jr. -  Marines, VMC-1 MAG-33, 1st Marine Air Wing, 5740 Central, Kansas City, MO  64113. E-mail:  Any one out there that served in VMC. I would like to hear from you.  Thanks Sgt. Jim Propst   588243. USMC Semper Fi!

Prosser, Russell - msgt 38 fa bn korea at kuniri looking for sgt bily g moore 23 inf 2nd div

Purvis, Charles T. "Chuck"  -  in Korea  (USAF) from Nov 1952 till Oct 1953, K-14 Kimpo, assigned to 67th Med Gp as medical admin spec. From Korea to Portland, OR, 503d USAF  Infir.  Later, 6 yrs AFRes, 24 Yrs Army NG and 5 yrs Army Res.  Retired Army CSM.





RAINEY, RICHARD L. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953.--TEXAS.  (Died Oct. 1992)

Tstg. Radford, Charley L. - was my father. He was a Marine fighter pilot during
the Korean War.  He was born, grew up and is buried in Waco, Texas.  Records
that I have state that he was shot down five miles west of Koto-Ri on
December 3, 1950 while flying an F4U-5.  I am not sure where his home base
was.  I would like to know more about his personality and character and know
about  "daily life stories" from anyone who knew him.  I can be contacted at 

Raun, Lyle H. -  he died in 1979 and he served in Korea.  He told
us a few stories of his service and now that I am older, and he is deceased,  I wish we
knew more about his service.   What I do know is that he was in Orc Arty - 5th army,
HQ 2nd army div arty - apo 24g.  He was wounded at Mun Dun Ni in October of
1951.  Decorated with Silver Star with Olive Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart, Korean
Service Medal with 1 Bronze Camp. Star plus a command ribbon and the UN Service
Medal.  Not sure what all happened to earn those medals but would like to know a little
more about this.  I would also like to hear from anyone that served with him.  My
email is

Raymond, Norman - Hello, my father Norman Raymond served as the Battalion Surgeon commanding medical platoon,1st battalion, 23rd infantry regiment,2nd infantry division from about July 1951 to about Sept. 1952. He was at Hearbreak Ridge and Old Baldy. If there is anyone who would like to contact him, he can be reached through me, Rick Raymond at He would like to hear from any of the soldiers who may have passed through his care or any one who served with him. Thank you Rick Raymond

Reed, Elmer -  My uncle served in Korean War and would like to find old Army Buddies . He served in HHC 279th batt. 45th infantry division. A roster 0f this group or any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.  E-mail:

Reeves, Carey E. - I served in Korea Aug 1950 to July 1951 with 1st Cav. 8th Reg. I Co. Disabled retired in 1953 Now live in FL. Email   Carey E. Reeves B.A.R man 3rd platoon

Reed, Vester L. - Served in Korea from 1952 through March 1953 was a machine gunner in the 7th Division,  17th Regiment, Fox Company among other places he served on Triangle Hill and Returned to the U.S. in March of 1953 and got out of the Army in August of 1953.Chanute, Kansas he can be reached at

Rendina, Pete E. - I served in Korea from October,1952-September 1953.   I was in the Marines--BAR man in Charlie Company,1st Battalion,7th Marines,1st Marine Division.  I'd like to hear from others who served when I did.  My e-mail address is:

Revezzo, John - Cpl. John Revezzo, 3rd Div. 3rdAAA AW Bn Sp C Btry. Pusan Aug.20,1950 to May 1951. I am interested in going to Korea for the Ichon Landing Reunion. Could you send me any information on who to contact? I am interested in finding anyone from Charlie Btry. who was in Korea then too. Or a Field Artillery Bat. in Huxri, No. Korea . I was on an M16 Half track with Quad 50's the name on my Half track was "Mule Train" , I would like to correspond with anyone who may have run across this Half track, esp. in North Korea. Thank You Your Brother In Arms Forever John Revezzo 3187 Belcher Road Palm Harbor, FL 34683-6900

Reynolds, Chester W.  - June 13, 1932 to Jan. 26, 1999 (last residence was Natoma, Kansas)  He served in the Marine Corps in the Korean War.

Reiff, LeRoy M. -  37th. field artillery , July, 49 thru June51 Hgq Battery . Gmouse 2727.

Richardson, Lt. Col. (Ret) Arlon Wung - Honolulu, HI.  US Army, 2nd Infantry Division. Korea 1951-52.  Born September 19, 1921. Died September 14, 1996. Buried at Hawaii Veterans Cemetery, Kaneohe, HI.   Medals Korean Service Medal & Korean Presidential Unit Citation Medal.  Recipient of the Purple Heart. Note from daughter, Rachel P. Richardson, Des Plaines, IL "My father was very proud to serve his country. He loved the military and traveling to different parts of the world. He was a history buff so he was always interested in other peoples and cultures. He'd be so happy to know that I'm writing to inquire about what your organization is trying to accomplish. Perhaps I could even be of some help. I believe what your organization is trying to do is very important. We must never forget what all veterans have done for freedom and peace in the world."

ARVEL RIDDLE P.O. BOX 752 ONEONTA AL. 35121 TEL# 205-274-0948 E-MAIL IS:

Rittenhouse, Wayne - I spent over 19 months in Korea, arriving in October 1951 and leaving in June 1953.  Most of this time was with the 46th Ordnance Light Aircraft Maintenance Co. (46th OLAM Co.).  Name was changed to 46th Transportation Army Aircraft Maintenance Co. (TAAM Co.).  I would also enjoy hearing from my former buddies.  Maybe a reunion would be nice.  Wayne Rittenhouse, 265 DuPage Street, Mahomet, IL.

