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"Korea 1950-1953: Communism Stopped Cold"

This 38-minute video was originally put together by Dr. Birney Dibble for his comrades who served with him in Korea in the Third Battalion, Fifth Regiment, First Marine Division.  All but a few of the pictures were taken by him and seamlessly fashioned into a narrative that does many things:   It describes in vivid language and sharp pictures why there was a war in Korea.   It shows how the people of Korea lived before the onslaught by the North Koreans and Chinese.   It shows the work of the battalion surgeons and corpsmen working alongside the Marines in combat in the mountains of northeastern Korea.   It shows the work of the doctors and corpsmen in a forward hospital as they treated wounded Marines.

In some ways it is a personal account of one man's war, but it is more than that.  It gives an overview of war that can be seen only through a doctor's eyes.  There are, in fact, some very graphic pictures of casualties, not for shock effect but to illustrate triage.

There are two different kinds of music in the background.  During scenes of military nature the music is martial. During scenes depicting the Korean people the music is authentic Korean.

This video has been used by the school for corpsmen at Camp Pendleton, CA and has received high praise from them.

The cost is $20, postpaid from:

J. Birney Dibble, M.D.
W 4290 Jene Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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