The Oral History Project

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The goal of the Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library is to interview until the museum owns the largest holding of Korean War veteran interviews in the world. You can participate in the interviews in these ways: Make an appointment to stop by the Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library headquarters.  Sharon Corrum will be happy to conduct an interview with you. (Allow 2-5 hours for the interview.) If you cannot come to Tuscola, use the financial resources of a veteran's group near you to bring Sharon to your state. Sharon will conduct interviews at reunions your group has scheduled during 1999 and beyond. She is also available on a limited basis to be guest speakers. (Ph. 217-253-5813) Keep in mind, however, that due to the high cost of travel and lodging, the Korean War Museum is unable to finance these trips. We encourage you to pool resources with a group of Korean War veterans near you who would like to be interviewed to preserve information about this little known, but very important war in American/Korean/world history. Please note that the staff has also conducted online interviews with Korean War veterans who live too far away from Tuscola, Illinois for an interview in person.  Veterans already interviewed are listed below in alphabetical order:

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ADE, WALTER, Springfield, IL. 5th RCT, infantryman, 3rd platoon, King Co. Light machine gunner. In platoon with Sgt. Harold Cross of Detroit, MI, last man killed in Korea before armistice was signed.  

AMATI, SAL, Chicago, IL. Co. C, 62nd Engineers, Korea. December 1950-November 1951.  

ASHWILL, LLOYD, Tuscola, IL (now deceased). 45th Division, 279th Reg., King Co. 4th squad leader in charge of machine guns. Hearbreak, Sandbag Castle.  



BABCOCK, DELBERT, Utica, KS - 5th Air Force, 51st Fighter Group, Suwon, Korea, automotive & diesel mechanic. Korea December 1951-October 1952. His wife, Letha, also participated in the interview.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

BAKER, JOAN. Mattoon, IL. Sister to Korean War KIA Donnie Roberts. He was killed while serving with the 2nd Division, 38th Infantry. Donnie was killed January 13, 1951.   

BALEK, JOHN J., Joliet, IL. 5th RCT, 555th FAB, Baker Battery. Korea December 31, 1952-January 7, 1954.  

BALLANCE, RICHARD B., Beardstown, IL. US Navy, then transferred to the 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, amphibious assault unit. Diesel engineer on an LCVP in the third wave at Inchon, September 15, 1950. Went to Hungnam for the evacuation, but he was very ill. On December 27, he was flown by helicopter to Yokuska Naval Hospital where he was diagnosed with cancer at age 17. Was treated nine months at Hines Veterans Hospital, Chicago.  

BARCELLA, BENITO "BEN", Midlothian, IL. 2nd Division, 9th Reg., 2nd Battalion, Easy Co. Bloody Ridge, Heartbreak, Punchbowl. Stepped on a mine. Korea July 1951-October 1951.  

BARNES, WM. (BILL), Tulsa, OK - WW2 with Marines 2/6/1943 in 2nd Armored Amphibious Tank Battation with 75 mm cannon. Wounded at Saipan in the first wave. Discharged 6/14/1945. Enlisted in inactive reserves. Recalled to active duty August or September 1950. Landed in Korea Dec. 7, 1950. Was waiting at the Bean Patch as replacement in H Company, 3rd Batt., 5th Marines as H Co was returning from Chosin. Squad leader. Left Korea September 1951. .

BARTELS, H. JAMES, Hays, KS - 2nd Chemical Mortar Btn, Korea December 1950-July 1952.  Also World War II veteran, 90th chemical mortar battalion July 1942.  In reserves until July 1946.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

BATEMAN, DALE. Tuscola, IL. Supply clerk with the 1343rd Engineering Combat Battalion. His unit helped build Freedom Bridge. (He's looking for a picture of the bridge.)  

BAUGHMAN, RICHARD. Decatur, IL. 44th Division, National Guard. 7th Division, 17th Infantry Regiment, Co. K. Tank Hill & Pork Chop Hill, Korea.  

BAYES, ROBERT, Findlay, IL. 24th Infantry, 34th Reg. 7 months in Korea July 1953-February 1954. Helped with NK POW exchange, medic, Seoul.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

BEHRNS, LYLE, Dieterich, IL. 196th Field Artillery Division, HQ Co., 10th Corps. Fire direction control. Korea August 1952-August 1953.  

BENTELE, NORBERT, Quincy, IL. 4th Signal, 10th Corps, T&T (telephone & teletype) & platoon sgt. of I&M platoon (insulation & maintenance). Korea January 1953-May 1953.  

BLACKER, JERRY, Monticello, IL. 2nd Division, 9th Infantry Reg., heavy mortar co., communications section. Korea 1953.  

BLAND, KNOX, Greenwood, MS - WW2 Germany Feb. 1945-July 1945 with the 633rd Tank Destroyer Battalion attached to 3rd Army. Reenlisted 1948.  To Germany for occupation duty 7th Field Artillery. Korea Feb. 1952-January 1953, assigned to Battery A, 1st Field Artillery Observation Battalion, survey platoon sgt. Entered the National Guard 1959. 1961 activated for the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

BLOCK, ROY. Sidney, IL. Stationed in Europe during the war.  

BLOMELEY, WALTER "SCOTTY", Sullivan, IL - 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Regiment, 3rd platoon in third wave at Inchon Invasion. Later Able Co., 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Division, Chosin Reservoir. Korea August 1950.  

BLOMELEY, WALTER SCOTT, Mr. Blomely enlisted in the Marine Corps in December of 1944.  He went through extensive training at Paris Island, Camp Lejune, Little Creek, Guam, among other places.  He was aboard a ship taking supplies into Nahi, Japan, when it struck a mine.  He was wounded and sent to Honolulu.  He re-enlisted for two years and was assigned to the cruiser Topeka.  they were sent to China as a show of force against the communists.  Later, they were sent on a good will cruise to Australia.  While in the Marine Corps Reserve, he was called up for the Korean War.  He served and fought numerous places on the Korean peninsula, including Wonsan, Hungnam, Hong Chon, the Hwachon Reservion, Horseshoe Ridge, and Punch Bowl Heights.  He was in Able Co. 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Btn, 1st Marine Division.  He was a squad leader, and a sniper.  He returned to the United States during 1952.

