Images of the Korean War

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The pictures shown on this page are brought to you by Korean War veterans from all over the United States who want to share special moments and scenes from the war which were captured on camera film. Most of the pictures were taken by amateur photographers who were the Korean War veterans themselves. If you have a picture(s) which you would like to share on this website, please notify Tricia North. As much as you possibly can, please identify the subject(s) in the photographs so we can create a photo caption. You may send images via E-mail or by mailing them to Sharon Corum at 700 S. Main Street, Tuscola, IL 61953. Original photographs will be returned upon request.

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(Left, Larry Fortier, Korea June 4, 1951. Photo loaned by Bob Craig.  Right, John William Dallas, son of Harry & Anna Troutt Dallas, Wayne Co., IL. 2nd Infantry Div, 9th Regt, 2 Battalion, HQ Co. Dallas now lives in Tuscola, IL.)


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Chunchon prison, March 1951. General Dean was held captive here. Photo loaned by Bob Craig,


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(Left, E. Burrell with a Russian burp gun. Photo loaned by Bob Craig.  Right, "Joe" was the company mascot for A Squadron, 8th Eng. Combat, Korea 1950-51. Photo loaned by Bob Craig.)


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(Left, Harry A. Lasswell in a jeep at Chunchon. March 1951. Photo loaned by Bob Craig.  Right, Time for chow.  Picture was loaned by Bob Craig. The man sitting on the right is Bob Craig.  Man on the left is unknown.)


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(Left, Robert C. Craig on KP duty. He served with the 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, A Troop, 8th Combat Engineers, Korea July 1950-August 1951.  Right, Glen Stumeier, Tuscola, IL. 841st Army Engineer Aviation Btn., Co. C heavy equipment operator, Special Category Army with Air Force (SCARWAF). Korea 1953.)


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(Left, "Pen" the houseboy. Loaned by Dale Bateman, Korean War vet.  Right, First Christmas in Korea, 1950 picture was taken in Pusan by Bob Craig.)


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Dale Bateman (left) of Mansfield, IL - supply clerk with the 1343rd Engineer Combat Battalion. The unit helped build Freedom Bridge. Tom Cearlock (right) of Arthur, IL, field wireman with the 300th Armored Field Artillery. Later Tom served with the 24th Infantry Regiment, 21st Battalion, HQ.


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Archie Edwards of Arcola, IL (left) was with the 2nd Division, 38th Field Artillery, Charlie Battery. He was a POW in Korea from August 1950 to September 15, 1953 in Camps 5 and 4. Merle Sims (right) of Decatur, IL served with D Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division at Freedom Bridge and Ascom City.


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Remember the trains and rail lines of Korea? Both of these pictures were loaned by Richard Stair of Champaign, IL This WW2/Korean War veteran was a member of the 724 Transportation Railway Operating Battalion.


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Pusan in February of 1953 following the fire. The "honey wagon" - Pusan August 1952. Both pictures from the Jim Knoke Collection, Champaign, IL.


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At the harbor Welcome to Inchon - Best Damn Port in the Pacific (left) and the hospital ship "Jutlandia" (right).


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Papasan with A-frame (left) at Pusan, Korea April 1953. At right, a building in bombed out Seoul, Korea 1952. Both photographs are from the Jim Knoke Collection, Champaign.


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Papasan April 1953 (left). From the Jim Knoke Collection.   Carl Nussmeyer (right). 7th Division, 17th Reg., Medical Co. Korea 10/52-8/53.


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Repatriation (left). Guards prepare to remove Prisoners of War who refused to leave the boat. Korea 1953.  Prisoner of War Exchange Site (right), Freedom Village, Korea 1953. Both photos from the Jim Knoke Collection.



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