Robinson, Dennis Glendel - Served in Korea with the 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division.  He was a sergeant when he left Korea. He is from Perryton, Texas and now lives in Baltimore, Maryland. We would appreciate any help you may be able to provide. We will of course provide verification information to any survivors who are located. Thank you, Dennis M. Robinson, E-mail:

Rodden, Joe - I am looking for any vets who may served with my father-in-law, Joe Rodden, 7th Division, 32nd regiment, item company, sometime in 1953. I believe he was involved in the battle of Pork Chop Hill.

RODNEY NORMAN WILLIS - Served Sept '51 - Sept '54, 1 year/1 month/13 days of foreign service.  Army - 3rd Infantry Division "Rock of the Marne", 39th Field artillary batallion. Basic Training at Ft. Smith, Ark. Camp Chaffey. Discharged as Cpl (T). Purple Heart, National Defence Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, Bronze Service Star, Good Conduct Medal, United Nations Service Medal. Following discharage, lived in Cape Cod (Brewster, Mass). Currently lives in Hobe Sound, Florida. Under Hospice care for pancreatic cancer. Please email @

Rohrbacher, Kenneth - My Name is Paul Hernandez. My uncle served and died in Korea.  Here what i know about my uncle Kenneth Rohrbacher, 10 HQ QH CO X CORPS, Army 11/29/50, Cpl-E4, Service #: 16300456-MOS00014, North Korea hostile, died (KIA).  I would like any info I could find out about my uncle so if by chance you find something I would appericate it if you would forward it to me.   Thank you,

Rountree Franklin D. - Hello, I am looking for a buddy named A2C, James Stewart(Steward), We were in AC&W 607 or 608. The year was 1953. Thank you very much, CMSGT. Franklin D. Rountree.

Rowe, Charlie - Date of Service: 11/11/1950-08/10/52, 3rd Infanty 3rd Recon, Based: Chorwon (20 mi above Seoul), Offensive: UN Summer?  Mission: Spearhead Able - Mountain Pass, Served under or with : Master Sgt Wilson; Tech. Sgt Pickering.  Sgt Rowe was told that after going state-side that his company was annihilated. He has searched in a few history books regarding the war and the 3rd Recon is not mentioned. Please help if you can.

Rosen, Arnold - I served in the USAF during the Korean War in 1953:
Sailed for Korea on the USNS General A. W. Brewster, out of San Francisco on
March, 1953
Stationed in. . .75th Operations Squadron K-10 75th Air Depot Wing Chinhae, Korea k-9 543 Ammo Supply Pusan Korea
K-11 547 Ammo Supply, Ulsan Korea Ground Radio Operator Anybody out their served with me?  Please contact me.


Ruggieri, Sal - Korea 84th ECB Co. B, October 52 to October 53. Anyone who served with 84th ECB 2nd Group 8th Army Co. B.   Worked on Teal and X-ray Bridges on Imjin River Wester front.  Looking for:

William (Tex) Sloan from TX
Rou Coloumbe, from MN
Oscar Ruiz, from NM
Joe Butkus, from CT




Sawtelle, Bob - Hello,  The re-unions are a wonderful way of seeing old buddies.  I could not find any though,for 1st. Marine Air Wing, Marine Ground Interception Squardron 3.  Any help would be appreciated.  This web site is really great. Semper Fi, Bob Sawtelle

Sayers, James C. Served in Korea with 1st Marine Division from September 15, 1950, Inchon landing to November 1, 1951.  Member of Marine Band during some of this duty.  Enlisted in the Marine Corps Feb. 12, 1948, from Oklahoma City, OK and Discharged Feb. 11, 1952 at Marine Air Station, El Toro, CA. Also served on Guam M.I.  Currently Living in Henryetta, OK.  E-mail:

Scarpato, Patsy J - 2nd Lt Platoon Leader Easy Co, 65th Inf Regt, 3rd Inf Div Served in Korea 3/53 to 9/53 Wounded in action 6/14/53 on Hill412 in the defense of OP Harry Also took part in the battle for the Kumsong Bulge in 7/53. Graduate of OCS at Fort Benning, GA 9/12/52. Served as a Private, PFC, CPL, and Sgt while in the Army.

Schroder, Robert R. Schroder - USN - HM2  with 1st Marine Division 1951 to 1952.  Received the Purple Heart. He was my husband who passed away in 1998.  He always said the Korean War was the forgotton war.  We his family were always proud of him

Scoggins, Robert Lee - I would like to find any body that served in the mobile boat pool from 1947 to 1951-especially Jimmy Rodgers, (Rogers) from Rocky Ford, Colorado.  I served on the USS Comstock LSD-19.  Please E-mail me at

Schulman, Ray  S/Sgt. - Served in Korea between Sept. 1993 till Sept. 1994 . Was at Radar Hill at Yongdong Po with the 606 AC&W Squadron. Am looking for Jack Poplis or Woody Woodell or any other one that served at the same time. You can reach me at

Schaller, Ronald - K. Co.35 inf 25 Div. Aug. 51  Aug. 52 Front line duty and Div. rear Have pictures of Soel 52

Schramm, John William - 807 Bishop Ct.  Schaumburg, IL 60194-2201  US Army Btry "A" 50th AAA AW Bn (SP)  Served in Korea September 1950 through October 1951 with 1st Marines, 7th Inf, 3rd Inf, and 8th Army.  One of many frozen/Chosin and evacuation from Hunganam.

Scott, Richard F. - Took Basic with the 325/82Abn 1/20/51, Jump School 6/15/51, Went to the 508th Abn. R.C.T. until discharged 1/20/53. with rank of Cpl. Proud to be part of your Roster. R.F.Scott

Shaw, Jack L  -  Served in Korea from October 1952 to November 1953 with Headquarters Company, 4th Signal Battalion, 10th Corps at Kwandari (not sure on correct spelling). Now living in Pensacola, Florida.   E-Mail:

Shaffer, James C. - #RA 13412165  Dates in Korea are November 1952 to April 1955 in 501 Com. Recon Group you may reach me at or address is Buffalo, PA 15534.