BISHOP, PAUL, Lady Lake, FL. 25th Division, 35th Regiment, D Co. Heavy weapons. Mortar operator, radio operator, and relocator. Korea March 1951-February 1952. 

BRADLEY, RHONDA, Plattsmouth, NE - daughter of Korean War Missing in Action from Siege of Outpost Harry. Her father (MIA before she was born) was Ronald George Bradley. 

BRADLEY, ROGER, Valatie, NY (online interview) - Supply clerk and later company clerk of HQ company, 8201st Army Unit (Korea Civil Assistance Command), assigned to the 8th Army. Korea March 1953-July 1954. 

BRAZELTON, ELMER, Paris, IL. 25th Division, 27th Wolffounds Reg., Heavy weapons. Squad leader on a 4.2 mortar. Korea December 1952-September 1953.  

BRAZINSKI, FRANK, Coulterville, IL. 45th Infantry Division, Oklahoma National Guard, Signal Co. Radio operator.  

BRITT, WILLIAM. Neoga, IL. U.S. Army 532nd amphibious engineers, Korea.  

BROWN, AVERY, Hammond, LA. 532nd Engineer Battalion, crane operator. Korea September 15, 1950-November 1951.  

BROWN, HERBERT "CLINTON", McPherson, KS - Clerk typist at Taegu, courier from Taegu to Pusan.  Korea 1952-53.  His wife, Donna, also participated in the interview because they were married just a few months before he was shipped to Korea.   (Interview - Tricia North)

BUCK, GEORGE SAMUEL (SAM), Winterset, IA - enlisted in USAF 1950 but in 1951 changed to Army OCS. Graduated Oct. 1952. Korea March 1953-June 1953. 3rd Infantry Div., C Battery, 15th Inf. Regt. 2nd Lt. Outpost Dick on his 22nd birthday. Seriously wounded at Siege of Outpost Harry June 1953. 

BURBRIDGE, RONALD L., Emporia, KS - Co. B, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Division.  Korea September 20, 1950 (Inchon) to December 7, 1950 (Hagaru-Ri), Chosin.   (Interviewer - Tricia North)

BURGESS, REGNARD (RAB) A. JR., Joyce, LA - Korea May 1953-June 1954. HQ Battery, 39th FAB, 3rd Div. Assigned to liaison section of Greek battalion. Ran telephone lines. Kumsung Valley & Kumhwa. Siege of Outpost Harry June 1953. 



CARDENAS, RICH, Lockford, CA. 532nd Engineer Battalion, Korea September 15, 1950.   

CARLSON, RUSSELL WAYNE, Ottawa, IL. 3rd Division, 15th Reg., 1st Battalion. Medics. Korea. Outpost Harry.  

CARROLL, JAMES W., Cumming, GA. 7th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Reg., 3rd Battalion. Received battlefield commission. Korea September 15, 1950-October 1951.  

CARTER, RALPH, Mattoon, IL. Senior Aircraft mechanic, 49th Fighter Bomber Group, 80th Fighter Bomber Squadron, Okinawa. In service Feb. 2, 1952-Feb. 1, 1956 (19 months, 4 days overseas in Korea and Japan).  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

CEARLOCK, EDGAR, Springfield, IL. 1st Cavalry, King Co. Korea late July 1951-September 1951. Ammo bearer for machine guns. Wounded by machine gun shells in both legs.  

CEARLOCK, TOM. Arthur, IL. Field wireman with 300th Armored Field Artillery. Later 24th Infantry Regiment, 21st Battalion, HQ in Korea.  

CHAMBERS, JACK, Champaign, IL. 25th Division, 27th Infantry Regiment, Baker Co. Platoon Sgt. 2 months on Kojido. Korea December 1951-October 1952.  

CHASE, DAYTON, Charleston, IL. 622nd MP battalion, Co. D & 728th MP battalion, Co. B. Korea January-September 1952. 

CLARK, JESSE D., Urbana, IL. 780th Field Artillery Battalion, A-D batteries. Korea April 1951 to July 1953. Self-propelled gun/8 inch howitzer. Near Punch Bowl, Bloody Ridge, Sandbag Castle, Jane Russell, Pork Chop Hill, & Panmunjom truce talks.   (Interviewer - Tricia North)

COLEMAN, MYRL, Kamrar, IA. 532nd Engineer Battalion in Korea. Also served in WW2 with 42nd Combat Engineers.  

CONNER, GEORGE "Guy", LaCrosse, KS - 1st Armored Division, Army.  Stayed stateside during the Korean War era at Ft. Hood.  Served December 9, 1953-Sept. 9, 1955.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

CRAWFORD, Don, Macomb, IL. 300th Armored Field Artillery, HQ Battery, machine gun sgt. Korea January 1953-November 1953.  

CRUM, BILL, Newman, IL. 7th Division, 31st Infantry Reg., Item Co. "Commo". Hill 347, Pork Chop, "Flash" Pork Chop, Dale Outpost. Korea February 1953-December 1953.  

CURTIN, LARRY, Stonington, IL. 3rd Division, 3rd Signal Co., Division forward. Korea July 1951-April 1952.  



DALLAS, JOHN WM. "BILL", Tuscola, IL. Korea 1951-February 1952. HQ Co., 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry, 2nd Division. Pioneer & Ammunition platoon. Bloody Ridge & Heartbreak Ridge areas.  

DAVIS, JAMES HAROLD, Mountain View, OK - 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Div., Charlie Co. Arrived in Korea May 1953. Wounded June 11 during the Siege of Outpost Harry. 

DEAN, DONALD M., Knoxville, IL - 24th Division, 21st Regiment, Fox Co. Korea May 1951-April 1952. Hill 1050, Hill 1170. Began as ammo bearer with 4th machine gun squad. Became squad leader. 1919A6 air-cooled crew operated, belt fed 30 calibre machine gun. 

DICKEY, GERALD, Champaign, IL. 1st Marine Division, Fleet Marines. Electrician on the Point Cruz CVE 119. Land-based in Korea. 1953-54.  

DINKEL, GILBERT F., Plainville, KS - 537 QM Laundry Co, 8th Army, 30 miles from the front line in Korea.  Korea May 2, 1951-April 1952.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

DONALDSON, HAROLD L., Ooltewah, TN - Korea January 1951-January 1952. H Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. Began tour of duty in Korea with 60 mortar squad as 3rd ammo carrier. Started out at the Bean Patch just after Chosin. In mortar section January-March. Later basic company clerk and runner for 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, H&S Co. 

DOYLE, GEORGE W., Fayetteville, NC - WW2 vet with Tarheel Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Tank Co. 471st Ordnance Evac (evacuating front line tanks).  Platoon sgt. Then supply sgt. stationed in France, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy. Reenlisted. Got orders for the Pacific 1945. Korean War - October 1950-May 1951. HQ S-4, 15th Infantry Regiment. Retired E-8 (M/Sgt). 



EBERLE, BOB, E. Stroudsburg, PA - 7th Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 4.2 mortars. Seriously wounded by incoming artillery. Evacuated by helicopter. Served in Korea Nov. 2 or 3, 1950-June 1951. 

ECKER, RICHARD, Hinsdale, IL. Korea August 25, 1952-June 20, 1953. 7th Division, I&R platoon, 31st Infantry Reg. By Hill 598. Observed the taking of Triangle Hill.   

EDWARDS, ARCHIE, Arcola, IL. 2nd Division, 38th Field Artillery, Charlie Battery. Gunner. POW at Camp 5 & then Camp 4. Korea August 1950-September 15, 1953.  

ELBERT, BOB, Shelbyville, IL. 45th Division, 180th Infantry Reg., Co. L mail clerk. Korea June 1952-May 1953.  

ENLOE, HAROLD, Morganton, NC. 7th Division, 32nd Infantry Reg., L Co. Rifleman. Korea April 1951-March 1952. Assistant platoon leader.  

ESPY, PAUL R. - Cerro Gordo, IL. 2nd squad, Howe Co., 23rd Reg., 2nd Division, machine gun platoon. July 1953 on front line. June 1953-May 1954 in Korea.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)



FAIR, EUGENE, Bement, IL. 7th Division, 32nd Regiment, Fox Co. Infantryman. Then to med. co., 32nd regiment, 7th Division as medic. 16 months in Korea starting August 1953.  

FARGO, DOUG, Charles Town, WVA. 7th Division, 32nd Infantry Reg., Love Co., platoon sgt. Korea November 1951-March 1952.  

FARRELL, FRANK, Durango, Colorado, B-29 Gunner in 93rd Bomb Squadron, 19th Bomb Group out of Kadena AFB on Okinawa from 6/21/52 to 12/21/52, 25 combat missions, several Max. efforts up along Yalu River, Targets including Suiho Hydroelectric Power Plant, Oriental Light Metals Works at Sinuiju, Namsan Ni Chemical Plant, and 4 trips to Pyongyang.  I think of those we left behind... every day!  Upon return from Okinawa, flew as Air Refueling Operator in leaky Old KB-29's in 43rd Air Refueling Squadron of 43rd Bomb Wing at Davis-Monthan AFB at Tucson, Arizona until discharged in October of 1953. 

FLEAK, ROBERT, Rohnert Park, CA. 7th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Reg., Love Co. Assistant gunner on light 30 calibre machine gun. Also BAR. Korea May 1951-April 1952. Punch Bowl, Old Baldy, Hearbreak, Santa Rae Valley.  

FORD, MYRON & TIEK, KITZI FORD, Edgar County, IL. Brother & sister of Henry Edsel Ford, KIA in Korea. Myron is a DMZ veteran of the 24th Infantry Division, Korea 1954-55.  

FRIEDMAN, JOHN, Chatsworth, IL. 2nd Division, 9th Infantry, HQ Co., Pioneer & Ammunition platoon. Lead carrying parries with supplies up to the front line. Korea June 4, 1951-March 9, 1952. Pork Chop, Heart Break, Bloody Ridge, Hill 1092.  

FROST, JACK, Prescott Valley, AZ - 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 4.2 mortars. Senior Sgt, gun squad. Served with the Four Deuces from September 1950-August 1951. Also served in Vietnam as a provisional rifle platoon leader & administrative when not platoon leader. In training during end of WW2. 

FURR, CLARK, Shelbyville, IL. 2nd Division, 72nd Armored Tank Battalion. Mechanic. Korea January 1953-October 1953.  



GILLES, STANLEY G., Champaign, IL - 3rd Division Artillery.  Started as wireman and rose to Division Artillery Wire Chief, Sgt. 1st class.  Served in Korea March 1951-52.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

GILFILLAN, BILL. Tolono, IL. 8240th Army Unit (later United Nations PIR (special forces) Regiment in Korea. Also WWII veteran of B17's.  

GILLMORE, EARL. Atwood, IL. (Now deceased.) 6132nd & 608th Aircraft Control & Warning in Korea.  

GOODWIN, BOYD, Miami, OK - 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 4.2 mortars. Radioman. Secondary MOS - barber. Arrived in Korea September 1950 in one of the last waves at Inchon. Wounded at Nightmare Alley, Chosin Reservoir. 

GORTON, RICHARD, Woburn, MA. 7th Division, 32nd Infantry Regiment, Love Co., 2nd platoon, rifleman.  

GRAY, BILLY. Okawville, IL. Guard with 293rd Graves Registration Co. Also 532nd combat engineer battalion, amphibious unit in Korea.  

GREENWOOD, BARTLEY, Pensacola, FL. 2nd Division. Also UNCREG (United National Command Repatriation Group).  

GREENWOOD, RICHARD, Springfield, IL. H Co., 5th Cav. Reg., 1st Cavalry Division. Water-cooled 30mm machine gun, heavy weapons co. Korea spring 1951-fall 1952.   

GREGORY, ARTHUR. Tempe, AZ. 1st Marine Division, A Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment.  Korea February 1952 to April 1953. Wounded twice. POW. 1st Illinoisan to be repatriated as a POW.  

GREGORY, DON of Decatur, IL. Don was serving in the Marines, 2nd Guard Detachment, Panama Canal Zone, when his brother was reported KIA. 