SHOFNER,JAMES H. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953.--MISSISSIPPI. (Died April 1997)

Silver, Kenneth, Korea March 1952- November 1952, Served with the 7th Medical Bn. 3rd Clr. Plt.  We were north of Kumwa supporting the 17th and 31st Inf. Reg of the 7th Div.  Be interested in contacting anyone from that time.    

Simmons, Jewell Walter.  US Navy.  He is my father, alive & well in Calif.  He joined the Navy approx. 1951 @ age 18 yrs. Completed boot-camp in San Diego, Ca. & promptly  began his service aboard the aircraft carrier  USS Antietam CV 36 / TF 77 out of Alameda, Ca.  He was an "Aviation Ordnance Man" with the VF-837 Squadron.  He considers himself  one of the lucky one's that his particular tour (1951-1955) rather docile, ironically the tragedy that even now he recalls quite vividly involved an F9F Panther that missed the tail hook upon landing, sliced through the steel cable & crashed horribly into other aircraft on deck.  He was below deck in the squad room on impact.  Upon answering the "all hands on deck" call he described the scene as "a hell of a mess". He remembers being tapped on the shoulder and being handed a stretcher with one of the victims on it and told to help get this guy to sick-bay.  In sleeping quarters that night a "Chief" walked through, the guy on the stretcher didn't make it, he had been one of three guys who had been trying to teach my dad how to play 'cut-throat pinochle.  The surviving 3 never played the game again.

Sintic Martin L. - I was drafted from Cleveland, Ohio on September 12, 1952. I
spent 10 days at Fort Geo. Mead for further assignment which was to
Aberdeen Proving Grounds. I spent the next 6 mos. at Aberdeen doing my
basic training, Instrument Repair school and a special course in the
maintenance of the brand new range finder for new M1 tank. In the first
part of April 1953, I reported to Fort Lewis, Wash. for further
assignment in the Far East. I shipped out of Seattle in the middle of
April 1953 and ended up at Camp Drake, Japan. A few days later I was
sent by rail to Sasebo, Japan. Almost immediately I transported by ship
to Inchon. Within a few days I was assigned to the 107th ORDNANCE CO.
(DS) I Corps, 8th Army. The 107th, at this time, was located near a
little town called YONCHON (approximately 15 miles north of another
little town called UIJONGBU, which was I corps hdqtrs). Also, we were
about a mile south of 7th Div. rear and just a bit west of the 2nd Div.
(8" howitzers) unit. I was with the 107th ORDNANCE from end of April
1953 until the end of September 1953 at which time I was flown to the
OSAKA ARMY HOSPITAL in Japan. In October 1953 I was assigned to the
TOKYO ORDNANCE DEPOT and remained there until approximately March 1954.
I was then assigned to the 8170th ORDNANCE CO. which was located within
the Camp Drake complex. All this while I remained an Instrument
Repairman. I left the 8170th ORD. CO. on August 6, 1954 for my discharge
and return home via San Fransisco, Oakland and Fort Knox. I would like
to find some G.I. friends. Here are a few names that I remember: corp.
Robt. Campilla, corp. Stanley Hirsch, pfc. Benny Woichekowski, pvt.
Duane Zenoble, pvt. Geo. Grevas, pvt. Wilber Harbin, corp. Eaddy( i
don't remember his first name) and our sergeant whose name was Nemets.
If there is anyone else out there that was with the 107th ORDNANCE,
please feel free to either call me at my home phone which is (440)
946-1635 or you can e-mail at: I realize that this is
quite long, however, memories are very important to a lot of us that
were in Korea. I want to thank all those responsible for this website.
you are doing a great service for a lot of, I'm sure, grateful
servicemen and their families. By the way, I did try to respond to
another party that was interested in some information about the 107th
ORD. ,however their e-mail was sent back to me as undeliverable. The
address was Is there any way that you could look into
this? I would really like to contact that party. I'm not too sure, but I
think the G.I."s last name was Stevens. If anyone would like to write
me, my home address is MARTIN L. SINTIC 36095 HILLCREST DRIVE--

Skierski, Louis P. Skierski Jr. - US Army , Served in Korea at Cp. St. Barbara, I Corps. (north of the 38th) with Hq. 1st Target Acquisition Battalion, 25th Artillery, I Corps Group Artillery. from June 1965 to July 1966.

Slaney, Maurice R. - I was a member of Service Company, 34th Inf.Regt.24th Inf.Division.  I was a radio Landed at Pusun on July 2nd moved by  rail to Taejon.  Off loaded there and proceeded up to area around Suwan. For the next 18 days it was all back toward Taejon.  On July 20th,1950 caught in Taejon 4 of us from Service Company formed a bazooka team. Using the 2.36 bazooka(Worthless  against the T-34) we attempted to knock out any T-34's by getting above them and  firing down into the turret where the armor was thinner. Managed to knock one out but were seen by another who fired the 85 MM round into the 2nd floor room we  were in. I was the only one to come through.  The other three men, Graham,Grife and  Stevens were all KIA. I somehow managed  to get to the aid station. From there I some  how was taken out ofTaejon to medical  treatment. Maybe at Pusun. From there went  via LST to Hakatta beach where we were  loaded on train for shipment to Tokyo Army  Hospital.  That was my entire service in  Korea.