GRISOMORE, GENE, Mattoon, IL.  Sgt. 1st class, 15th Reg., 3rd Battalion, 3rd Division, medic.  9 months on front lines in Korea 1952-53.  Tom, Dick & Harry, Outpost Harry.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)



HAFER, HEWITT G., Arthur, IL - Korea July 1954-March 1955. 501 Communications Recon Group in Seoul.  Also served 2 months as executive officer of 352nd Com. Recon. Company.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

HAMER, EARL, St. Joseph, IL. USS Union AKA 106. Machinist mate 3rd class. On board March 1951-October 1954.  

HART, ROBERT "BOB", Fairmount, IL. 5th RCT, B Battery, 555th Field Artillery Battalion. Gunner. Captured April 25, 1951. Released May 15, 1951.  

HARWOOD, JERRY, Dunedin, FL - Joined Marine Corps Reserve 1950.   Activated to duty in Korea Feb. 15, 1951-Feb. 20, 1952. H Co., 3rd Batt., 5th Marines. 60mm mortar ammo carrier for one month. At Chunchon, Hwachon & Punch Bowl while in Korea. Transferred to rifle platoon (lst Platoon) as BAR man. Wounded April 4 by mortar shrapnel in right shoulder. Returned to frontline after recovery. May-July with rifle platoon and then transferred back to mortar where he was assistant gunner, later squad leader. Active Marine Reserves 1954-1955. Augmented into regular Marine Corps. 15 mo. in Okinawa, during which he served in 1959 in Northern Borneo. Bay of Pigs, 1961. Drill Instructor 1962-1965 at Parris Island. Vietnam Feb. 6, 1966 as platoon sgt. in Amtracs (A Co., 1st Amtrac attached to 3rd Marine Div.). 1966 commissioned 2nd Lt. Vietnam 1966-67. Regimental scheduling officer at Parris Island 1967-71. Reverted back to M/Sgt. Back to Amtracs at Camp LaJeune. Retired June 1973 but was with Fleet Marine Corps Reserves 1973-1980. Retired as captain. 

HAUSMAN, MARCIAN. Tuscola, IL. Platoon leader with the 65th Regiment, 3rd Division in Korea.  

HEALY, EMMETT, Darien, IL. 937th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery C. Self-propelled long tom. Also attached to 2nd Division, 9th & 10th corps. Iron Triangle & Hwachon. Korea February 1951-February 1952.  

HENDERSON, ROBERT, Champaign, IL - Called to active duty as 1st Lt. USMCR with the 12th Reserve Infantry Bn (Treasure Island, San Francisco) on 3 Aug. Landed with 2nd Bn, 7th Marines at Inchon on 19 September 1950. Bullet in stomach on 29 November near Hagaru-ri, North Korea; operated on that night or early next morning; then flown down to hospital ship in Hungnam. Arrived Yokosuka Naval Hospital, Japan on 7 December 1950. Returned to Korea as CO of 6th replacement draft 15 January 1951. 

HICKS, BOB, St. Joseph, IL. 25th Division, 27th Reg., HQ Co. In charge of logistics in the motor pool. Korea January 20, 1953-September 1953.  

HILSENHOFF, ROBERT, Peotone. Sgt. Major, 3rd Infantry Division, 65th Infantry Reg., HQ Co., 1st Battalion. Korea March 1953-June 1954.  

HOLTHAUS, HAROLD, Pana, IL. 45th Division, 180th Infantry Reg., Co. K rifleman. Korea June 1952-May 1953.  

HORSTMAN, JAMES A., Lincolnshire, IL. Able Co., 1st Marines. Korea January-August 1951. BAR man, line company, fire team leader, Horseshoe Ridge, Punchbowl. Wounded twice.   (Interviewer - Tricia North)

HUFF, JOHN W. "BILL", Naperville, IL. HQ 60th General Depot under the 8th. Evacuated from Chinnampo on w. coast. Then HQ MP Group, 8137th army in supply to set up POW camp at Koji-do. Korea October 15, 1950-January 30, 1952.  

HUNTER, GILBERT, Ogden, IL. 21st Transportation Car Co. Mechanic and driver for 8th Army. Also drove reporters to peace talks. Korea Nov. 1951-February 1953.  





JACOBY, CHARLES, Branson, MO - Forward observer, 1st Marine Div, 11th Marine Regiment, 4th Battalion (155 Howitzers). Served in Korea late April 1952-May 1953. Served on Korean Marine outposts Peter 1, Peter 2, Sugar 1, and OP70, helping Korean Marines on directing artillery fire.  

JENKINS, RALPH, Fredericksburg, TX - Korea February 1951-February 1952.  H Co, 3rd Batt., 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div. Later - drill instructor at San Diego 1958-March 1960. Marine security guard at Manila 1960-62. Marine Recruiter, Galveston, 1964-66. 1966 commissioned 2nd Lt. Mid-1966 to Vietnam, H&S Co, 2nd Bat., 3rd Marine Div (13 mo.). Last 6 mo he was there he was in charge of 81 mortars. Marine Barracks, Pearl Harbor 1967-late 70 as Operations training officer. Late 1970-1971 in charge of NCO leadership school. Transferred to Camp Pendleton in August 1973 as NCO in charge of 1st Marine Division. 

JEPSEN, DAVID, Maywood, IL. 3rd platoon, Able Co., 1st Battation, 7th Marine Reg., 1st Marine Div. Platoon guide, Chosin Reservoir. Korea September 1950-March 1951.  

JERRELL, DREWERY C., Arthur, IL - 560th Ambulance Co., Medical separation, 2nd Inf. Div., 8th Army. Cook, Seoul, 16 months, 21 days in Korea. January 1954-April 1955.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

JOHNSON, BOB, Beatrice, NE. 62nd Construction Engineers, B Co., 3rd platoon, Korea December 1951-December 1952.  