Sloan, Clifford McDonald - My dad is a veteran of the Korean war. He served in the 45th Infantry. He was on the front page of Life magazine, his name is Clifford Mc Donald Sloan. He was known as Mac or Don Koons, (Koons being his mothers maid name, this is a whole other story). can you help me find this picture? He lost his copy in a house fire that took everything but the clothes on our backs. how can I get an Army book to replace his , if I can

Smilo, George - 3409 Dynes Avenue, Erie PA 16510, I am looking for Cpl. Michael Hudock, PA.  Cpl. William Andrews, Batavia, NY.   Srg. Kamp, Passiac NJ. Srg. Trimble and others we all were in the 40th Inf. Div 224 Inf. Reg. 3rd Bn. L and Hq. Co. May 53 April 54

Smith, Henry M. - Was in Korea July 1950 to Aug 1951. I came to Korea with the 29th inf.regiment from Okinawa. After a couple ingagements on the Pusan Perimeter we was put in the 27th regiment"wolfhounds" of the 25th div. E-mail:

Smith, William H.  "Red" - In the 7167th Special Air mission Squadron APO 57.  I served from Jan 1951 to Oct 1954.   My address is 3810 W. 600 S.-57 Columbia City, IN 46725 219-691-2940  Or e-mail me at .

Smith, William J. - Army 7th Div, 31st Reg, I Co. In Korea from 1948 - 1951, 4 different times coming from Japan and fought in 3 major campaigns and 3 spearheads. At Inchon Landing  through to Chosin. One of the "Chosin Few." Regiments-joined 32nd at Seoul and in Sapporo joined 31st. Before Chosin, Regiment linked up with 1st Calvary, "Helter Skelter." After Chosin, William was listed as MIA and had to prove his whereabouts in Korea. To this day has never been recognized nor received any medals for his time in Korea. Was Co. Runner for Regimental Headquarters in Reservoir. Nicknamed, "Little General Coaldust."  Many times, William was selected as General's Orderly and in August of 1949was one of the 3 best soldiers in the 31st. along with Reginald Alvarado-F Co, and David Akers-F Co.  His two best friends.  Tom J. Morris-KIA Chosin 1950, Tom was a jockey and shot craps. His nickname by William J. Smith, "Machine Gun Kelly," for shooting a 30 caliber gun while he was holding it from the hip. Charles Mutter-VA. Charles once picked William J. Smith as My pick to share a foxhole with. Charles was first in Navy, then Army.  Listed below are names that my Father served with in 31st, I Co.:2nd LT Webb-IL, was a broker from Chicago Baker-VA. Baker and Mutter knew each other from VA, Baker's wife worked in a bank. Bernard A. Colie-FL William Major-UT William Minshall-NE Carl Pippin-TX Joseph Smith-MO, used to ski with William J. Smith James Anderson-a jeep driver Penstadler-L. Ward-OK, Native American transferred out of 31st to Camp Haugen, Japan. In picture with William J. Smith 12/25/1948.Furtis-Valleria- Fukamia-Hawaiian whose father owned a pineapple factory. Billy Balou-Hungarian "Red"-Karen

SOUTHERLAND, LEONARD B. - Captain--USN- Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39. with Task Force-77, 7th Fleet, during the Korean War-1953.  (Killed in a helicopter crash in Okinawa in 1958.)

Sowders, Joe H. - I served in the 24th Inf. Division - 34th Inf. Regt. from July 53 to November 1954. I was one of three 34th Inf. Regimental S-3 Operations Draftsman and attained the rank of Sgt. (E-5). My residence is Florissant, Missouri. I am attempting to arrange a reunion with my Army buddies that I served with and have located 12 so far. I have also had the distinct pleasure of serving under Capt. James B. Vaught (S-3) who became Lt. General James B. Vaught. He was the 24th Inf. Division Commander 1977-79. We just had a face to face reunion in April after 46 years. I plan to attend the reactivating of the 24th Inf. Division with General Vaught on June 5, 1999. This will be at Ft. Riley Kansas. Joe H. Sowders E-Mail

Spencer, 1st Lt. Jim - Platoon commander, weapons platoon, company L 14th if.. reg. 25th div.  In Korea in summer 1951 to 29 February 1952. Wounded on heartbreak ridge 29 February 1952. Returned to United States June 1952. Returned to duty as a recruiting officer. Remained on active duty retiring on July 1964 as a Major.  , Grayling Michigan 49738

Speiser, J.C. -I was in Korea from 1977 through 1978.  Not exactly in the thick of things, but for an 18 year old from Florida it was enough.  Just out of AIT and a brand new infantryman, I was assigned to an Infantry Unit at Camp Casey.  Climb a mountain in full gear? I had never seen one before.  6 months at Casey, forced marches, squad drills, live fires, everything a teenager could want.  Then we relived the guys in the DMZ at Liberty Bell so thy could rotate to Kentucky.  What a difference!  Full combat loads, nightly patrols, curfew, Lt's sending 2 patrols into the same sector (forgetting to brief the squad sgt's on that little item) and then absolving  themselves when a fire fight broke out.  I got out in 1986, and have been in law enforcement for 13 years.  A shoot out, plenty of fights, but nothing compares to a 3am fire fight in February in the DMZ.  I have a real compassion fro those who served in the 60's and came home.  Please keep this website going!

J.C. Speiser  Jacksonville Florida

SPIVEY, EDWARD C. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953--FLORIDA.

Stroub, Walter W.  - We are writing this for our Father, remembering the stories he told us. Unfortunately, he is no longer here to refresh our memories if we are wrong. He passed away on March 25,1996. He enlisted in the Army, during WWII. He saw action in the Korean War and was wounded by shrapenel. He was a Sgt. He was a paratrooper. He did 75 jumps. He was in Co. A 187 th Abn. Inf. Regt. He was in Ft. Benning, Ga. in June 1950. He loved the Army, and wanted to make a career out of it. Unfortunately, his Mom passed away and after his tour of duty, he remained home to care for his Father. If he had not chosen to stay home, he would never have met our Mother. We have been blessed to have known this man. He is sorely missed. He is buried  in Calverton National Cemetary, Wading River, N.Y. If anyone had the honor of knowing him, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at L

Sturdivant, Charlie D - 

I am writing this for my Father.  His name as known in Korea was Sgt. Charlie
D. Sturdivant.  He served with  I Corp, 51st Signal Bn., T & T Co.  He
arrived in Pusan in Aug. 1950 with the advance party of the 51st.  As time
has went by,  he says he doesn't remember a lot.  He did say that the first
advance he saw was into Tague.  Someone had posted as sign that read "Tea for
Two in Old Tague."  The advance continued all the way up to the Yalu River.
He said was in Uijongbu when the rotated out in Feb. of 1952.

       He now lives in Mineral Well, TX and is semi-retired.  I thought I
would drop a line and see if anyone might remember him from that time.  If
so, I would be gald to hear from them and will pass it on.

Staas, Dillon  S/Sgt - 8055 MASH, Korea 1950-51.   Presently lives in Lima OH.

Stanley,  William (Bill) M/Sgt - Korea from May 7 to September 1951.  Served with the 1st Cav, Platoon Sgt.,728 Military Police.  Platoon Sgt., 545 Military Police.  He also served with the 1st Cav, 15th Replacement Co. and with the 34th Infantry Regiment as an Lt. Weapons Infantry Leader.  Yokohama, Japan - September 1951 to May 1952,   served with 347th T H/C Co.  Harbor Craft Supervisor.  May, 1952 to September to 1953, served with 517th Military Service Company / Military Supervisor.  Anyone who may have served with my father please feel fee to contact me.  He passed away in 1991.  I am currently writing a book concerning his military life.  He was also a combat veteran of W.W.II serving with the famed 29th Infantry Division and later the 5th Infantry Division.   Thank all of you for your sacrifice.  David E. Stanley. 

Steel, Richard Edward - (1916-1973) CA Colonel US Air Force WWII, Korea

Stevens, Samuel A. - Inducted into the service in February 1952 and sent to Aberdeen, Maryland from Lovingston, VA fro his training.  Arrived in Korea in September 1952,  returned home January 22, 1954.  He belonged to 107th ordinance Company. You may reach me Kimberly S. Jennings at or at 875 Diggs Mt. Road, Arrington, VA 22922

Stewart,James E. - 210 Waynetown Rd. Crawfordsville,In. 47933 Served with 44th Engineer Btn. Company C in Korea April 51- October 52.Mechanic in Motor Pool.

Stockman, Robert L. - Stockman, Robert L.  I served as a Radio Operator in 1st Radio, 5th AF Hq, Seoul, Osan-ni and Taegu 12/53 thru 11/54 Rlstock

Sam Brady Stockton - u s s wright cvl 49  me2 uss palau  cve 122 us navy 1951-1955 R division home address 720 north mohawk dr.Erwin,Tennessee date October,2000 phone 423-743-7453 e-mail

Stumberger, Peter - 82nd Airborne Eng. attached to Bragg & Benning.  Voluntarily went to Korea in 52 and 53; the hill was Old Baldy.  In 1993, Peter was living in Boca Raton, FL.

 Strong, William -
Service days  3rd Infantry Division10/48 - 10/51  Married 32 yrs now 68 yrs old live in Brighton Mich.  Winter in Vero Beach FLMy Web contains this info plus other.  Great job of building the 'forgotten' Web pages (whoever did them).   Thanks.  William L. (Bill) Strong

Stoeson, Olaf Henery - My Dad Graduated from the Citadel in 1951 and was commissioned in the US Army as a 2nd Lt that year.  After completing Artillery school he went to Germany with the 27th ??? (I'm not really sure about the unit.  He kept refering to them as the "Duece Natural") Artillery unit.  When his >mandatory service was complete, he went into the reserves.  He passed away last year after a bout with prostate cancer.

St-Aubin, J.P. - Ex member of the Royal 22e Regiment (Vandoos).  I don't know if you heard about us.  I am French Canadian and served in Korea from November 1951 to December 1952.  Our korea veterans association in ottawa is known has the Capital Unit 7.  We have a few Americans which belong to our unit.  In year 2000 were having a reunion in Ottawa on the 23 - 26 of June.  Hope to hear from you will be searching the net.  Yours JP St-Aubin.  E-mail

Sullivan, James - James Sullivan served with fox company 17th Infantry division, KIA 14th of October, 1952... Served with Jim in 11th airborne division Co. A 1951-1952.  Went overseas together and were wounded in same action.  Jim was less then 3 inches from me that fatal day.  I will always remember him having pictures of Jim if family would like.  He was from Queens, NY.  You may reach me at:  

Swords, Alton E. - My father was from Pickens Co., S.C. He served in the army from August 28, 1951 until his discharge at Fort Jackson on May 27, 1953.  During this time he was in Korea.  His service company was the 28th Infantry.  He was a member of the 7th division, 17th RCT, Company B.  While serving in Korea he earned the following medals: Good Conduct, Korean Service, National Defense, Combat Infantry Badge, and three bronze stars.  We know very little about the time he spent in Korea.  He gave me the above information two months before his death.  He also mentioned that he had been a BAR man.  He was only 5'6" and seemed happy that he was able to do this.  We have found only one photo of my dad from this time.  The photo was with a buddy.  Thomas J. Layne would like to hear from you.  Dad died on June 15, 1999.  Although he never discussed Korea with us, he was our hero.  With five children to rear, he stayed very busy.  I am trying to trace his steps through Korea for his nine grandchildren.  Any information would be helpful  Thank you from Mary Swords Barnes- E-mail address:  

SWEAZY, WALTER J. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39, TF- 77, in the Korean War-1953.--INDIANA.  (Died Oct. 1997)

SWEENEY, JOHN R. - USN- Commander Air Group Four, (CAG). Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39, Task Force-77, 7th Fleet, in the Korean War- 1953.--NEW HAMPSHIRE.