JOHNSON, HAROLD ALVIN, Clearlake, MN - Sgt. Marine Reserves, 1948. Officer's basic school at Quantico June 15, 1951. 6 mo. in Mediterranean. Arrived in Korea Feb. 1953. H Co., 3rd Batt., 5th Marines. Ungok, Vegas (March 25-31). Became regular officer April 1953. July 10 wounded by shrapnel between Esther & Ginger Outposts. July 24-25 wounded once again, this time by shrapnel from a grenade. Evacuated from Korea. 50% disabled due to injury. 

JONES, JACK E., Emporium, PA - enlisted in Army 1949 and served until 1952. Sgt. in charge of details, Co. C, 5th Engineering Combat Battalion, 36 Eng. Combat Group attached to 2nd Inf. Div. Stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA during Korean War. Helped guard the Alaska Communication System in Bellingham, WA. 

JUDY, BILL, Lawrenceville, IL. 25th Division, 27th Regiment, HQ Co. Mechanic in the motor pool. Korea December 18, 1952-September 1953.  



KIMBALL, ALVIN, Paris, IL. 44th National Guard, then 2nd Division, 38th Regiment, Item Co. 3rd Division, 65th Regiment, Item Co. Kumwha, Betty Grable, near Dagmar, Tom-Dick-Harry, Arrowhead, near Old Baldy. Korea October 1952-June 1953. Wounded. 

KING, ROGER, Buffalo Grove, IL. 1st Marine Division, 7th Regiment, Able Co., 3rd rifle platoon. Wounded twice. Chosin. Korea September 1950-December 1950.  

KOLKER, JAMES, Bellevue, IA. 84th Engineer Battalion, Korea January 1953.  

KNAPCZYK, FRANK, Downers Grove, IL. 44th Engineer Broken Heart Battalion. In service February 1950-November 1952. Repaired roads in the north and built refab buildings in the south. Squad leader at age 17.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

KRUEGER, LOUIS, Chicago, IL. 84th Egineers, A Co, 1st platoon, 3rd squad. Korea December 1951.  



LARSON, KEITH. Springfield, IL. Engineer 1st Class, LST 1077. November 1950-July 1952 off the coast of Korea.  

LARSON, RICHARD, Charleston, IL. On USS President Jackson at Inchon during the invasion. Surgical Team #6. Then to Yokuska US Naval Hospital until June 1951.  

LAYDEN, RICHARD, Hoopeston, IL. USAF at K9 air strip (B26 base) near Pusan. 37th Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Wing. Sent on bombing mission to French Indo-China, Korea January 1954-November 1954.  

LEE, HERSHALL. Danville, IL. USAF 5th Air Force, 6154 Air Base Group, Korea 1952-53.  (Chris Carlson)

CHANEY, HERB. Humboldt, IL. Helicopter unit attached to USS Oriskony CVA 34. Korea 1952-53.  

LEFEVRE, ALAN, Ritzville, WA. 84th Engineers, 2nd Engineer Group, Korea December 1952. Surveyor.  

LEYVA, PAUL, Chicago, IL. 3rd Division, 64th Tank Battalion, Baker Co., 3rd Platoon. Loader. Korea June 1953-September 1954.  

LITTLE, JOHN. Tolono, IL. 4th Intelligence & Reconnaissance Platoon, 179th Infantry & 2nd Division, 38th Infantry Regiment, I & R. March 1953 to August 1954 Korea. Heartbreak Ridge & Christmas Hill.  

LINDORFF, ROBERT, Galesburg, IL. 187th ARCT, A Co., 1st Platoon, platoon sgt. & platoon leader.  

LOMAX, CHARLES, Oakwood, IL. 25th Infantry Division, 65th Combat Engineers, C Company. Radio operator, June 1951-February 1952.  

LOWERY, GORDON, Sandwich, IL. 3rd Division, 15th Reg., 2nd Battalion, medics. Korea. Outpost Harry.  

LUTKE, JIM, Chicago, IL. 1st Marine Division, 1st Reg., 2nd Battalion, Dog Co. BAR man. Korea May 2, 1952-May or June 1953.  



MAHAFFY, DONALD LEE, Armada, MI - Drafted into Marines even though he had been burned over 60% of his body when he was a teen. Korea January 1953-October 1953. H Company, 3rd Battallion, 5th Marines. Rifleman. Ungok (rescuing Baker Co.), Vegas (circa March 12-17, 1953), Esther, Ginger. 

MARTI, THOMAS, Mattoon, IL. 7th Marines, D Co., 2nd Battalion. Korea September 1950-December 1950. Wounded twice & frostbitten at Chosin.  

MARTINDALE, RALPH, Carlisle, IN. 7th Division, 17th Infantry Regiment, Easy Co. Rifleman on Hill 347, Counter attack on Pork Chop. Wounded July 8, 1953. Korea May 1953-August 1954.  

MASON, PAUL. Decatur, IL. Stationed stateside and was part of an atomic bomb test group of veterans.  

MATTHEWS, JOE, Mattoon, IL. 2nd Division, Co. A, 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment. Korea February 1951-November 1951.  

McCALL, MAX G., Mattoon, IL - A Battery, 82 AAA, automatic weapons Btn. self-propelled, 2nd Div.  1st went over as an ammo NCO and then they changed him to a half track squad leader.  Pusan Perimeter & break out. 2-3 months in Korea before coming down with encephalitis.  Recovered from this and went back to 2 years duty in Yokahama, Japan.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

McCLEARY, BOB. Tolono, IL. Lineman. 9th Corps Artillery Communications. Pusan perimeter, January-June 1951.  

McCORMICK, LAIRD, Highlandville, MO - 1st Marine Division Band 1948.   Korea August 2, 1950-May 9, 1951 as one of 29 members of the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade Band. Stationed at the Bean Patch in Pusan Perimeter. Was with the 2nd assault wave, attached to shore party (Wolmi-do) in Inchon Invasion. 

McGUFFEY, LEONARD. Newman, IL. Tank commander, 14th Tank Co., 25th Division, Panmunjom, Kumwha Valley, Chrowan, & Kaesong. Korea October 1952-June 1953.  