Taylor, Arthur L. - I am trying to find out any information about my Father's role in the Korean War.  His name is Arthur L. Taylor and he is from Flint, Michigan.  I think he was in the 8th Ranger Division during 1950/51.  If anyone served with him, I would very much appreciate any information you could give me.  I am basically looking for his rank, division, where his unit was stationed, and if he recieved any commendations.  To this day he refuses to talk about the War, and has even been brought to tears by it in the past.  This leads me to believe that his dodge story of "I never left Fort Benning" is a lie.  I can be contacted via e-mail at   Thank you. Jayson Taylor

Frank Joseph Taylor - United States Marines.  I entered the service from Colorado on Feb. 6, 1952, did boot camp at Pendleton, was transferred to Camp LeJeune for special service training in underwater demolition, and other front line special duties.  Served in Korea from April 1952 to December 1953.  1st Marine Division - tank service under Capt. McCann; Capt. White was Company Commander.   After being injured, was transferred to 1st Marine, 1st Division Special Guard Company 4; did guard duty at Peace Talks.  Was later injured again, and transferred to Japan hospital - 4 months.  Transferred stateside and served in cross-country MP prison chasing duty until discharged; based at Camp LeJeune.  Discharged to inactive reserve in 1955; final discharge in 1960.  I was known as the Indian kid from Colorado Springs, scrounger extraordinary, small arms expert.  Interested in hearing from Sgt. Rainwater, Sgt. Thompson, Sgt. Herzati, Sgt. Cunningham.  

Temperly, James H. - I served in Korea from Jan of 1952 to Jan of 1953 with Company "B" 116th combat Engineer Battalion which was
then under 10th Corps. Our unit was responsible for keeping the oad that went up to and down into the
punch bowl. It was no easy task believe me. I drove a dump truck from 1800 at night until, 0600 the following morning.
This was seven days a week and went on the entire year I was there. I went from Basic/AIT training right to Korea.We did our duty, and did it proudly. I am
sick and tired of all the praise being given to the Viet-Nam vets who think they had it so hard. They know nothing. I
know, I was there two times. No, I didn't need drugs or pot to get me through each tour.
Sincerely: James H. Temperly U.S. Army Retired P.O. Box 115 Farley, Iowa 52046

Tognazzini, Milford - My father was stationed in Korea for 29 months and met my mother in Korea.  I was born in Korea and my first stop in the United States was Fort Ord. I am writing my mother and fathers story and am looking for any information.  My father re-enlisted in the Seabees in 1969 and went straight to Vietnam where he was killed. I can not ask him about army life or the memories and am hoping you might take time out of your busy schedule to send any information to me. My Fathers name is Milford Tognazzini on the off chance that you may have known him. Please send any replies to: Joan Tognazzini Cox, .

Thibodeaux, Lawrence - 1st Co. Airborne Rangers.  Korea  1950-51.  Served 3 tours as a Vietnamese Ranger.

I live in Alabama now.  One of the first contacts we had many years ago was with someone called Emmette Fike. He had a computer at the time and I'm betting that he is online if only I could come up with the right key words. Another name is Ret. LTC Bob Black who served with 8th Co and wrote a book about the Rangers.

Since my husband's death in 1989, I've remarried and have gotten my degree in History/Creative writing.  Unfortunately I have become confined to the house and the computer has become a major source of enjoyment to me.  My 19 year old son is awaiting a heart transplant, and I am waiting with him with them on my hands for conversation.

I wrote a short story called, "Baptism of Fire", about my husband's trip to Korea and his combaat at Chipyong-ni.  It was published at a local university.  I also wrote a poem about my husband's funeral at Arlington which was also published and which I had the honor to present at a reading.

Would like to share with anyone who is willing to keep an "old" lady company on her vigil.

Thigpen, Clipper R. - I am trying to help my father find his buddies he served with in the army. He has been looking on his own for awhile and has found a few, and he is hoping to find more. My father's name is Clipper R. Thigpen. He served in the army from from August 1948 to May 1952. He served in Japan in the 32nd infantry regiment and in Korea (1950) in the 27th Wolfhounds (he thinks)... If you have any information leading to anyone that knew my father or if you were with him at this time please contact him at Clipper R. Thigpen P.O. Box 2397 Murfreesboro, TN 37133-2397 Phone # (615) 896-1350 or E-mail me at   and I will pass it on to him. He remembers Chadwell, Elmer Kassinger in the 32nd infantry, Sgt. Moss, Sgt. Vandergriff, Sgt. Mickles, Lt. Trubby , Hixon, Francis Carter, Steve Crater, Cpl. Jack Dotson, Pfc Willis, John Stephens, Cpl. Shifflet, and Sgt. Shelton. He has many, many photos but memory fails to remember all the names. He remembers lots of stories about all the photos and wants to find as many of his buddies as possible. Please respond if you can give us any information.  Thank you!

Thomas, Will - Served in the DMZ Police Co. for 18 months between late 1956 to 1958.  At the time, DMZ Police Co was part of 24th Division and I Corps. Will Thomas W. G. (Will) Thomas elle Thomas Route 2 Box 338G
Cedar Bluff, Va.  24609-9610

Trzupek, Cpl. Chester - I served with the 7th Infantry Division, 707th Ord Co. My name is Chester Trzupek. I served from May 51 thru March 53. I was a heavy equipment operator driving a 10 ton wrecker through Korea from Pusan to the Yalu. I was in Chunchon, Wanju, Seoul, and above the 38th parallel. I arrived May 8th 1951 from Fort Lewis, Washington through Japan to Sasebo and through the China Sea to Pusan, Korea. By old train to the front lines 5 days later. I drove many miles over rough terrain through the Kansas Line Pass, Heartbreak Ridge, Pork Chop Hill and many other areas of Korea. My job was to salvage those on the roads or remove equipment such as heavy mortar, back of the lines for repair or salvage. Many nights I helped two and a half ton trucks that were carrying gas to the front out of mud slides. Without my ROK helper named Yu Kop Sukee, I would not have made it home. Thanks for letting me give you these few words of my service. I have never expressed myself this way since I came home more than 46 years ago. E-mail:

Turney, Tommy Hugh - (1931-1973) Oklahoma A1C US Air Force Korea



Urban, F. Eugene - (626) 444-6774 Fox Co. 7th. Div. 17th. Inf. Reg.                           Was on Hill
347- 200 and Porkchop, from March 1953 to July 53. Was wound on July 8,
53 on Porkchop, Taken off July 9, Like to hear from anyone that knew me.
Don`t remember anyone or things that happen between M.A.S.H Unit and the
U.S.A. Hope someone can help.


Velasco, Frank A. - My other brother, Frank A. Velasco, was listed as M.I.A. on the East side of the Chosin Reservoir. His   Service #RA18261077. He was in "A" Co. of the 32nd Regiment, 7th Inf. Div. If there is anyone out there that may have known my brothers, please contact me, David A. Velasco at . I would be glad to hear from you.  Sincerely,  David A. Velasco

Velasco, Fred A. - In 1950, I was 6 years old, I had two brothers in the Korean War. Fred A. Velasco, was in the lst Calvary Div., Combat Engineers. His Service #RA18261066. He returned home, but has since passed away.  If there is anyone out there that may have known my brothers, please contact me, David A. Velasco at . I would be glad to hear from you.  Sincerely,  David A. Velasco



Walch, Clifford S. - My father was a Korean War vet.  Service dates May 1951 - Jan 1954.  Served aboard USS E G Small.   Died May 31, 1998.  Last resided Sedro-Woolley, WA.  I would love to hear from anyone else who may have served on the Small with my father. We lost him to lung cancer last May; my son thinks it is ironical a habit could kill him even when a war didn't - Dad was awared purple hearts.  Rose Fowler

Walker, Ray L. - I served with A/1/5 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, Aug and Sept 1950, 1st Marine Div. Sept thru Dec. 1950 Wounded in arm and chest, and severe frost bite at Yudam-ni, Chosin Reservoir on 11/28/50.  I was there for the Pusan Perimeter, Inchon landing, battle for Seoul and through the Chosin Reservoir. Had my 19th birthday in Seoul on 10/03/51. Enlisted in the USMC 10/03/48, discharged in 1952. Presently live in Brentwood, Tennessee a suburb of Nashville. Marines always welcome; kin by appointment only. Semper Fi.

Walker, Jack - (John T.) U.S.A.F., Comm. Cntr. Spec. (Radio Operator) assigned to 136th Fighter-Bomber Wing, K-2 (Taegu) and Itazuke AFB (Japan) April, 1951 to August, 1952.  Born and raised Pittsburgh, PA and now live Bridgeport, WV.  Enlisted October, '49 and Honorably Discharged October, '53, Selfridge AFB. Michigan

Watson, Robert W. - Korean War 25th Div. 25th Signal Company.  I went to the war when I was 19 years old (September 1950 to July 4, 1951.) I am living in Canby OR 97013.  Address: 1205 N. Birch. Thank you!  E-mail:

Walsh, Frederick J. - Landed by plane at Suwon Airfield on June 28, 1950, with new signal equipment for the American Embassy in Seoul.  While unloading aircraft, we were strafed by N.K. Yak-9.  I was hit by shells at this time.  An Air Force pilot was hit on the second pass.  We were both flown out to 118th Station Hospital in Japan the next morning.  Home unit at this time was 71st Segnal Service Battalion, Headquarters FEC.  I was given the distinction of being the first American WIA of the Korean War.  Any one wishing to contact me I can be reached at email- or by writing Frederic J. Walsh, 4716 Rohrway N.W., Massillon, Ohio 44647-1246

WARREN, ROBERT L. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77, in the Korean War-1953--MISSISSIPPI.

Webb, Robert V. - Served in Korea in 3rd Division, 3rd Signal Company, radio, radio-teletype section, from January of 1952 to February of 1953.  1008 Elm Street, Prosser, WA 99350-1016,

Webster, John - S/Sgt,15431539, 1973 AACS, from1951-1952. Entered service 1950 and discharged 1954. Currently live in Cincinnati.

Weigle, Gerald F. - I served with as a US Navy corpsman with the 1st Battalion, Fifth Marines, 1st Provisonal Marine Brigade, during the Pusan Perimeter engagements in August-September 1950, and then with the 1st Marine Division Combat Service Group, during the Inchon/Seoul campaign in September 1950, and then at the northern campaign and evacuation from Hungnam harbor in November 1950.