McKIBBEN, JACKIE, "Jack".  Mattoon, IL.  16 months in Korea, 3/53-54.  1st as infantry with 187th Airborne north of 38th parallel.  After armistice with 430th Engineer construction battalion north of Hong Chon as a demolitions specialist.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

McPHEETERS, SAMUEL T., Monticello, IL. Korea November 6, 1951-November 10, 1952. 1st Marines Ordnance Battalion, then 1st Marines, Howe Co.  

METZGER, JOHN, Easton, IL. 3rd Division, 65th Regiment, HQ Company, 3rd Battalion. Field wireman. Korea March 1953-June 1954.  

MILLATTI, ROSS ANTHONY "ZODDI". Belleville, IL. E Company, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division, August 2, 1950 to November 1950 in Korea.  

MITTER, HANNAH, Glendale Heights, IL. Born in Korea December 1950. She was dying from starvation until American servicemen gave her mother food. (Interviewer - Tricia North)

MONTAGUE, ROBERT, Arcola, IL (now deceased). 2nd Division, 38th Infantry, Co. B. Squad leader. Chosin. captured January 15, 1951. Escaped. Wounded.  

MORAN, BILL, McCracken, KS. - Served in Alaska with L Co., 3rd Btn., 4th Inf. Reg, 60 mm mortar section of weapons platoon.  Oct. 12, 1951 (15 months).  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

MULLIGAN, DEAN, Tuscola, IL. 3rd Division, 15th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, George Co. Platoon Sgt. Outpost Harry.  

MUNSON, REX. Decatur, IL. 7th Division, 31st Regiment, Item Co. May 1951-Spring 1952. Korea. Bloody Ridge & Heart Break Ridge. Wounded in Action.  



NORRIS, ALVI, Danville, IL. B Company, 29th Infantry Regimental Combat Team attached to 35th & then 3rd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Div., K Company. Korea. POW.  

NUSSMEYER, CARL. Sidney, IL. Medic. Drove a litter jeep for the 7th Division, 17th Regiment, Medical Co. in Korea October 1952-August 1953.  



O'CONNER, JOHN, Champaign, IL. US Air & Air Ways Communications Service, 1808th AACS Group, Korea November 1950.  



PHIPPS, MAJ. GEN (RET) JOHN, Mattoon, IL. US Army KMAG, 9th ROK Division, Kumwha Valley, Sniper's Ridge, Triangle Hill. Korea November 1, 1952-October 1, 1953.  

PLASTERS, JOSEPH, Springfield, IL. Wire chief, 13th Signal co., 1st Cavalry. With MacArthur's unit. Korea July 1950-June 1951. 50 miles from the Yalu. 

PREST, CLIFFORD, Marissa, IL. 7th Division, Co. L, 32nd Infantry, 2nd platoon, 1st squad. Old Baldy, Hearbreak, Santa Rae Valley. Korea June 23, 1951-April 1, 1952.  

PRIEST, EVALENA & JACK, Mattoon, IL. Her son & his brother, James Walter Priest, was killed in Korea August 1950 while serving with the 1st Cavalry.  



QUICK, HOWARD (WIL), (now deceased), Milwaukee, WI - US Army veteran of WW2, 61st Signal Battalion, adjutant's clerk typist in European theatre. Reenlisted in January 1946 for 3 years. Reserve officer. April 1949-August 1950 he was platoon leader in E & G companies of the 2nd. Battalion of the 15th Infantry at Fort Benning, Ga. The 15th Inf Regt and 3rd Division were sent to Korea in August 1950. Units of the 15th trained Korean recruits in Japan until early November. About half of each squad were Koreans. G Co weapons platoon leader (60 mm mortars, light MG). Hq 2-15 Pioneer & Ammunition in December 1950 until 26 Jan 51. Sent home due to stateside emergency. 



RANDELL, ROSCOE. Urbana, IL. 2nd Recon Company, 2nd Division, October 1952-August 1953.  

RASH, ROY L., Kansas City, MO. 532nd Engineer Battalion, Korea September 1950 - January 1951. Co. B.  

REED, DARREL (D.A.), Branson, MO - Korea Spring 1951. 9 1/2 months in combat with 7th Infantry Division, 31st Infantry Reg., King Co. Rifleman & later transportation corporal. Wounded at Hill 1073. 100% disabled due to Korean War-related health problems. 

RECORD, JACK L., Mattoon, IL - 1st Marine Division, 1st Armored Amphibious Battalion, B Company. Korea 1952-53, 12 months on a hill near Munsan. (Interviewer - Tricia North)

RICE, FRANK, Belton, Mo. 1st Provisional Battalion, changed to M Co, 7th Cav Reg., 1st Cav, 3rd Battalion. Machine gunner, Korea August 1950-September 1951. Hill 518 & Hill 314.

RICHTER, JOHN, In September, 1950, during the Korean War, a handful of we Navy Corpsmen from "C" MedCo.(1stProvMarBrigade) were assigned temporary duty with the 1st Bn., 5th Mar aid station within the Pusan Perimeter.  While outside of the medical facility doing our chores, sniper fire erupted from the adjacent hills. (At the time the Marines were out of the immediate area, their hands full fighting off the enemy further on) As the fired rounds entered our general area, I found myself sprawled face down in the dirt.  After a brief period of calm, dangerously close shots rang out again as I found myself once more, face in the dirt only this time with an added touch: a mouthful of that rich fertilized S. Korean soil!!  That did it!  The danger tat our patients and Medical Staff were exposed to; my aversion to digesting dirt; and the ultimate indignation of having those "gooks" in the hills playing us like puppets on a string, had me fighting mad!!  Grabbing my M1 Carbine, I shouted out to our Corpsmen for assistance.  Directly without hesitation Corpsmen Melvin Hogan answered my call: "I'll give you a hand "Rick". So off we went to do the job!) Not wanting to make known to the snipers our intent, we initially headed away from the force of their firing, then circled widely and eventually came up slowly on the backside of their Having a general idea of where the action had evolved from we slowly approached their camouflaged area.  A short distance ahead we could hear their Korean babbling and laughter as our quarry were preoccupied enjoying their attempt at a one-sided "turkey shoot".  Hogan and I huddled together and decided on signal to bellow out loud and furiously while firing on semi-automatic directly down through the top of the covered dug-out, giving the enemy the impression they ere surrounded my many more than we two.  The ruse worked well as five North Koreans jumped out screaming in surrender leaving their weapons and two of their mortally wounded comrades behind in the dugout.  Moment after a frustrated look replace the one of fear on the faces of the prisoners as they realized in disgust they had been overpowered by two mere "medics"!!  Days later (in my complete naivete) I was concerned over how I would conduct myself while being presented with whatever award they had in mind for our "accomplishment".  That concern soon evaporated as word leaked out from Co. Headquarters that court-martials were being considered as "reward" by the "Brass" of  "C" Med.  The charge: Leaving one's duty station without permission.  The intent as rumors had it was to set an example that would discourage other Navy Corpsmen from "Playing Marine"!!  The award seekers vs. the court-martial seekers evidently neutralized one another for the "incident" was quietly put to rest.  (I strongly believe the aggressive action we took that day should rightfully have been interpreted by the "Medical Establishment" as "PREVENTIVE MEDICINE")   

RIDGEWAY, GEORGE, Cerro Gordo, IL. 7th Division, 31st Infantry Regiment, Dog Co., heavy weapons. Machine Gunner. Chosin. Korea September 1950-June 21, 1951.  

RHODA, DAVID, Chatham, IL - Korea July 1951-April 1952. 11th Marines, G Battery, 3rd battalion. Field artillery cannoneer 0811, 105 mm. Marine Reserves 1948, inactive Marine Reserves 1949-50, active regular Marines 1950-52, inactive Marine Reserves 1952-53. 

RILEY, NATHAN ALLEN, Belton, MO. 24th Division, 19th Reg., Able Co., 3rd Platoon. BAR man. December 1950-May 1951. Han River Dam. Task Force Bailey. Wounded in Korea. 

RITTENHOUSE, WAYNE A., Mahomet, IL.  79th Battalion, first with 71st Company, then 46th Company/Transportation Army Aircraft Co., 8th Army, Korea October 1951-June 1953.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

ROBINSON, CHARLES. Tuscola, IL. Served with the 8th Army, 25th Division, 35th Regiment, H&F Companies in North Korea.  

ROBINSON, EDWARD E., Champaign, IL. 7th Infantry Div, HQ, Supply Sgt, "peacekeeping", April 4, 1956-January 13, 1958, Camp Casey, 15 miles south of DMZ. (Interviewer - Tricia North)

ROSE, KENNETH GENE. Covington, IN. Gunner on a 40 mm anti-aircraft gun at Brady Field & Missawa AFB in Japan during the war.  

ROSS, JOHN, Schenectady, NY - 5th RCT, HQ, HQ Co. Security platoon (guard detail for regimental commander). Korea April 1953-July 1954.  Christmas Hill, Harry. John was trained in basics as a camera man to take moving pictures. When he got to Korea, he was issued an M-1 instead of a camera. 

ROWLEY, HARLEY G., Allen, KS - 307th Bomber Wing, 372nd Bomber Squadron, left gunner on a B-29.  Flew 27 missions in Korea January-July 1953.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

RUSSO, JOHN, Springfield, IL. 48th Field Artillery Battalion, 32nd Reg., 7th Infantry Division, fire direction control, August 1951-July 1952.  



SCHILD, WAYNE, Austin, TX. 84th Engineer Battalion. Korea May 1953.  

SCHRADER, ROBERT, Rochester, NY. 2nd Lt. in SCARWAF. Stationed at Tague AFB the whole time he was in Korea. October 1954-October 1955.  

SCOTT, BERNARD, Taylorville, IL. USAF 45th Tactical Fighter Group. Radar operator at radar station near Kimpo. Korea April 1952-April 1953.  

SHARP, RICHARD HUGH, Broken Arrow, OK - saxophone/clarinet player with 1st Marine Division Band. Then Korea Sept. 15, 1950-Nov. 1951. Inchon Landing. Machine gunner with provisional battalion, 7th Marine Regiment during the Chosin Reservoir campaign. Assistant squad leader, light 30 machine gun squad. Discharged Feb. 23, 1952. Enlisted in Air Force and served in it until discharged 8/2/1957. 5th AF in Japan. Then 17th Bomb Wing at Hulbert Field, FL. 

SHEPERD, CLIFTON, Kokomo, IN. 532nd Engineer Battalion, Co. D, September 15, 1950-November 1951.  

SHIELDS, WILLARD E., Foosland, IL. 2nd Infantry Div, 82nd AAA Battalion Sp., supported 23rd Inf. Div. in Korea November 1952-53. Arrowhead, Tom-Dick-Harry, Jane Russell, White Horse Mountain. Battlefield commission.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

SIMS, MERLE. Decatur, IL. Co. D, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Freedom Bridge & Ascom City, Korea.  

SISSON, ROBERT F., Paris, IL - 2 tours in Korea.  1st beginning April 1961 through 1962 for 16 months at Camp Keiser with 7th Infantry Division as M-56 tank driver & gunner.  Nov. 1962-April 1963 in Berlin while Berlin Wall first put up.  2nd tour in Korea April 1965-October 1966, 2nd Infantry Division patrolling the DMZ.   (Interviewer - Tricia North)

SPENCER, JOHN H., Danville, IL. Lt. medical corps, USNR. Ship's doctor on USS Askari ARL 30. January 1951-May 1951. The ship was a repair ship making trips to Pusan harbor.  

SMITH, ARTHUR, Las Vegas, NV. Able Co, 224th Infantry Reg., 40th Division, Korea October 3, 1952-September 1953. 

SMITH, BILLY R. Oreana, IL. (now deceased), Chunchon, Korea. Fall 1952. 728 MP Battalion, Charlie Company. Vice Squad.  

SMITH, EDWARD, Gerard, IL. 2nd Division, A Company, 38th Infantry, 1st Battalion. Korea april 1952-April 1953.  

SMITH, OLIVER, Homeland, CA - [Note Mr. Smith participated in the national museum's first "Online Interview."] WW2 Army veteran (T/4 Sgt. Coxswain). Then U.S. Marine Corp Reserves. Activated into Korean War and served with the Marine Aircraft Service Squadron 33, motor transport section, of the First Marine Air Wing. Korea 1950-51. He was a Tech/Sgt. in Korea. Oliver's wife, Lorraine, also participated in the interview by discussing the American home front during the time her husband was in Korea.  