White, Reid A. - My step-dad is a Korean War Veteran. His name is Reid A. White from Oak Grove, Missouri. He served in the 101st Airborne Division from 1949 to 1951.  Some time in early 1951 he was assigned to the 76th Tank Division and on February 12, 1951 he was wounded in action when a mortar hit the tank that he and a buddy of his were on. As a result of his injuries, (mostly head and face) he spent almost a year in hospitals. First in an Army Hospital in Nasaka (not sure about the spelling) Japan and then the VA hospital in Kansas City, MO. He currently resides in Levasy, Missouri. A small town 40 miles east of Kansas City, with his wife Vesta. Anyone interested in contacting him can reach him through my E-mail address. Thank you for your wonderful efforts for all of the Korean War veterans. Joy Burkhart

Whitsitt, Robert J. - 

1932- 1952    Robert (ser. #  ng 28114231)  was activated into the army on sept. 1 1950 into the 40th inf. div. in 1951 he was placed into the 24th inf. div. 19th inf. reg. and sent to Korea he arrived on the front lines may 1951 and was wounded june 2 1951 he was evacated to japan, then to the u.s.a. and was separated for disability from the u.s. army on July 17 1951 the place of the casualty was L-5 south korea sector. Robert died as a result of his wounds on Sept. 10th 1952. at the long beach veterans hospital.  robert was awarded the purple heart for his injury and also the bronze for his action after being seriously wounded.   
                                         thank you
dale k. baker

Whaling, Robert L. - 24th Infantry, 52nd Field Artillery Company c. 1949-1950

Floyd H. Wiggins - I was in 14th inf. regt. 25th div. from nov. 1952 until nov. 1953. was foward observer for hv. mortar co. Sgt. Derrall Phillips was also a foward observer with me. My e-mail add. is  rooste5389 Would lihe to hear from guys that were with me. 

WILLIS, JOSEPH - USN-Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77, in the Korean War-1953.--INDIANA.

Willey, Gerald Amos - 1020 1/2 North Street, Caldwell, OH 43724-1048.  Served in the 3rd Division, 65th Regiment in Korea. Korea 1952-53. Battles of Kelly Hill, White Horse Mountain, Papa San Hill. Helped capture two Korean infiltrators in division headquarters. Wounded during the Battle of Kelly Hill.

Wolfgeher, Paul A. - I served in Korea arriving in oct of 52and leaving in Feb of 54. I  was with the first Loudspeaker and Leaflet company attached to 8th Army.  Our unit was the first of its kind to be in a combat area as a separate unit.  We printed leaflets to drop on the enemy and also had loudspeaker teams attached to units on the front lines.  Paul A. Wolfgeher,  1924 South Leslie Drive, Independence, MO  64055-1224

Woods, Robert Earl - My name is , I am a diver in the United States navy with hopes of learning more on what Korea was about and to see if any one my remember My fathers name. My Fathers name is Robert Earl Woods. While growing up he would tell me stories about his life in the army. Dad had mentioned on occasions the Korean War. Not until I was older would he talk about his part in Korea (after seeing something on TV calling Korea a conflict and not a war). When he would mention Korea ; PORK CHOP HILL had been said a few times. My age at the time could only think of hamburger hill (the movie) and thought it was a mistake. While in the Navy I have heard Pork Cop hill mentioned here and there, and hoping to find some help on the subject.  Some of my fathers Duty Stations mentioned were Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri.

Wolf, Marlin C. - ER43021892 - 92nd AFA BN, HQ Battery, Served as Medical Detachment Sgt., Dec. 1950 near Hamhung through July 1951, near umhwa (Iron Triangle).  From Lebanon, PA. Marlin C. Wolf, Sr. 323 S. 2nd St. Lebanon, Pa 17042 717-273-0598 or e-mail to my son at this address

Wolfe, Neil Meredith - Neil Meredith Wolfe ( 3/12/28 -  3/25/96) My grandfather, Neil Meredith Wolfe, was a Korean War Vet.  He was from Martinsburg, WV. Service Dates - November 30, 1950 - October 13, 1952. Division - 24th Infantry QM. CO.  Japan.  While serving in Korea he earned the following medals:  Occupational Medal (Japan), Korean Service Medal with Bronze Star, and the United Nations Service Medal.  My grandfather died unexpectedly of a heart attack on March 26, 1996, at the age of 68.  This site is truly a wonderful way to honor the memory of my grandfather, and all others who served their country

Wright, Ovid W. - I went aboard the Prairie  around April 19, 1952 and left in December 1955.  I was also on board when we had to man the rail for the president of Korea.  I worked in the  1st Lt's Office with Ken  Krause. My wife and I went to the ships reunion last Sept. at Branson, Mo.  Had a great time.  We ran around with the  Grasso brothers, Frank, John and Carl.  Let me hear from you.   E-mail:



Yarbrough, Bill - My name is Bill Yarbrough and I served aboard the USS Navasota AO 106 from 1952 through 1954. We refueled the fleet off the coast of Korea during that time period. I have forgotten how many trips we made back and forth from the States but we would usually stay about 6 months at a time in Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc.  My E-mail address is   and I live in Greensboro, NC. I would love to hear from any former shipmates.



YATES, ROBERT E. - USN- Served on the U.S.S. Lake Champlain CVA-39,TF-77,in the Korean War-1953--KENTUCKY.

Yocum, Calvyn R.  - Hi, we are looking for information on our father, Calvyn R. Yocum. All we know is that he served in the U.S. Army.  28th T.T. Company.  I know this isn't a lot of information, but we have found his I.D. tags and some other items from his tour in Korea. His I.D. number was US 55 346 509. Please E-mail me with any information you have and also post this so other website visitors can read it. Any information would be greatly apprecitiated!   Thank you for your time and help.  Sincerely, Jennifer Yocum


Zimmerman, Harley David - Harley David Zimmerman Korean Conflict April 1952 - July 1953 2nd Infantry Division 23rd Regiment King Company Entered Korea by Landing in Inchon in 1952 by barge. Fought at Pork Chop Hill Was a sniper with rifle being M1 Was Point Man many nights. Buddies included Leroy Leathead from Pittsburgh, PA. & Mac Willis from Pensacola, FL You can contact me at 612-522-8958 or email me at if you would like to get a hold of him. Thank You Sincerely Steve Zimmerman Minneapolis, MN


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