SMITH, RAYMOND A., Danville, IL (now deceased). 10th Combat Engineers, Co. D, 3rd Infantry Division. Demolition. November 1950-September 1951. Chosin.  

SNIDER, CHESTER M., Bethalto, IL. 2nd Division, 9th Infantry, George Co. (2nd Battalion), September 1952-1953. Old Baldy, 3 Sisters, Schnooks Outpost.  

SNOKE, CHARLES LEE. Hammond, IL. Sgt. major with the 176th Armored Field Artillery Battalion in Korea. 

STAIR, RICHARD. Champaign, IL. 724 Transportation Railway Operating Battalion in Korea. Also served with a transportation railway battalion in Europe during WWII.  

STENBERG, WM., Chicago, IL. 1st Cavalry, 8th Cav. Reg., 2nd Battalion, Fox Co. Korea mid-June 1951-December 1952. Kansas & Wyoming lines.  

STORM, AUBREY, Neoga, IL. Mechanic on a B-29 on Okinawa. June-December 1951. US Air Force Strategic Air Command.   

STUMEIER, GLEN. Tuscola, IL. Heavy equipment operator with Co. C, 841st Engineer Aviation Battalion (SCARWAF) in Korea.  

SULLIVAN, ROBERT, W. Burlington, IA. 532nd Engineer Battalion. Korea late May of 1951-late September 1951. Co. D, pioneer platoon.  




TIMMONS, LAWRENCE D., Emporia, KS - During World War II, he worked on Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) in Washington, DC.  He was in the naval reserves when he was called up to Korea.  Served in submarine base, repair division, Pearl Harbor during the Korean Wasr (Oct. 10, 1950-Feb. 14, 1952).  His wife, Margaret B. Timmons, also participated in the interview.  (Interviewer - Tricia North)

TINDALL, RUBIE. Decatur, IL. 3rd class Boatswain, 1st gunnery, USS Valley Forge CV45. 1951-54. 

THOMAS, JACK, Lansing, KS. 7th Division, 32nd Infantry, L Co., platoon leader. Also served in the Vietnam War. Korea September 1950-November 1951.  

THOMAS, WARREN, Linton, IN. 116th Combat Engineers, 19th Engineer Combat Group, detached to A, B, C companies. Heavy equipment operator. May 1952-June 1953.   

TROUT, CHARLES (CHUCK), Huntington, CA - Rifleman 3rd squad, 2nd platoon. Later BAR man. Later assistant platoon sgt. Two bronze stars. Korea February 1953-March 1954. 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division, Co. A. 

TROUTMAN, BOB. Urbana, IL. 7th Fleet, Task Force 77, USS Toledo, US Navy. 1951-54. East coast of Korea.  

TRUEBLOOD, Robert, El Paso, TX. 7th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Regiment, L Company, 2nd Platoon, rifleman. Platoon leader.  







WAGMAN, MARIAN TESHENECK, Urbana, IL. 121st Evac Hospital. Was with the 11th wave at Inchon. September 1950-February 1952.  

WALKER, RICHARD, Tallahassee, FL. On a frigate off of Korea April 1951-July 1953. Classified. Also Vietnam vet.  

WALKER, THOMAS. Springfield, IL. Co. E, 2nd Battalion, 187th ARCT (Airborne Regimental Combat Team). Infantry rifleman in Korea September 1951 to October 1952.  

WALTER, CHARLES, Danville, IL. WW2 on USS Grimes and Korean War on USS Al Shain as an engineer on both.  

WEBB, WOODROW. Marion, IL. 2nd Division, Co. E, 38th Infantry, Korea. Declared missing in action AFTER he was already back home in southern Illinois.  

WEGNER, ROBERT W., Wayne City, IL - US Navy June 1948 - June 1952. 18 months at Adak (12/48-6/50). Disbursing clerk on the USS Virgo AKA 20 "The Reluctant Virgin" 7/50-5/52. The Virgo replenished cruisers and destroyers. 

WEHRENBERG, FRED, Glendale, AZ. 84th Engineers, A co, 1st squad, 1st platoon. Korea December 1951. Electrician.  

WELLS, JACK, Alton, IL - B Co., 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division, 2nd platoon, rifleman, 1st squad. 15th Infantry RCT for about 2 weeks April/May 1951. Hill 717 (BAR man there). Hill 266, 487, 477 (Bloody Angle) and Outpost Kelly. Squad leader after Hill 487. Korea April 15, 1951-Feb. 11, 1952. After returning to the States, he received orders to participate in the atomic bomb testing experiment (1953) in Yucca Flats. 

WHALEN, BOB, Ivesdale, IL. July 1951-May 1952. 2nd Division, 82nd AAA HQ Battery, Battalion Maintenance. Mechanic & wrecker recovery driver. Korea.  

WHITROCK, CLINTON, Decatur, IL. 106th Finance Disbursing Section (FDS), Korea. Attached to 10th Corps. Korea October 7, 1950-February 2, 1952.  

WILKE, HUGO, St. Rose. Cook with Co. A, 19th Reg, 24th Infantry. Severely injured by mortar fre on first day on the front line. Korea October 1951.  

WOLF, ROBERT J., Springfield, IL. 5th RCT L Co. Radio operator & rifleman. Korea 1952-53. Twin Knobs, Sand Bag Castle, Outpost Harry, Jane Russell, Punch Bowl.   

WOLFGEHER, PAUL, Independence, MO. 1st Loudspeaker & Leaflet Co., Seoul. 1107 Photo lithographer. Korea October 1952-Februasry 1954.  

WYNN, HARLEY, St. Joseph, IL. 8th Army, 8069th Replacement Battalion. Driver/mechanic. Transported Granpa Jones to USO show in Korea. Korea January-November 1951.  

WYSOCKE, DICK, Stickeny, IL. Korea July 18, 1950-February 1953. 1st Cavalry, 7th Regiment, B Co., BAR man. Also two months with 187th RCT.  








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